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MAULE Thomas
Birth:          4 Jul 1720 prob. Salem, Mass.
Death:          21 Aug 1765 Radnor Twp., Chester (now Delaware) Co., Pa.

1981 book:
Thomas was apprenticed as a carpenter. By 1744 he had arrived in Phila., Pa., for 
reasons not known. Perhaps it was due to an expectation that life in Philadelphia 
would be more tolerant than it was in Salem, Mass. Thomas' mother Sarah had 
remarried to Henry Clifton in 1733 at Gwynedd Monthly Meeting, and thus it is possible 
that Sarah had made the decision to go to Pennsylvania, taking Thomas with her.
	On Mar. 25, 1743, Thomas purchased from William Parker, property on Front 
Street in Philadelphia, 30 feet wide and extending 248 feet from front to back.
	On Mar. 12, 1748, Thomas purchased from William Parker another property, 
this one on Filbert Alley for 325 pounds.  The deed was recorded Sept. 8, 1753.  The 
property was on the north side of Filbert Alley, 154 feet west of Front Street, and 
measured 25 feet by 68 1/2 feet  Parker had obtained the property from his wife 
Elizabeth's mother Elizabeth Preston.  Yet two more parcels were purchased from 
Parker on Dec. 13, 1748 and Mar. 8, 1749.  The deeds to these other properties were 
recorded on Nov. 12 and 13, 1753.
	Thomas disposed of portions of these parcels to Rebecca Edgell (twice), 
William Rush, Israel Pemberton, Abraham Carlisle, and Jonathan Clifford. 
	Thomas and Susanna lived on Front Street in Phila., Pa.  He acquired the 
property in four transactions; when completed, the parcel was 45 feet in Front Street, 
and 100 feet west from Front Street, and 100 feet west from Front Street, with Gilbert's 
Alley on the south side.
	In 1752, shortly after Susanna died, Thomas gave up his carpentry business, 
and sold his house to Abraham Carlisle on Mar. 22, 1753 for 440 pounds.  He then 
opened a shop on Second Street opposite Christ Church. It was here that in 1753 that 
he met Zillah Walker, whom he married on Aug. 10, 1753, at Valley Monthly Meeting 
near Valley Forge, Pa. 
	There are several accounts in the Maule family of how Thomas and Zillah 
met. One version of the story is that on her trip to the city to make purchases, Zillah 
had difficulty in getting Thomas to prepare the articles she wanted to purchase and in 
getting a correct settlement of her bill. Another version is that Zillah tendered Thomas 
a gold coin, and he told her he did not know how much change was due her, and 
directed her to go to his drawer and take the proper change herself. Yet another 
version is that when Zillah returned home she told her family that Friend Maule had 
given her too much change, declared that it was incorrect, but was not allowed by her 
parents to return to Philadelphia to give back the extra change.
	There is at least one account in the Walker family of how Thomas and Zillah 
met, found in Priscilla Walker Streets' 1896 genealogy of the Walker Family, in "Lewis 
Walker of Chester Valley"; it is as follows:
		   "She (Zillah) is said to have been a most comely damsel, and 
while on a visit to Philadelphia so attracted the attention of the young merchant 
(Thomas) of whom she was making some purchases that he desired to become better 
acquainted. He therefore adopted the happy expedient of not being able to make the 
right change, and promised to take it himself to her home in the Valley on the following 
'First Day'. He rode up with the money at the appointed time, and was so much 
pleased with his visit that he came again, and yet again, and it ended in a wedding at 
the	Valley Meeting-house on the 10th day of 8th mo. 1753. Although the 
acquaintance had a romantic beginning, we may be sure Daniel and Lydia Walker had 
a knowledge of the stranger's family before he was admitted into their household, and 
as they were married by Meeting, a strict inquiry would be made into his character and 
antecedents before consent would be given to the marriage."
	After their marriage, Thomas and Zillah lived in Philadelphia until August of 
1756. In that month, Thomas sold his shop and purchased a farm in Radnor Twp., 
Chester (now Delaware) Co., Pa., to which they moved. The farm, 140 acres in size, 
was located on the present site of the business district of Wayne, Pa. On the farm, 
Thomas built a stone house, which was one of the largest and most valuable houses 
in Radnor.  It is possible that Thomas' brother Joseph (19) took over the store after 
Thomas moved to Radnor.  Thomas also purchased, on June 6, 1753, 200 acres from 
Samuel Lewis on the east side of Gulph Rd. in Tredyffrin Twp., Chester Co.; years 
later his son John (1E7) would live and farm on that land.
	Of their daily life very little is known. On Dec. 22, 1762, Elizabeth Wilkinson, 
a Friends minister from England, stayed at Thomas Maule's home for dinner.
	After Thomas died, Zillah married (Sept. 10, 1767, at Radnor, Pa.) Joshua 
Brown of Little Britain Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa, by whom she had two children, Lydia 
and Israel. (Lydia married Merrick Embree and their descendants are numerous in 
Pennsylvania and elsewhere.) Joshua Brown, a renowned minister of the Religious 
Society of Friends, was an abolitionist and a temperance advocate; he made quite an 
impression on the young Maule boys.  It is believed Zillah met Joshua when he was on 
one of his journeys as a Friends minister and was staying at the home of Daniel 
	Thomas Maule's will was quite unusual, because in it he left his property, 
including the farm, to Zillah and his children in equal shares, rather than to the oldest 
child. After Zillah married Joshua Brown, she and the Maule boys moved to Little 
Britain Twp.., Lancaster Co., Pa. The Radnor  farm was rented until all the children 
attained legal age.
Source: Maule, Gen. of the Maule Fam.; Maule, Sketch of Maule Fam. Hist.; Leeds 
Gen.; Cummin, A Rare and Pleasing Thing: Radnor, p. 134; Streets, Walker Gen.; 
Miller & Robison Notes; Rec. of Radnor MM & Phila. MM; EAQG; 18 Bull. Friends Hist. 
Assn. 90 (1929); Phila. Deed Book H4, p. 152, H5, p. 104, 133, 136, 140

not sure where found, but on web: in file steif5.htm, web pages about John Head, it 
must have the footnotes

B. Thomas Maule. Thomas Maule, a joiner who later turned to the hardware business, 
appears also to have had a close working relationship with Head, perhaps even as an 
apprentice. The earliest Head account book entry pertaining to him is on 7/5/41, "By 
a pay [pair] shoues for Thomas Maul [Maule]," a 0-7-0 credit to the account of 
Joseph Daves.109 Amidst the large number of shoe orders filled by Daves for Head, 
that order is the only one not for a member of Head's immediate family. Also, Head 
never debited Maule for those shoes. This suggests that Maule was also working at 
Head's premises. 

By 1742, Maule seems to have been working for his own account, as a joiner. Head's 
debit entries for Maule that year show the latter taking in "2 Clockcas freeses [blind 
fretwork]," at 0-3-0 [4/28/42]; "2 payer Buts Joynts," at 0-3-0 [6/20/42]; "a parsel 
of Bords and scantlen [scantling]," at 2-17-0, and "2 handles," at 0-0-10 [9/10/42]; 
"walnut plank sold him," at 1-6-4, and "292 foot of pine Bord", at 1-0-4 [11/10/42]; 
and "a parsel of Walnut", at 2-0-0 [12/19/42]. The "sold" entry is unusual, as it 
would have been redundant for Head to have noted that on a debit page. Maybe 
Head wanted to differentiate this walnut from wood previously given gratis to Maule, 
perhaps while he worked for Head. In 1743, Maule buys more wood from Head, "58 
foot of walnut Bord," at 0-9-10 [2/21/43]. Maule may have specialized in 
clockcases, as he buys an additional "ClockCas frees," at 0-1-6 [4/21/43].110 As 
Head made his last clockcases in that year,111 Maule may have simply been buying 
up Head's unused stock for later resale.112 In 1744, Maule was married.113 

By 1746, Maule described himself as a "Joiner in Front Street," when he sought the 
return of his runaway "Apprentice Boy," William Holland. He still described himself as 
a joiner in 1748, selling "Most sorts of joiners work," but he also advertises various 
hardware, tools, and even "fine salt, and chocolate." In May, 1749, while advertising 
furniture hardware and a "large assortment of other ironmongery ware," Maule 
maintained that he "follows his trade as a joiner;" moreover, he was confident that he 
could "furnish...the best curled walnut or mapple joiner's work that can be had." But 
there may have been a change in the nature of his business later that year. On July 
27, 1749, he no longer described himself as a joiner at his "removed" location on 
Second street, near the church," but appears exclusively involved in selling hardware, 
as well as "sundry sorts of dry goods," and even "mens shoe and knee buckles, by 
the dozen." By November 1749, he was also selling a "large assortment of pewter." By 
1750, Maule seems firmly engrossed in the hardware business, as his Second Street 
business was advertised as "at the sign of the cross cut saw." Finally, in 1756, John 
Head, Jr. advertised that Maule was "late of this city," and that all of his accounts 
were being settled. John Head, Jr.'s advertisement may indicate the persistence of a 
relationship between Maule and the Head family, as does Maule's previous 
inventorying of the effects of John Head, Sr.114 

Per EAQG, he, Zillah, Sarah, Daniel and Thomas gct Radnor Sept 24, 1756

In 1756 he advertised as an apothecary in Philadelphia, per American Surgical 
Instruments: The History of Their Manufacture, on google books

MAULE Thomas (11 May 1645 - 2 Jul 1724)
KENDALL Sarah (21 1687 - 19 Oct 1747)

MAULE Content (28 Sep 1714 - 23 Mar 1763)
MAULE Joseph (Jan 1717 - 15 May 1777)
MAULE Thomas (4 Jul 1720 - 21 Aug 1765)

Marriage To HOGG Susanna ( - 2 Feb 1752) m. 18 Dec 1744 Philadelphia, Pa. Notes Parents HOGG James () ----- ----- () Children by HOGG Susanna - 2 Feb 1752
MAULE John (1746 - 15 Apr 1746) MAULE Mary (1748 - 14 Apr 1748) MAULE Sarah (5 Mar 1750 - 1764) MAULE Mary (1752 - 6 Feb 1752)
Marriage To WALKER Zillah (29 Jun 1732 - 6 Jul 1811) m. 10 Aug 1753 Valley Monthly Meeting, Valley Forge, Pa. Notes Parents WALKER Daniel () BARNARD Lydia () Children by WALKER Zillah 29 Jun 1732 - 6 Jul 1811
MAULE Daniel (3 Sep 1754 - 8 Oct 1810) MAULE Thomas (18 Dec 1755 - 19 Jan 1819) MAULE John (24 Oct 1757 - 8 Oct 1793) MAULE Jacob (21 May 1759 - 18 Sep 1849) MAULE Benjamin (16 Mar 1760 - 20 Sep 1831) MAULE Ebenezer (8 Sep 1762 - 13 Nov 1799) MAULE Lewis (8 Aug 1764 - 1799)
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