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FOLEY Margaret A.
Birth:          26 Sep 1863 Liverpool, England
Christening:    12 Oct 1863 St. Nicholas Church, Liverpool, England
Death:          15 Apr 1908 New York City, N.Y.
Cause of Death: pulmonary phitisis cardiac asthma
Burial:         Calvary Cemetery, Queens, N.Y.

1880 207 N 9th St, Phila. 
1871 UK census in St. Mark Parish, Mt. Pleasant area of Liverpool (says
b Nov 1864 but owt has later date) July 2012: the later date surely is
wrong, because Margaret the mother died in Jan 1866. Given the date of
Francis' death, I'll go with 1864.
Found her baptism in Liverpool Catholic Baptisms on ancestry: "Anno
1863 die 26 mensis Sept nata et anno 1863 die 12 mensis Oct baptizat
est Margarita Foley filia Michaelis et Margarita Foley (olim Farrell)
conjugum a me Richardo Holden." Patrinus is blank, Matrina is Anna
Murphy, church: St. Nicholas.
awt (unknown owner) gives cause of death, place of burial, and these
25 Jan 1889 211 Madison St Phila
26 Aug 1887 Onect House, West Hampton Beach, LI, NY
20 May 1901 217 E 118th St NYC
8 Nov 1902 997 Boston Rd NYC
15 Apr 1908 58 E 180th St NYC
4 Apr 1899 living in Liberty NY
says John S Jordon is a 2d cousin
cannot find in Phila Death Records
1900 census: in Ward 15, Phila, Pa, as house maid for Patrick J.
Courtney and family, b Nov 1864, has D, then W, S crossed out, b
England, parents b Ireland, came to US in 1874. Also says md 6 yrs, but
that is crossed out, then says 4 ch, 4 alive. Not her, b/c our Margaret
arrived in 1879
1910 cannot find
per Phila Passenger Lists, Michael arrived July 1879 on the Indiana,
with Robert and Francis. He is listed age 58, Robert as 16, and Francis
as 15. All 3 listed as laborers. Also on the ship, but listed in
another place, Margaret, age 14. Listed as a spinster. Also on the ship
is a John Foley (age 24) but I don't know who he is and he's not listed
with the others.
per owt tree, lived at 211 Madison St., Phila (same address as her
brothers and father)
my email to Allen Peppe 15 Jul 2012:
Hello Allen,
How have you been? Last I remember, you were doing some traveling.
I wanted to bring you up to date with a bit of my research that has
presented two puzzles. If you may recall, Michael Foley (father of
Margaret and George Henry, among others) is in the 1871 UK census in
Liverpool, at 123 Rathbone Street. He is listed as a widower. So I
figured Margaret, his wife, died in Liverpool. She would have had to
die before 1871 and after Margaret's birth in 1867. In the Birth,
Marriage, Death Index for the UK, there are three entries for Margaret
Foleys who died in Liverpool in that time frame:
Margaret Foley b abt 1818 death recorded in Jul-Aug-Sep 1868 register
for Liverpool, Lancashire
Margaret Foley b abt 1824 death recorded in Jul-Aug-Sep 1868 register
for Liverpool, Lancashire
Margaret Foley b abt 1829 death recorded in Jan-Feb-Mar-1866 register
for Liverpool, Lancashire
Knowing that Michael Foley was born in 1816, I ordered the record for
the Margaret Foley b abt 1818. It arrived a few days ago. It's not
"our" Margaret, as she is the widow of a James Foley, shoemaker. So I
ordered the record for the Margaret Foley who was b abt 1824. That has
not yet arrived.
Earlier this evening, I discovered that ancestry now has a new
database, "Liverpool, Lancashire, England, Catholic Burials,
1813-1988." In that database there is a burial record for the Margaret
b abt 1818 and the Margaret b abt 1829. The record for the Margaret b
abt 1818 matches the record from the BMD Index; it's not our Margaret.
But the record for the Margaret b abt 1829 does, and the match arises
from the address given for her: 123 Rathbone Street. That's where
Michael and his children are living in 1871.
But here are the two puzzles.
First, if she is born in 1829 she is too young to be the mother of John
Rogan Foley, Patrick Foley, and Michael Foley, who are born in 1842,
1844, and 1846. That suggests she was Michael's second wife, and that
those three children are the children of a first wife, whose name we
don't know. So, it's a puzzle, but it can be solved.
Second, if she died in January 1866 (she was buried 28 Jan 1866), how
can she be the mother of Margaret, b 15 Aug 1867? That suggests to me
that Margaret was born earlier. In the 1871 census, Margaret is listed
as 8 years of age, which means she was born in 1862 or 1863. That
suggests that perhaps Margaret, Jr., or someone else, reported her
birth year as later than it really is. Usually it's the other way
around! Another source - I don't recall where - reported her birth as
Nov 1864. In the immigration record of her arrival in the US in July
1879, she is age 14, which points to a birth in 1864 or 1865. In the
1880 Pa census she is age 15, suggesting birth in 1865 or 1865. So, for
this puzzle, where does the 15 Aug 1867 birthdate come from? It's in
the information you provided to me. Is it from a Bible entry? Someone's
memory? Something in a document?
By recording Margaret Sr's death, I've caused my genealogy database
software to issue a "complaint" that I have a woman dying in 1866 with
a child born in 1867. The software doesn't like that!
I welcome your thoughts.
per Allen Peppe: honeymoon in Washington, D.C. went to inauguration of
Benjamin Harrison
per Allen Peppe: when Maggie died, Thomas Jordon appt guardian. Says
they owned a marina on City Island, Beatrix and Alice spent time there.
letter to Maggie from cousin J.T. Jordan 7 Apr 1888, and from aunt C.
Jordan 20 Aug 1901
The JORDAN connection
John T. Jordan, who must be the same as the Tom Jordan in some
mentions, (John Thomas Jordan), is a second cousin of Maggie. He is
married to Clara. Now, are they using second cousin to mean first
cousin once removed? If used in true sense, He's either the great
grandson of a sibling of Michael Foley's father or mother or of
Margaret Farrell's mother or father. Also, Robert Farrell, another
second cousin, would be the great grandson of a sibling of Margaret
Farrell's father. [See notes in Michael's entry; John is SON of
Clara/Catherine and James, and Clara/Catherine is a Farrell, sister of
Margaret, so John is first cousin of Margaret.]

FOLEY Michael R. (1816 - 16 Nov 1892)
FARRELL Margaret (1828 - 26 Jan 1866)

FOLEY John Rogan (EST 1842 - 10 Oct 1892)
FOLEY Patrick (1844 - 24 Aug 1890)
FOLEY Michael (EST 1846 - 18 Jul 1891)
FOLEY George Henry (Feb 1852 - 19 May 1910)
FOLEY Mary Cate (Aug 1853 - 14 Dec 1900)
FOLEY Eugene (1856 - 28 May 1880)
FOLEY Robert P. (1857 - 27 Mar 1891)
FOLEY Francis H. (21 Apr 1859 - )
FOLEY Margaret A. (26 Sep 1863 - 15 Apr 1908)

Marriage To LOUGHRAN Thomas R. (Feb 1862 - 26 Sep 1900) m. 3 Mar 1889 St. John the Evangelist Church, Philadelphia, Pa. Notes Parents LOUGHRAN Charles E. () ----- Mary () Children by LOUGHRAN Thomas R. Feb 1862 - 26 Sep 1900
LOUGHRAN Marguerite (8 Mar 1890 - 27 Jul 1908) LOUGHRAN Alice Frances (19 Jul 1892 - 24 Oct 1962) LOUGHRAN Beatrice (Beatrix) Suzette (30 Jun 1896 - 9 Dec 1975)
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