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Birth:          8 Aug 1764 Radnor Twp., Chester (now Delaware) Co., Pa.
Death:          1799 Baltimore, Md.
Cause of Death: yellow fever

1981 book:
In 1782, Lewis was apprenticed to someone in Uwchlan Twp., Chester Co., Pa.
	Lewis sold to his brothers Daniel (1E5) and Benjamin (1E9) his share of his 
father's farm. Lewis lived in Maryland, possibly in Frederick County.
	James is not named in the will of Lewis' mother Zillah (Walker) Maule Brown 
(1E).  It is possible that he was not Lewis' child.
Source: Leeds Gen.; Cummin, A Rare and Pleasing Thing: Radnor; Anonymous 
Account, in possession of Mary Maule (1E75712); Miller-Robison Notes; Hist. of 
Seneca Co.; 1850 Va. census; Rudd, Shockoe Hill Cem.; Lang, Hist. of Seneca Co., 
Ohio; Records of Nottingham MM

NOTE: I'm unsure that there was a child James... where did that come from? A 
census? Yet in her will, written in 1806, Zillah Walker Maule Brown lists 4 
grandchildren, Jesse, John, Joseph and Lydia. Why not the others? Already gave them 
something? If so, was she unable to "find" these four? How did she know there were 
these four and not five?

The 1790 census has a Lewis Maal in Little Britain Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa. It shows 
one male above 16, one female above 16, and one male under sixteen. So which child 
was born in 1790? Not far away in the listing is Joshua Brown and Jeremiah Brown.

Acct of John Maule in Seneca Co., Ohio,says his father died when he was 7. So is 
death in 1799?

Per Pa archives, he was in the 8th Co (Capt Grubb), along with Joshua Brown, 
Jeremiah Brown, Moses Midcalf, of Ludwick Urbaun's Lancaster Battalion 1793 
(cannot read entire page). p349 of Vol V in Series 6. Shows up in google books as in 
4th co of 2d battalion of Lancatster Co militia for the fall of 1796 commanded by 
Wilder Bevins, Col. On another page in same volume, he is in the 8th co of that militia 
for 1793

US Quaker Meeting Records on ancestry has item 29 Aug 1789, "They also inform 
that Lewis Maule is married to a woman not in membership with friends by the 
assistance of an hireling priest. Joseph Harlan and Henry Reynolds John Webster are 
to treat with him, also inspect his other conduct, and if they find no obstruction, 
prepare a testimony against his  misconduct, inform him therof, & produce it at next 

10 Oct 1789, "The Committee report in the case of Lewis Maule that they had an 
opportunity with him and find on inspection, that he has been guilty of taking strong 
drink to excess, and that he has not kept to the truth in some of his dealings, and as a 
testimony is not produced against him, the same friends are continued to treat further 
with him, & produce one to next meeting."

27 11 Mo (idx has it as Nov) "Joseph Harlan reports he read the testimony against 
Lewis Maule as directed and it is returned, it being as follows: Whereas Lewis Maule 
having a Birthright amonst us the People called Quakers, but for want of attending to 
the dictates of divine Grace which would have preserved him from Evil he hat so far 
given way as to be guilty of evading the Truth and drinking strong Liquor to excess; 
also gone out, in his marriage and accomplished it by the assistance of a hireling 
teacher. After being treated with by friends to convince him of the inconsistency of 
such Conduct; We give forth this Testimony disowning him from being a member of our 
Society until he may be enabled suitably to condemn his misconduct, to the 
satisfaction of this  meeting, which we desire for him. Signed by order of Nottingham 
Monthly meeting held the 31 of 10th mo 1789 by Jeremiah Brown Clk."

25 10th mo 1789, "The friend have produced a testimony against Lewis Maule which 
being read is approved and singed and the same friends are continued to offer him a 
copy & acquaint him of his privilege to appeal, which if he don't incline too, they are 
to take care it be read in a first day meeting at Little Britain, and return the testimony."

MAULE Thomas (4 Jul 1720 - 21 Aug 1765)
WALKER Zillah (29 Jun 1732 - 6 Jul 1811)

MAULE Daniel (3 Sep 1754 - 8 Oct 1810)
MAULE Thomas (18 Dec 1755 - 19 Jan 1819)
MAULE John (24 Oct 1757 - 8 Oct 1793)
MAULE Jacob (21 May 1759 - 18 Sep 1849)
MAULE Benjamin (16 Mar 1760 - 20 Sep 1831)
MAULE Ebenezer (8 Sep 1762 - 13 Nov 1799)
MAULE Lewis (8 Aug 1764 - 1799)

Marriage To THOMAS Edith ( - BEF 1821) m. 1789 Md. Notes Children by THOMAS Edith - BEF 1821
MAULE John (21 Oct 1792 - 31 Oct 1866) MAULE Jesse (ABT 1796 - ) MAULE Joseph (1798 - 15 Mar 1851) MAULE Lydia (1799 - 1866)
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