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FOLEY Michael R.
Birth:          1816 London, England
Death:          16 Nov 1892 Philadelphia, Pa.
Cause of Death: senility and debility
Burial:         19 Nov 1892 New Cathedral Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pa.

see notes under George Henry Foley 
per wife's death cert, in 1866 was a joiner
came to US
1880 207 N 9th St, Phila., age 64, carpenter, his parents b Ireland
1871 UK census in St. Mark Parish, Mt. Pleasant area of Liverpool a joiner and marine 
store dealer 123 Rathbone St, Liverpool
Phila Death Records: Michael Foley, age 75, widower, d 16 Nov 1892, senility and 
debility, 1819 Cabot St, bur 19 Nov 1892 New Cathedral Cem. (note death record for 
Robert Foley, 1829 Cabot St who d 27 March 1891)
Closest in Pa and NJ Church and Town rec on ancestry is burial 19 Nov 1892, age 75, 
 at Holy Cross, section 1, grave 4 (but there are a lot of people in section 1, grave 4) 
yet death cert says bur New Cathedral
per 1889 Phila directory, he, Francis, and Robert at 211 Madison St (Foley Bros)
Phila Inquirer 18 Nov 1892 FOLEY On the 18th inst Michael R. Foley aged 75 years, .. 
funeral on Saturday morning, at 8 o'clock, from his late residence 1819 Cabot St. 
Solemn requiem mass at the Church of the Gesu. Interment private.
per Phila Passenger Lists, arrived July 1879 on the Indiana, with Robert and Francis. 
He is listed age 58, Robert as 16, and Francis as 15. All 3 listed as laborers. 
[Note that even here the ages are wrong, and these ages match the ones in the 1900 
census. The 58/16/15 should be 63/23/19]
Also on the ship, but listed in another place, Margaret, age 14. Listed as a spinster. 
Also on the ship is a John Foley (age 24 so b 1855) but I don't know who he is and 
he's not listed with the others. Prob the John M Foley md to Ellen Murphy, per 
famsearch, parents of Eugene Foley (b 22 Sep 1881 Phila, bap 2 Oct 1881 St 
Michaels, spon William Foley, Mary Hayden), d 14 Jan 1886, bur New
Cathedral). This John is the son of John Foley and Julia Healey. John Sr b 24 Jun 
1844 Cork, d 25 Feb 1899 Phil (1516 Hope St), br 26 Feb 1899 Old Cathedral Cem. 
No, it's not this John, as John md Ellen Murphy 4 Jan 1870 Old St Joseph's, Phila. Oh, 
in, the May 2 1849 Ballina Chronicle 
has an ad by Michael Foley who operates a Confectionary and Italian Warehouse and 
commercial inn, Knox's St., Ballina. He lists the things he sells. This advertisement the 
subject of a post at
He may be the Foley who is a bread baker referenced here:
But if he is in Ballina in 1849, how is George born in Dublin in 1852 and then more 
children born in the 1850s in Ballina?
The Anne Foley bap 11 Feb 1858 in Kimoremoy parish, Ballina district, is dtr of 
Michael Foley and May Ralph, sponsors Thos Naughton, May Naughton. Probably 
nor is the Jeramiah Foley, bap 2 Jun 1861 Kilcolman parish, co Mayo, son of Michael 
Foley and Mary Harington, sponsor Bridget Corcoran and not recorded.
There is an entry in the Index to Griffith's Valuation, 1848-1864 for Michael Foley, 
Mayo, Kilmoremoy, T/Ballina/Knox Street. Unlikely any genealogical information in it.
Email from Allen Francis Peppe, grandson of Margaret Foley (12 May 2010)
Dear Jim,
I was so excited to read your letter re "The Foleys. My name is Allen Francis Peppe, 
My Mother was Alice Frances Loughran (1892-1962) daughter of Margaret (Maggie) 
Foley (8/15/1867-4/15/1908) and Thomas Loughran, both passed away before I was 
born. Maggie was the daughter of Michael Foley & Margaret Farrell. Maggie lived in 
Philadelphia when Thomas who lived in NY was courting her. They were married in 
Philadelphia in 1889. She had a brother named George Henry Foley an investment 
broker in Phila. and another brother Frank who lived at 2332
Fairhill St. and ran some kind of a store. 
Maggie & Thomas went to Washington DC for their honeymoon to the inauguration of 
Benjamin Harrison. Alice Loughran Peppe, my mom had two sisters Beatrix 6/30/96 - 
(12/9/1975 ). There is a lot about her on Google. They had another sister named 
Marguerite who died young. 
Audrey Peppe(10/12/17-4/1/1992) my sister also on google was like Beatrix an 
Olympic figure skater.
There were two other Foleys I know about Oscar & John Investment bankers in NYC 
both Spanish American war vets. Oscar was the son of John Rogen Foley Sr. brother 
of John, Jr. Marie, & George J.
With your permission I will forward your letter to my Loughran cousin in Chicago who 
remembers Oscar.
I have a lot more information re Foleys and Loughrans, including letters Maggie 
received from Thomas during their courtship. I haven't looked at them for awhile but I 
remember one saying "I was sorry to hear about your uncle's death in Ballina"
I'll get some material together as soon as I can and forward it to you. I can send you 
some charts and a copy of Maggies letters one is from Frank Foley.
Yours truly,
When Maggie's Parents died a guardian named Thomes Jordon was appointed
after someone name Farrel signed off. I'll dig out the details.
email from Allen Peppe 14 May 2010
Dear Jim,
I haven't had time to dig out the records but I'll try to answer a few of your questions 
from memory. . I made a mistake in the other letter It was an aunt that died in Ballina 
not and uncle.
The Jordan's owned a marina on City Island, NY. My mother and her sister Beatrix 
spent a lot of time there as youngsters.  The Jordan's had a 99 year lease on the 
property which the City of NY voided in the 1930s. My Dad who was in real estate 
tried to get the city to let them stay and they got some 1 year leases.
I have a letter to Maggie signed Your Affectionate Cousin J. T. Jordan dated April 7, 
1899, I also have one signed Your affectionate aunt, C. Jordan dated Aug 20.1901.
It gets confusing because they so often used the same first names. I have a letter 
dated May 16, 1887 headed 811 7th St. Washington, DC to Maggies sister Kate 
asking about Kate's sister "Little Maggie" (my grandma) the letter is signed Your 
Constant and True Niece Maggie In it  this Maggie says I will now conclude with much 
love to Grandpa yourself & husband and in which Pa, Ma, Joseph, & Marie join me.
Here's another letter in a child's writing to Michael Foley headed 234 w 129th St. Feb 
26 1881
Dear Grandpa:
I thought that I would write you a letter hoping to find you all well. Cousin Maggie and 
sister and Uncle Pat are paying us a visit. Aunt Maggie sends her love to all and so do 
we all, I must stop now going to play with cousin Maggie
from your Grandchild Marie S. Foley
More to follow,
So, from the letters Allen shared, John Rogan Foley, Michael Foley Jr, and Patrick 
Foley are brothers, and siblings to Kate, Maggie, George Henry, etc. WOW.
family search has marriage 10 Jul 1864 Boston, Mass. between Patrick Foley, son of 
Michael and Margaret, and Ann Hart, dtr of Patrick and Mary
[cannot find Patrick Hart on 1860 census. Either he arrived between 1860 and 1864, 
or did not come over. Latter conclusion fits with Anna Hart b c 1844 Ireland, in Boston 
Ward 5, servant with Richardson family]
On the same batch is Mary Foley, dtr of Michael and Margaret md 4 Sep 1864 Boston 
Mass John Gallagher, son of James and Catherine [more from familysearch labs:
there are several Michael and Margaret Foley couples with children being married as 
recorded in Mass Marriages. The ones without maiden name for Margaret:
William Foley m 7 Nov 1874 Boston Frances Callahan
Joanna b 1839 m 24 Sep 1860 Lawrence Mass md David Collins
Mary b 1837 m 4 Sep 1864 Boston Mass John Gallagher
Dennis b 1833 m 6 Nov 1861 Andover Mass Barbara Williams
Patrick b 1842 m 10 Jul 1864 Boston Ann Hart
James b 1846 m 14 Jun 1868 Boston Anna McVey
James b 1847 m 26 Jun 1895 Boston Catharine Pembroke
The ones with maiden names have children born much later. But are these children 
born too soon, eg. 1833?]
Cannot find a Michael and Margaret Foley in Mass in 1850, 1860 who could be the 
parents. BUT in 1860 census a Joanna Foley age 25, with a Delany family, and a Julia 
Foley 27, and Michal Foley and Margarett Foley but they are in Newburyport not 
Mass Birth Record: Anna Maria Foley, b 27 Aug 1866, Gloucester, Essex, dtr of 
Patrick, no name for mother [might not be them]
but what of Mary Louisa Foley, b 12 Apr 1865, Boston, dtr of Patrick and Ann?
another email from Allen Peppe 15 May 2010
Dear Jim:
Thanks for the latest info. This is a real gold mine of information for me and I'd like to 
reciprocate. I haven't had much luck trying to send documents via E-mail. Is there a 
snail mail address that I could use to send you some copies?
I don't know who Camille is. The letter I sent you is the only time I came across his 
Here are some Foley addresses I have collected from letters and other documents.
David Foley Boston Rd. East Chester NYC 1900
Maggie Foley 211 Madison St. Phila
Clara Jordon 11 Rochelle St. 1902
John T. Jordan City Island Bridge NY 1908
   also Pelham Bay, Bronx NY
Frank Foley 2332 Fairhill St. Phila, 1889 1908
David Foley Boston Road East Chester NYC 1900
Kate Loughran same address same year I think Kate was David's wife 
George Henry Foley 508 Walnut St Phila. 1889
  2607 Columbia Ave Phila (City directory 1900-08)
Oscar Foley 149 Broadway NYC 1910
John R Foley, Jr. ,San Remo Hotel NYC 1907
From the address book (1910-1913) of Susan B. Farley Loughran My great 
grandfather's second wife
Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Foley 149 Broadway, NYC
Mr. & Mrs. James Farrell
542 Eastern Pkwy Bklyn
Dr. & Mrs. W. Flynn 119E. 37th St. NY
c/o Mrs. Ledwith
I was very impressed with Susan's addresses. She has President & Mrs. Taft, F. W. 
Woolworth and the mayor of NYC listed.
my followup
Nov 2010: several google hits on John T Jordan and City Island Bridge. Had hotel and 
sheds near the bridge in Pelham Bay Park, leases 1904 expire 1909.
Another item has Clara Jordan with certificate for hotel at west end of City Island 
Bridge, Pelham Bay Park, next John Jordan 437 E 9t st, and 801 Columbia Ave, and in 
another googlebook there is a Rose A Jordan at 801 Columbia Ave.
Clara listed in 1915 NYC directory as sal Pelham Bay Park
FOUND THEM! John T. Jordan, 1900 in District 1061 Bronx, on Pelham Bay Park, 
hotel operator, b Apr 1857 in Ireland, immigrated 1861, mother Catherine (Clara?) b 
May 1827 widow, 2 ch, 1 alive, b Ireland, parents b Ireland, 4 employees. Says John 
is married, no wife listed [IFHF has James Jordan, addr unknown, Catherine Farrel, 
addr unknown, parents for both unknown, md 4 Jun 1852 Kilmoremoy/Ballina, witn 
John Dillon, Catherine Jordan
In 1880, 129 135th St, John T, 28, b Ireland, fruit stand, Catharine, 52, mother b 
1870 in Ward 12, Dist 8, NYC, as Jorden, Catherine 40, John 14 both b Ireland no occ
Consider 1900 census says she has 2 ch, 1 alive. What about this in 20 Jun 1863 NY 
Herald: Jordan, on Friday June 19, Mary Jordan, only daughter of Richard and 
Catherine Jordan, aged 1 yr, 10m, 11d, funeral from residence 110 E 11th St.
[recall that one of the trees had Margaret A (Maggie) Foley with this notation:
8 Nov 1902 997 Boston Rd NYC
1900 NY census, Bronx, Chester Road
one household has David Foley b Jan 1820, Ireland, parents b Ireland laborer, doesn't 
give yr of immig.
Anna wife b March 1825 b Ireland parents b Ireland, says md 4 yrs but also says she 
has 2 ch, 2 alive
David Foley son b Oct 1866 unm b NY teamster
next household
Catherine Loughran b Apr 1862 md 14 yrs 3 ch, 3 alive b NY
May b Aug 1886 NY
Catherine b March 1889 NY
Laura b May 1893 NY
1880 in East Chester Westchester Co NY, no street given
David Foley 55 (1824/5) laborer b Ireland, parents b Ireland
Ann Foley 48 (1831/2)
Kate dtr 19 (1860/1) b NY
David son 14 (1865/6) b NY
1870 cannot find David Foley Sr or Anna Foley or the 2 children
1860 in Eastchester, Westchester Co., NY:
index had David Foley 39 (b 1820) b Ireland, Ann 30 (b 1829) b Ireland
actual record is impossible to read :-(
from what I can make out, no children.
1910 1920 cannot find David Jr
NYC death cert 1302 is for David Foley d 2 Apr 1901, age 82y
Laura Loughran ssn 104-03-2495 b 5 May 1893, d Dec 1975, issued NY, last addr 
Fleetwood/Mt Vernon, Westchester Co NY
1920 census Mt Vernon NY 322 S. Third Ave
Loughran Kate 56 (1863/4) Widow, b NY parents b Ireland
Katherine A. 28 (1891/2) b NY unm parents b NY
Laura R. 25 (1894/5) b NY unm stenographer for real estate co
in same house:
Louis A. Fisher 32 (1887/8) b NY salesman for building
May C. (the third dtr) 31 (1888/9) b NY, parents b NY
Regina M 5 (1914/5) b NY
Louis A. 1y 9m (1918) b NY
1930 Mt Vernon, NY 322 S. Third Ave.
Fisher, Louis A. 42 (1887/8) md age 26 (1913/4) b NY, salesman screen & weather 
May, wife, 40 (1889/90) md age 24 b NY
Regina M 15 (1914/5) b NY
Louis A. 12 (1917/8) b NY
Claire R. 2y5m (1927/8) b NY
Kathryn A. Loughran 37 (1892/3) b NY
Laura R Loughran 33 (1896/7) b NY sec'y real estate co
NY death records from familysearchlabs: David J Foley d 27 Apr 1909, Brooklyn, age 
45, b 1863/4.
30 Jun 2016 followup on Mr. & Mrs. James Farrell
542 Eastern Pkwy Bklyn
1912 Brooklyn City Dir, has Jas A Farrell 542 Eastern Pkwy, clk
is he James A Farrell, ww1 draft reg, 155 Division Ave, Bklyn, occ clerk for receiver of 
taxes, b 19 July 1887 in US, single, med ht, med build, gra eyes, brown hair
there are several James Farrells b Jul 1887, so unclear if he is the one in 1900 son of 
John and Ellen.

Marriage To FARRELL Margaret (1828 - 26 Jan 1866) m. Notes Children by FARRELL Margaret 1828 - 26 Jan 1866
FOLEY John Rogan (EST 1842 - 10 Oct 1892) FOLEY Patrick (1844 - 24 Aug 1890) FOLEY Michael (EST 1846 - 18 Jul 1891) FOLEY George Henry (Feb 1852 - 19 May 1910) FOLEY Mary Cate (Aug 1853 - 14 Dec 1900) FOLEY Eugene (1856 - 28 May 1880) FOLEY Robert P. (1857 - 27 Mar 1891) FOLEY Francis H. (21 Apr 1859 - ) FOLEY Margaret A. (26 Sep 1863 - 15 Apr 1908)
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