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FOLEY Francis H.
Birth:          21 Apr 1859 Ballina, Ireland
Christening:    24 Apr 1859 Kilmoremoy, Ballina, Co. Mayo, Ireland

1880 207 N 9th St, Phila. clerk 
1871 UK census in St. Mark Parish, Mt. Pleasant area of Liverpool
1900 1910 1920 cannot find
per owt tree, in 1908 at 2332 Fairhill St. Phila.
cannot find in Phila Death Records
per Phila Passenger Lists, Michael arrived July 1879 on the Indiana, with Robert and 
Francis. He is listed age 58, Robert as 16, and Francis as 15. All 3 listed as laborers. 
Also on the ship, but listed in another place, Margaret, age 14. Listed as a spinster. 
Also on the ship is a John Foley (age 24) but I don't know who he is and he's not 
listed with the others.
Is he the Francis Foley described in 29 Apr 1889 Phila Inquirer article, age 24 (b 
1864/5), arrested for hitting his wife with a cuspidor while drunk? Lived at 410 Garden 
St., wife's name Mary, age 23. No, address doesn't match.
There is a Francis J. Foley who d Apr 20 1903 but no other info given that is helpful. 
And this guy's not in Phila Death Records. There is a 1905 listing for final acct of 
Mary Foley, administratrix of Francis J Foley, so this might be the guy in the news 
article. But in 1900 census there is a Frank Foley, married to a Mary Foley, in Phila, he 
is born Jan 1859, in Pa, parents b Ireland, so this is not our Francis. The 1890 city 
directory tells us the Francis at 410 garden is a driver.
1881 Gopsill's Phila Directory: at 207 N 9th is Michael Foley, no occ, George H Foley, 
segars, no Robert, no Mary or Margaret that matches, and the only Francis is a 
Francis M, blacksmith, ... our Robert and Francis are too young to be in the directory.
In Gopsill's 1889 Phila Directory: George H, 2607 Columbia, clerk, there is a Francis J, 
driver, 408 Garden, a Francis (Foley Bros) 211 Madison, Frank, coachman, 213 
Mechanic Gtn, Frank, shoer, 858 N 3d, Michael, 211 Madison, Robert (Foley Bros) 
211 Madison. So we know where they are (211 Madison is above Allegheny Ave)
The shoer is in the 1900 census, b PA, not ours.
1895 Phila directory, Geo H, real estate 508 Walnut, Frank, roofer, 2502 Palethorpe, 
and Francis O, 825 Wood (the policeman whose obit is in genealogybank), and 
Francis M, produce 1927 Brown, and Frank T, blacksmith 858 N 3d (is he the Francis 
M. Foley, blacksmith in 1881 directory?)
1881 Phila directory, no Campbell Fair. There is a Kate Fair 859 McGrath
1889 Phila directory, no Campbell Fair. William Fair, student, h 3253 Sansom
1895 Phila directory, no Campbell Fair, no Kate, William or Wesley
what of this from April
21, Francis Foley, son of Michael Foley and Margaret O'Farrell,
Ballina; sp George Foley and Elisa Rogan
from Irish Family History Foundation, Francais (record misspelled) Foley, bap 24 Apr 
1859, addre Ballina, Kilmoremoy parish, Ballina district, co. Mayo, son of Michael 
Foley and Margaret O'Farrell, sponsors George Foley and Eliza Rogan
ALSO SEE NOTES UNDER MARY KATE, where I found Kate Foley Fair boarding
with a Frank Foley. Those notes are now here.
Now, the only Frank/Francis Foley on the 1880 census (this Frank arrived in 1878, 
ours in 1879) that was born in Ireland is Francis son of Michael (our guy). On 
immigration lists, in addition to Francis arriving in 1879, also arriving in 1879 at Phila is 
a 5 yr old Frank Foley, with 2yr old Mary and 23 yr old Sabinia. No one arrivign in NYC 
in 1876-1880 that fits (only 1, and way too old) See below for why this is not our Frank 
IGI has record for birth of Francis H. Foley 1 Dec 1893, to Francis H. Foley and wife 
Bridget, and James Henry Foley b 25 oct 1895, Phila, to Francis H Foley and wife 
Bridget E. __.
Also on familysearchlabs is Charles Foley d 4 Jun 1900, 1 yr 11 mos, son of Fran and 
Bridget Foley, phila death rec
This family shows up in 1910 at 1241 Vermangold St [must be Venango, see 1911 
directory, above], Francis H, 35 m 18 yrs, b Ireland, parents b Ireland, tin roofer, 
Briget, 37, 7 ch, 5 alive, b Ireland, Francis 16, James 14, Marie 9, Robert 7, John 4 all 
b Pa
In 1920 Frank H at 1826 Madison St, age 50, roofer, b Ireland, Bridget E 49, b 
Ireland, Frank M, 26, b Pa, roofer, James J 24, clerk govt supply depot, Marie E, 19 
telephone operator, John J 14, helper, sock works
In 1910 census: 1241 Venango St,  Ward 33 Phila Francis H Foley, 36 (tough to read), 
b Ireland md age 18, roofer tinsmith
Briget 38 (tough to read) b Ireland md age 18 7 ch, 5 alive
Francis 16 Pa works in factory cannot read occ
James 14 Pa
Marie 9 Pa
Robert 7 Pa
John 4 Pa
1920 at 1826 Madison St Ward 45 Phila
Frank H Foley, 50 (b 1869) Ireland roofer general repair
Bridget E., 49 arr1882, nat 1892, b Ireland
Frank M 26 Pa roofer general repair
James J 24 Pa clerk government supply
Marie E 19 Pa operator telephone co
John J 14 Pa helper sock works
1930 in 3540 G St Phila Dist 955
Frank H Foley 63 (1866) md age 24 b England tin smith own shop
Bridget 62 md age 23 b Ireland
James 33 b Pa book keeper roofing office
John 24 b Pa roofer
1930 in Dist 954 Philadelphia,
Frank Foley 36 (1893) md 1925, b Pa, f b Pa m b Ireland, roofer
Anna 31 (1898) b Pa, parents b Northern Ire
Theresa 4y1m b Pa
Francis 2y2m b Pa
Sabinia Foley who arrived 1879 age 23: there is a Sabina Foley who md --- McAndrews
in familysearchlabs idx to Phila Marriages 1889 shows 1880 census: Sebina Foley, b 
1855 Ireland, md to Lawrence Foley (b NY 1845), ch Frank (b 1874), Mary (b 1877), 
Honora (b Oct 1879). All three children born Pa. so this isn't the Sabinia who arrived 
in 1879 (Frank b 1874, Mary b 1877 but shown as b in Ireland)
1900 Phila census has a Sophia McAndrew 44, Lawrence Foley 14, Katie McAndrew 
6, George Mathews 42 Sophia b Dec 1855, widow, b Ireland, arrived 1874, Lawrence 
and Katie are children (she had 4, 9? can't read, 4 alive). Mathes is a boarder. 
Lawrence b 2 Mar 1886 per Phila birth records, son of Lawrence Foley and Sabina 
Mcdonnah. They also had a child who b 14 Nov 1881, d 15 Nov 1881.
Lawrence d 1 dec 1914, age 38y 9 m, b 2 Mar 1886. The older Lawrence d 12 Apr 
1886, age 42, b 1844 NY, engineer, 2340 E Huntington St. Hanora Foley d 2 Nov 
1886, b 1879, dtr of Laurence and Sabina. Maggie Foley d 29 Dec 1896, b 1883, dtr 
of Laurence Foley and Solina, 2340 E Huntington. bur Holy Cross. Lawrences bur Mt 
Could age discrepancy for Frank Foley married to Bridget be caused by him being a 
cousin? But that doesn't answer age discrepancy in 1900 census for Kate Fair. But 
even the obit for Robert Foley is off by about 8 years. Something is strange. Are they 
all mis-stating their ages for some reason? See note above, where ages are off by 
roughly same amount in immigration record.
FAMSEARCH Phila Birth IDx shows (no image) a Richard W Foley b 12 Jan 1903, son 
of Frank and Bridget BUT Robert is b 24 Nov 1902. Richard shows up in 1910 census 
as the son of Frank and Bridget Foley, with a brother Francis. Frank Sr is born in 
Illinois (as are his parents), so it's a different family.
Pa Death cert on ancestry (in file) gives his birth as 15 Aug 1868, father Michael, 
mother unknown, says Frank Henry born in Penna, so considering Margaret Farrell 
died in 1866, it could be that this Frank is NOT the son of Michael and Margaret. So I 
put death cert in files, did not update this entry, and may need to delete everything 
related to his wife Bridget and his children He died 28 Dec 1933, buried Holy Cross on 
2 Jan 1934 [or it could be, as with almost all of his siblings, the birth years and ages 
are way out of line, even in instances where actual date is known]
The Francis Foley who is a tin roofer on his marriage app gives year of birth as 1868.
Yet see notes under Mary Cate about the address in the letters from Allen Peppe 
matching the Phila directory listings for Frank Foley the roofer.
Phila Marr Idx on familysearch
Mathias/Costello Fam Tree on ancestry says "b abt 1874" (prob from one of the 
misstated dates above), mid init. M
www.findmypast, marr record of the Church of St. Edward the Confessor, Phila., Pa.

FOLEY Michael R. (4 May 1816 - 16 Nov 1892)
FARRELL Margaret (1828 - 26 Jan 1866)

FOLEY George Henry (Feb 1852 - 19 May 1910)
FOLEY Mary Cate (Aug 1853 - 14 Dec 1900)
FOLEY Eugene (1856 - 28 May 1880)
FOLEY Robert P. (1857 - 27 Mar 1891)
FOLEY Francis H. (21 Apr 1859 - )
FOLEY Margaret A. (26 Sep 1863 - 15 Apr 1908)

Marriage To DOUGHERTY Bridget Elizabeth (15 Aug 1870 - 1 Nov 1939) m. 14 Nov 1892 Church of St. Edward the Confessor, Philadelphia, Pa. Notes Parents DOUGHERTY James () ----- Mary () Children by DOUGHERTY Bridget Elizabeth 15 Aug 1870 - 1 Nov 1939
FOLEY Francis Michael (1 Dec 1893 - May 1966) FOLEY James Henry Joseph (25 Oct 1895 - 27 Nov 1949) FOLEY Charles (17 Jul 1898 - 4 Jun 1900) FOLEY Charles (7 Apr 1899 - 8 Apr 1899) FOLEY Marie Elizabeth (29 Dec 1900 - Aug 1978) FOLEY Robert Joseph (24 Nov 1902 - 12 Aug 1945) FOLEY John J. (13 Sep 1905 - Jan 1960)
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