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Birth:          21 May 1759 Radnor Twp., Chester (now Delaware) Co., Pa.
Death:          18 Sep 1849 Radnor Twp., Chester Co., Pa.
Burial:         Radnor Friends Burying Ground, Radnor, Pa.

farmer, teacher
1981 book:
In 1777 Jacob was apprenticed to someone in New Garden, Chester Co., Pa.  In 1783, 
he moved to Radnor Twp., Chester (now Delaware) Co., Pa.
 	Jacob was a farmer. He sold his share of his father's farm to his brothers 
Daniel (1E5) and Benjamin (1E9), and in 1781 bought a farm in Radnor Twp., 
Delaware Co., Pa., near the intersection of the Radnor-Chester Road (Rte. 320) and 
Conestoga Road. On the farm was a large stone mansion, which still stands, as well as 
two stone barns, a tenant house, a spring house, and two wells. Ithan Creek ran 
through the property. Jacob bought the farm, consisting of 69 acres, in 1794, and 
added to it by purchases.
	Jacob established on his property a girls' boarding school, building an 
addition to his house in 1813 for that purpose. He was an esteemed elder of the 
Radnor Friends Monthly Meeting, and caretaker of its property, which adjoined his. 
Apparently Jacob made a trip to Salem, Mass., because in a letter to his son (in the 
Stratton-Maule Papers) he writes about having taken such a trip.
	Jacob was appointed an elder in Friends Meeting in 1790.
Jane's sister Ann married Jacob's brother Benjamin (1E9) and another sister is an 
ancestor of Richard Milhous Nixon. 
	Jacob was a heavenly-minded man. On one occasion he saw the setting sun 
in the middle of the night and told his family he believed he was in the evening of his 
day. He died not long thereafter.
	In his will, Jacob directed that a Bible be purchased for each of his 
grandchildren. After his death, his executors sold his farm for $8,481.
	In the Stratton-Maule Papers, there is a copy of a letter written by Jacob to 
his son Joshua.  In it he states: "My grandfather Thomas Maule lived at Salem in New 
England in the time of great persecution.  See account of him in Friends Library by W. 
Evans, Library Vol. fourth no. 3, Age 81.  My father Thomas Maule who married Zillah 
Walker my mother and daughter of Daniel Walker, of whom there were seven sons: 
Daniel, Thomas, the second, John, Jacob, B., Ebenezer and Lewis.  John married a 
Medcalf in Nothingham."
Source: Leeds Gen.; Cummin, A Rare and Pleasing Thing: Radnor, p. 208; Rec. of 
Radnor MM; Streets, Walker Gen.; Anonymous Account, in possession of Mary Maule 
(1E75712); Stratton-Maule Papers; CCHS; Futhey & Cope, Hist. of Chester Co.; 
Miller-Robison Notes; Maule, Transactions and Changes; 3 Friends Rev. 25; 4 Friends 
Rev. 440; 17 The Friend 16; 18 The Friend 208; Pauline Kimball Skinner, The Richard 
Barnard Family; Records of Nottingham MM

MAULE Thomas (4 Jul 1720 - 21 Aug 1765)
WALKER Zillah (29 Jun 1732 - 6 Jul 1811)

MAULE Daniel (3 Sep 1754 - 8 Oct 1810)
MAULE Thomas (18 Dec 1755 - 19 Jan 1819)
MAULE John (24 Oct 1757 - 8 Oct 1793)
MAULE Jacob (21 May 1759 - 18 Sep 1849)
MAULE Benjamin (16 Mar 1760 - 20 Sep 1831)
MAULE Ebenezer (8 Sep 1762 - 13 Nov 1799)
MAULE Lewis (8 Aug 1764 - 1799)

Marriage To BALDWIN Jane (22 Mar 1763 - 5 Mar 1851) m. 22 May 1793 Notes Parents BALDWIN Joshua () BROWN Mercy () Children by BALDWIN Jane 22 Mar 1763 - 5 Mar 1851
MAULE Rachel (31 Jul 1794 - 12 Jun 1886) MAULE Josiah (4 Nov 1797 - 8 Dec 1797) MAULE Samuel (1 Jan 1799 - 28 Jan 1799) MAULE Beulah (1 Mar 1800 - 13 Sep 1834) MAULE Jacob (14 Jan 1802 - 31 Mar 1878) MAULE Rachel (6 Feb 1804 - 6 Feb 1804) MAULE Joshua Baldwin (15 May 1806 - 8 Aug 1887)
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