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CORCORAN Bridget (Mary?)
Birth:          1814 
Death:          Apr 1871 
Burial:         19 Apr 1871 Old Cathedral Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pa.

per death cert of Sarah Dowling Hickey

Arr in Phila March 1856 on Tonawanda, Bridget 40 (with Eugene Smith her stepson 
(also known as Owen), Catherine, Michael, Peter, Ann, Rosannah) her age given as 
40 (b 1815/6)

see entries under Sarah Dowling and Maurice Hickey
[continued from Michael Dowling entry]

1860 in Phila, Ward 3: Owen Smith 22, Bridget 40, Michael15, Peter 13, Ann 10, 
Rosey 6. In same house is Kate Joyce 19. On Irish Roots site, a number of matches 
indicating this family was in Co. Cavan and then went to Dublin. But if related, how? It 
is Bridget Corcoran.

In 1870 only possible match is Bridget Smith, 55 (1815) Phila Ward 4, District 14 no 
occ, listed alone but in a building with Peter McCormick, 34, teamster, b Ireland, 
Margaret, 34 b ireland, Frank, 13 b Pa, Mary [cannot read name] 50 b Ireland, 
Margaret Hiles 40 b Pa, Margaret 2 b Penna.

OK, go back to this:

1860 in Ward 20, where Hickeys (as Kickey), are Michael Dowling 60 b Ireland, 
dealer, Sarah 50 b Ireland, Mary 19 b Ireland, Bridget, 17, b Ireland, seamstress. Is 
this the Michael Stephen Dowling (see above)? they are in house 694 (just a 
20th ward north of [illegible] street. MasterSt?
So b/c I don't think this Michael and Sarah match up well, I went through Ward 20 
Division 2 (where the Hickeys are)
maker, b Ireland, Daniel [could be Jarviel], 21, plasterer, b Ireland, Michael 19, 
painter, b Ireland, Mathew, 13, b Ireland, Bridget Hassiders, Harrissirs?? 69 b Ireland. 
Probably not Sarah's family. No Kate, no Theressa, no Anne.
St. Malachy is at 11th and Master. So what wards? it's in the middle of the 20th ward. 
three blocks to the south is the 14th, and to the east of the 14th is the 13th, and to its 
west is the 15th. To the north is the 21st.
So try Ward 20 division 1

1880 Dist 656 (same as Michael and Jane), 1922 Christian St, Thomas Smith 45 
confectioner b England, Margaret 37 Ireland, Thomas Jr 9, John 9, b Pa and 13 
boarders. [in fact, they are only 8 pages ahead in the census, on the next street]
In browse of 1860, in Ward 20 Div 2 (same as Hickeys), there is a Michael and 
Catharine Smith (39, 35, butcher) with Mary 15 Catharine 13, Rosana 11, Valentine 9, 
Thomas 10, Grace 4 (parents b Ireland, ch Pa exc Thomas b NY)
1880 Dist 273 2038 Carlton St., Ellen Carland, 48, b Ireland, son George L, 24 iron 
moulder b Md, Frances C 20, b Md, worsk in worsted mill Ellen E 17 b Pa works in 
worsted mill, Mary T Ring, 28 b Md sister (to whom?) works in worsted mill, Ellen 7 b 
Pam Theresa C Neeson, boarder, works in worsted mill, 19 b Pa, William Neeson 
works in worsted mill, 16 b Pa. My guess is that by 1882 George had married Theresa, 
and that she is a dtr of Theresa Dowling and Patrick Neeson.
12 Aug 1891 Phila Inquirer Carland, on Aug 10, 1891, Frances, dtr of George and 
Theresa Carland, age 6 mos and 8 days. ... funeral on Wed at 1, from her parents' 
home 561 Osprey St. Burial New Cathedral Cemetery.
Phila Death Records:
William Carland, 12 yrs, Aug 5 1901, diptheria son of George and Teresa, Ward 15, 
839 New Kirk St, bur Aug 7 1901 Holy Cross, McGinnis is undertaker
Frances Carland 6 mos Aug 19 1891 marasums, dtr of George and Theresa Carland, 
561 Osprey St, bur 12 Aug 1891 New Cathedral, undertaker James McGinnis [from 
Phila Inq 12 Aug 1891, Frances Carland, d 10 Aug 1891, dtr George and Theressa 
Carland, 6 m, 8 d, funeral from parents' residence 561 Osprey St, bur New Cathedral]
Ellen Carland, 13 mos Aug 22 1888  pneumonia, dtr of George and Theresa Carland, 
561 Osprey St, bur 25 Aug 1888 New Cathedral, undertaker George McGinnis
Mary Carland, 4 yrs 1 mo 17 days, d May 16 1887, inflammation of the lungs, b Phila, 
dtr of George and Theresa Carland, 561 Osprey St, bur May 19 1887 New Cathedral 
Cemetery undertaker McGinnis
Theresa Carland 5 mos, d Jul 31 1882, cause of death: inanition, b Phila dtr of George 
and Teresa Carland 2044 Carlton St, bur 2 Aug 1882 New Cathedral Cemetery, 
undertaker McGinnis
George Carland 2 yrs May 15 1896 meningitis, b Phila, son of George and Theresa 
Carland, bur May 18 1891 Cathedral Cemetery undertaker McGinnis
1900 Dist 271 Ward 15:
George Carland May 1856 b Md md 1881, iron moulder f b Md m b Ireland
Theresa March 1861 b Pa parents b Ireland, 8 ch, 4 alive
James Aug 1884 Pa moulder apprentice
George Feb 1886 Pa errand boy
William May 1889 Pa
Theresa Dec 1893 Pa
28 Dec 1917 Phila Inquirer CARLAND, 24 Dec 1917 Theresa, nee Neeson, wife of 
George L. Carland Sr.... funeral Sat 830 from the residence of her husband 2822 
Master St, Solemn Requiem Mass at Church of Most Precious Blood, 10 AM Int. Holy 
Cross Cemetery
9 Nov 1917 Phila Inquirer CARLAND, Nov 6, KATHRINE, wife of George L. Carland, 
Jr., daughter of Thomas and the late Mary Donahue, aged 26, funderal Sat 8:30 am, 
husband's residence 2822 Master St. Solemn Requiem Mass, Church of Most Precious 
Blood, Int. Holy Cross.
1920 Phila Ward 29
Carland James 35 b Phila f b Baltimore, m b Phila, shop machinist
Carland Cecelia? 33 b Phila
Carland James age 5y 4m b Phila
Carland George S father 64 b Baltimore father b Baltimore, m b Ireland works at 
foundry cannot read occupation
1930 Phila
Carland James 45 md age 29 b Phila f b Baltimore, m b Penna linoleum layer in 
linoleum shop
Carland Cecelia G 43 md age 27 b Phila 
Carland James Jr 15 b Phila

Phila death record James H Carland (father of George who m Teresa?) b Baltimore, 
occ moulder, addre 2030 Carlton St d 21 Nov 1872, consumption, undertaker J 
Phila Marr record 1913 James Carland to someone surnamed Carroll
WW2 draft reg cards James Henry Carland b 9 Aug 1884 Phila, 1418 W Newkirk St., 
wife Cecilia, works at Baldwin Locomotive in Eddystone.
Cecelia Carland 178 18 9697 b 27 Dec 1886 d Oct 1970 last resid 19115 Phila Pa

1950 Phila Phone book on ancestry: Jas J Carland, 4527 N Bouvier

The mysterious Cora Dowling. Cannot find in any census. On familysearch is this: Cora 
Belle Dowling b 1868, Pa, dtr of Jonathan Dowling and Margaret Thompson (per Ohio 
death record she was born 29 Apr 1869 in Kitanning Pa, d in E Liverpool Columbiana 
Co Ohio 24 Feb 1929) 1880 in Armstrong Co., says b in Pa. No go on this one. 
According to 1880 census, her father Johnathan is born 1821 in Penna, as are HIS 
parents. So he isn't the Jno Dowling, above, in Phila. The 1870 census, they're 
already in Valley, Armstrong Co. In 1860, he and Margaret (and children) are in Porter, 
Clarion Co., Pa. He shows up as b 1831, Pa. (Margaret b 1834, Eliz 1852, Wm 1854, 
Mary 1857, Thompson 1859). In 1850, the best I can find is a John P Dowling (b 1810 
Pa), Ann (b 1815), ch all b Pa: Maria 1835, Anna M 1835, John 1839, James 1840, 
Thompson 1845, Jane 1846. Clue: Two Thompson Dowlings. Per posting on 
boards.ancestry, he is Jerius Thompson Dowling, son of Johnathan, and grandson of 
Jerius Dowling. But an AWT tree says Jonathan was son of Thomas and Nancy 
(Benton) Dowling, Thomas b 1789 Va. and Thomas the son of Daniel and Rachel 
(Thompson) Dowling.

There is a Catherine Bowling (Dowling?) 1860 Ward 3, 14 Ireland (1845) in home of 
Wm Gatton.
email from Godfrey O'Byrne 7 Mar 2012:
Many thanks for you informative email
The official state records for BMD starts only in Ireland 1864
Anything before that is difficult  We depend on Church records which star about 1750s
During Penal times in Ireland  written records could mean death   So written records 
sometimes dont exist at all Penal Laws repealed during 1800s 
Church of Ireland Marriage Records start 1854
But Im lucky Fr Fergus O'Higgins gave me  a Research Document he compiled in 1975 
for Baptisms & Marriages of St Brigids Church for Blanchardstown & Castleknock in 
Dublin Ireland
He was a Catholic Priest held in very high regard- One of Gods gentleman! died 1996 
He would have had Parish access that the ordinary man  would not easily achieve 
Im updating my records now upon checking "his" pages
Peter Corcoran Married Brigid Deaney  Aug 1797 Official info from Parish Records of 
St Brigids Catholic Church Blancharstown Co Dublin Ireland
Their Daughter Brigid Corcoran married a Dowling man ( no christian known  name) 
Abt 1820s
I will try scanning Fr O''Higgins 4 pages to you separately.
Hope this is of some use
Best Rgds Godfrey O'Byrne  
See my document outlining research into ancestry of Sarah Dowling
1860 in Ward 3, Phila. with 2d husband, Michael, Peter, Ann, Rose, and Kate Joyce 
also Owen Smith, 22 (b 1837), must be son of Eugene by Eugene's previous wife

Phila death cert (famsearch) for Bridget Smith b 1815, lived on Somerset St. Found 
this person in 1880 census, she is mother of Daniel b Pa 1845 so not her
Irish Catholic Registers at

Pa and NJ Church and Town Rec on ancestry in grave Q/3/69 age 54 (but that 
conflicts with sister's baptism (unless twins), so moved it to 1814 (because not in 
register for 1815)
Cannot find baptism, as it's in the time frame for which there is a 7-year gap in the 
Blanchardstown registers

"Sara's Story" unpub manuscript by Sara Maguire Dougherty says her name was 
Teresa but that doesn't match with the records at the Blanchardstown church. 
says she taught school in Ireland

CORCORAN Peter (Jan 1777 - )
DELANY Brigid ()

CORCORAN James (1798 - )
CORCORAN Peter (EST 1800 - )
CORCORAN John (1803 - )
CORCORAN Christopher (1804 - )
CORCORAN Margaret (1809 - )
CORCORAN Bridget (Mary?) (1814 - Apr 1871)
CORCORAN Catherine (1816 - )
CORCORAN Thomas (1818 - )
CORCORAN Mary (ABT 1821 - )
CORCORAN Anna (ABT 1822 - )
CORCORAN Frances (ABT 1823 - )

Marriage To DOWLING William (EST 1810 - EST 1851) m. 24 Nov 1829 Blanchardstown, Ireland Notes Children by DOWLING William EST 1810 - EST 1851
DOWLING Bridget (Oct 1830 - ) DOWLING Margaret (Jul 1832 - ) DOWLING Mary Sarah (May 1834 - ) DOWLING Stephen (Jan 1836 - ) DOWLING Sarah Ann (29 May 1838 - 25 Nov 1918) DOWLING Catharine (Dec 1840 - ) DOWLING Anne (Mar 1843 - ) DOWLING Michael Joseph (Dec 1844 - 1 Mar 1922) DOWLING Peter James (4 Jun 1847 - 20 Dec 1927) DOWLING Anne (Feb 1850 - )
Marriage To SMITH Eugene [Owen] (1826 - 24 Jan 1877) m. 11 Sep 1852 Blanchardstown, Ireland Notes Children by SMITH Eugene [Owen] 1826 - 24 Jan 1877
SMITH Rosannah (Rose) (23 Apr 1854 - 27 Feb 1884)
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