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MAULE Thomas
Birth:          18 Dec 1755 Philadelphia, Pa.
Death:          19 Jan 1819 Richmond, Va.
Burial:         Old Church Hill Cemetery, (St. John's Episcopal Churchyard) Richmond, Va.

1981 book:
Thomas sold to his brothers Daniel (1E5) and Benjamin (1E9) his share of his father's 
farm. He lived for a while in Phila., Pa., and then went to Gunpowder, Md.  Shortly 
thereafter, he moved to Richmond, Va., where he and his brother Ebenezer (1ET) built 
the first mills on the James River. They suffered financial reverses and sold out. 
Thomas then opened a soap and candle factory in Richmond, Va. He amassed a great 
	Thomas and Ebenezer wrote letters to their mother Zillah (Walker) (Maule) 
Brown, telling her of the "depravity of society in Richmond" and "the loose morality 
both amongst the whites and blacks".
	Margaret's sister Rebecca married Thomas' nephew Joshua Maule (1E51). 
It is reported that Thomas and Margaret had other children who died in infancy and 
were buried in Richmond, Va.; the records of the Religious Society of Friends and the 
vital records of Virginia do not include any such children although Caleb's birthdate 
suggests that the report is probably true.
	In 1787, Thomas and Margaret were given certificates for removal to 
Gunpowder MM, Md.
	After Thomas died, Margaret sold the soap factory to Cornelius Crew, a 
brother of James Crew who married Margaret's and Thomas' daughter Elizabeth.
Source: Maule, Gen. of the Maule Fam.; Leeds Gen.; Cummin, A Rare and Pleasing 
Thing: Radnor, p. 134; Streets, Walker Gen.; Anonymous Account, in possession of 
Mary Maule (1E75712); Comly Fam. in Amer.; Valentine Papers; Shoemaker Fam. of 
Cheltenham; Cope Coll.; Scott, Old Richmond Neighborhoods; Richmond Portraits; 
Mendenhall Bible; Richmond Whig, Jan. 28, 1835; Records of Nottingham MM; 
Records of Gunpowder MM

had other children who died as infants, buried in Richmond, Va.
1810 census in Richmond, Va.
free white males under 10:0, 10-15:2, 16-25:0, 26-44:1, 45 and over:1, free white 
females under 10:2, 10-15:2, 16-25:1, 26-44:1, 45 and over:0, all other free persons:4, 
slaves:5. So who are these people? his grandchildren?
In Va. Reports Annotated, 33 Grattan, 1730-1880, there is a case, Bennett v Maule's 
Adm'x, involving money due to Thomas Maule, for which notes were given, and when 
he died, his widow as administratrix tried to collect, and the sureties objected. Long 
opinion, with dissent.
From "Excerpts from the Thomas Mifflin Ladd Book" at, we learn that Thomas Maule 
became a silent partner in the firm of Ladd, Anthony and Co., but then resigned and 
"went into the soap and candle business at which he was very successful; leaving 
quite an estate. Though a Quaker, he and his wife Margaret are buried in Old St. 
John's Church Cemetery; their vaults can be seen from Broad Street in the northeast 
Along with his brother Ebenezer, and others, he was a founding member, in 1795, of 
Richmond MM, an offshoot of White Oak Swamp MM. 
When 3 Jun 1797 he and Margaret were received by Henrico MM from Gunpowder 
MM, held at Little Falls, they had only Elizabeth and Caleb with them.

MAULE Thomas (4 Jul 1720 - 21 Aug 1765)
WALKER Zillah (29 Jun 1732 - 6 Jul 1811)

MAULE Daniel (3 Sep 1754 - 8 Oct 1810)
MAULE Thomas (18 Dec 1755 - 19 Jan 1819)
MAULE John (24 Oct 1757 - 8 Oct 1793)
MAULE Jacob (21 May 1759 - 18 Sep 1849)
MAULE Benjamin (16 Mar 1760 - 20 Sep 1831)
MAULE Ebenezer (8 Sep 1762 - 13 Nov 1799)
MAULE Lewis (8 Aug 1764 - 1799)

Marriage To JOHNSON Margaret (27 Apr 1769 - 27 Jan 1835) m. 26 Jan 1787 Lancaster, Pa. Notes Parents JOHNSON Caleb () DAVIS Martha () Children by JOHNSON Margaret 27 Apr 1769 - 27 Jan 1835
MAULE Elizabeth (1787 - 30 May 1861) MAULE Thomas W. (EST 1790 - ) MAULE Caleb Johnson (1795 - 10 Feb 1837)
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