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Birth:          29 May 1838 Blanchardstown, Dublin, Ireland
Christening:    29 May 1838 Blanchardstown, Ireland
Death:          25 Nov 1918 Pittsburgh, Pa.
Cause of Death: endocarditis
Burial:         29 Nov 1918 Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Cheltenham, Pa.

1860 in Phila Ward 20 with the Hickey family, age 23 (1836)
1870 in Louisville, Ky.
1880 in Phila
search of immigration records (she arrived in 1850) on got me nowhere
Phila Archdiocese Archives email 2 June 2009 (obit from 29 Nov 1918 Phila Inquirer 
on funeral Friday from residence of son Thomas J Hickey, 2336 
Oakdale St, High Requiem Mass St. Columba
Phila Archdiocese Archives email 2 July 2009
marr witnesses: James Hickey, Mary Emma Hickey
md by Rev. J. Kelly
1st child: Michael Francis Hickey b 21 Apr 1860, bap 23 Apr 1860 St Malachy Church, 
Phila. Pa., sponsors Michael Stephen Dowling and Margaret Frances Hickey, bap by 
Rev. J. Kelly

[Phila death certs on have an entry for Marguerritte Francis 
Hickey, b 1837, Phila, single, d 23 Oct 1875, died of pleurisy, lived 1321 N 18th St, 
buried 27 Oct 1875, buried New Cathedral Cemetery Cannot find her in 1850 or 1860, 
but in 1870 (on that 2nd enum Phila census): Michael Hickey 60, Thomas Hickey 30, 
Peter Hickey 20, Mary Ann 50, Margaret F 35, Mary E 30, Catharine 30, Ellen 20, in 
20th ward  of Phila. Also show up in 52d Div, 17th Ward (no way of knowing street), 
Michael Hickey, 60, blacksmith, b Ireland, Mary A, 50 b Ireland, Margaret 30, b Pa, all 
children b Pa: Thomas F or J, 26 coach painter, Mary E 23, Peter 21, blacksmith, 
Ellen 20. These are either siblings of James and Maurice OR they are cousins. 

John Hickey, b 24 Nov 1879 bap 21 Dec 1879 Cathedral of SS. Peter & Paul, 
sponsors William Neyson and Theresa Neyson, bap by Rev. D. W. Brennan
1880 census William and Theresa Neeson, siblings, work in worsted mill, live at 2035 
Carlton St (a Michael Hickey living at 1309 Carlton St died in 1874 per Phila death 
records, but he was born in 1814. Hmmm) In 1880 Maurice and Sarah lived at 2047 
Summer St. Carlton St is 3 blocks north. 2047 summer St is now the Franklin Institute.

In 1870 in Phila Ward 14, Dist 41, is this household
Dowling Michael 22 [1847] b Ireland works in woolen mill [Sarah's brother or perhaps 
her cousin, as Teressa et al are not her siblings]
Neason Terressa 28 b Ireland washer woman
McClelland Kate 25 b Ireland weaver in woolen mill
Dowling Annie 19 b Ireland weaver in woolen mill
Neason William 7 b Pa
Neason Mary 4
McClelland William H 1 b Pa

IN 1870 census there is this family (from the 2d enum so missing bplace, occ, and 
ages are rounded): Michael Hickey 60, Mary Ann 50, Thomas 30, Peter 20, Margaret F 
35, Mary E 30, Catharine 30, Ella or Ellac 20. In Ward 20. Dist 63

In 1850 in Phila Lombard Ward, Michael Dowling 34, Sarah 29, Sarah 5, Alonso 3,  
Anna 1. BUT ... children b in Delaware not Ireland

1860 in Ward 20, where Hickeys (as Kickey), are Michael Dowling 60 b Ireland, 
dealer, Sarah 50 b Ireland, Mary 19 b Ireland, Bridget, 17, b Ireland, seamstress. Is 
this the Michael Stephen Dowling (see above)? they are in house 694 (just a 
20th ward north of [illegible] street. MasterSt?

1870 Ward 20, Michael Dowling, 73, bc 1796 Ireland, Bridget 23, b Ireland.. He is 
plasterer, she is keeping house.

1880 no Michael. Bridget is in dist 226, near Poplar St, boarder, works in woolen mill, 
age 37 (b c 1842), unm

1900 cannot find

Phila Death Records, Michael Dowling d 23 Sep 1873, Philadelphia, age 75, b 
1797/8, Ireland, married, laborer, 1547 Park Ave (12th ward), bur 25 Sep 1873 New 
Cathedral Cem Phil. cause typhoid pneumonia (remember he but not his wife is on 
1870 census) And also, Park Ave is way up near Croydon but 12th wards is just east 
of 6th st above vine.

25 Sep 1873 Phila Inquirer: Dowling, on the 23d inst, Michael Dowling, aged 75 years, 
relatives and friends ... invited to attend the funeral this (Thursday) afternoon, at 2 
o'clock, from his late residence, 1547 Park Avenue. Funeral services at St. Malachy 
Church. To proceed to New Cathedral Cemetery.

Phila Inquirer 10 Feb 1897 Dowling, on Feb 8 1897, Sarah Dowling ... funeral on 
Thursday morning Feb 11 at 8:30 oclock from the residence of Mrs. Mary Hooley, No. 
1626 Carlton Street. High mass at the Cathedral. Interment at Cathedral Cemetery. Is 
this the mother? Is Mary the sister of Sarah Dowling Hickey? Note that a Michael 
Hickey lived on Carlton St, as did the Neesons, sponsors of one of the children. Mary 
b 1841. 1880 census, only one that is close is a no-go because she has a 12 year old 
son born in Ireland. And per Phila Death Index, the Sarah Dowling who died in 1897 
was born in 1856 and was single.

What of Sarah Hickey, d 24 Apr 1869, carcinoma of uterus, age 66 (b 1803), b 
Ireland, addr 1326 Oxford St, bur 26 Apr 1869 New Cathedral Cemetery, undertaker 
Maurice Hayes. 

Is she Sarah Dowling, arr30 May 1853, age 17 (b 1836) Ireland, seamstress, with 
Bridget age 20, also a seamstress, arrival in NYC on the James Wright? No, these are 
the dtrs of the Michael and Sarah Dowling; show up in several censuses.

Her death certificate says bdate not known, father Wm Dowling, mother Mary 
Cochran. Says age 81 (b 1837) What about this record on Irish Fam Hist Fdn? Sarah 
Dowling bap 29 May 1838 Blanchardstown parish, Co. Dublin, father William Dowling, 
mother Bridget Corcoran, sponsors Thomas Corcoran, Bridget Cullen. Could mother be 
Bridget Mary? Is Corcoran and Cochran the same?
[Pa and NJ Church and Town Rec on ancestry, Holy Sepulchre Cem, she is in same 
grave as Maurice, 1-5-14]
Rest of the family
Catharine bap 20 Dec 1840 Blanchardstown sponsor Thomas Cullen, Anne Clynch
Stephen (Michael Stephen?) bap 3 Jan 1836 Blanchardstown (Castleknock) sponsor 
Mathew Delany, Catherine Barry
Marysarah bap 19 May 1834 Blanchardstown sponsor James Dowling, Catharine 
Margaret bap 3 Jul 1832 Blanchardstown (BT Factory) sponsors Michael Dowling, 
Mary Mooney
Bridget Dowling bap 19 Oct 1830 Blanchardstown sponsors Mortimer Dowling, Anne 
Kate                DOOLAN       10/12/1868   13/12/1868   Michael       Mary Cassidy?   
     Blackhorse Lane         Charles Doolan       Ellen McCormack
John?               DOOLAN       6/12/1871    17/12/1871   Michael       Mary Cassidy?   
     Blackhorse Lane         Patrick Little       Mary Little
James               DOOLAN                    2/10/1834    Michael       Anne Mullally        
Blackhorse Lane         Wm Hynes?            Catherine Burn
Mary                DOOLAN       29/4/1874    3/5/1874     Michael       Mary Cassidy       
  Blackhorse Lane         William McCormick    Alice Byrne
Mary                DOOLAN                    8/6/1829     Patrick       Margaret Cullen          
                    James ?              Anne Connolly
Anne                DOOLIN       17/11/1876   26/11/1876   Michael       Mary Cassidy     
    Blackhorse Lane         Thomas Little        Catherine Smith
Bridget             DOOLING                   10/7/1831    Patrick       Margaret Cullen      
Coolmine                Cornelius Kavanagh   Mary Smith
Mary                DOWLING                   10/3/1829    Michael       Anne Mullally           
                     Michael Byrne        Catherine Byrne
Patrick             DOWLING      11/2/1860    11/2/1860    Thomas        Anne McEntee 
Maryanne            DOWLING                   11/9/1825    Michael       Anne Dowling       
                          Michael Byrne        Catherine Gunning
Charles             DOWLING                   16/12/1821   Michael       Anne Dowling         
                        Patrick Mullally     Anne Fagan
Elizabeth           DOWLING                   17/2/1783    Jois          Esther                      
                 Joes Clark           Maria Byran
Patrick             DOWLING                   18/11/1832   Patrick       Margaret Cullen      
Blanchardstown          Mary Constant
Marysarah           DOWLING                   19/5/1834    William       Bridget Corcoran    
 Blanchardstown Bridge   James Dowling        Catherine Corcoran
Michael             DOWLING                   19/9/1831    Michael       Anne Mullally          
                      John Nealis          Ellen Byrne
Christopher         DOWLING                   2/11/1823    Michael       Anne Dowling        
                         Richard Mullally     Catherine Byrne
James               DOWLING                   20/11/1820   Michael       Anne Dowling        
                         Richard Mullally     Eleanor Scully
Anne                DOWLING                   20/11/1827   Michael       Anne Mullally          
                      Mary Byrne
Catherine           DOWLING                   20/9/1833    Michael       Anne Mullally         
                       Patrick Madoxs       Mary Connor
Catherine           DOWLING                   24/10/1819   Charles       Mary Dowling         
                        Laurence Dowling     Honora Keary
James               DOWLING                   25/9/1842    Michael       Anne Mullally        
Blackhorse Lane         Denis Byrne          Eleanor Byrne
Charles             DOWLING                   5/5/1822     Charles       Mary Dowling           
                      Richard Gaffney      Mary Tolan
Thomas              DOWLING                   6/12/1840    Michael       Anne Mullally        
Blackhorse Lane         Luke White           Bridget Malone
Nancy found this:
Peter Corcoran was born Abt. 1776, and died date unknown. He married Brigid 

More About Peter Corcoran and Brigid Delaney:

Children of Peter Corcoran and Brigid Delaney are: 
+Anna Corcoran, b. Abt. 1822, d. date unknown.
James Corcoran, b. Abt. 1803, d. date unknown.
Christopher Corcoran, b. Abt. 1804, d. date unknown.
Margaret McGuinness, b. Abt. 1809, d. date unknown.
Catherine Tolan, b. Abt. 1816, d. date unknown.
Thomas Corcoran, b. Abt. 1818, d. date unknown.
Peter Corcoran, b. Abt. 1820, d. date unknown.
Mary Corcoran, b. Abt. 1821, d. date unknown.
Frances Corcoran, b. Abt. 1821, d. date unknown.
Bridget Dowling, b. Abt. 1821, d. date unknown.

From Family Search (via Nancy)
Name:	Peter James Dowling 
Titles & Terms:	
Event:	Death 
Event Date:	1927 
Event Place:	Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky 
Street Address:	
Gender:	Male 
Marital Status:	
Estimated Birth Year:	
Burial Date:	
Burial Place:	
Father:	William Dowling 
Father's Titles & Terms:	
Father's Birthplace:	
Mother:	Bridget Corcoran 
Mother's Titles & Terms:	
Mother's Birthplace:	
Additional Relatives:	
Spouse's Titles & Terms:	
Volume/Page/Certificate Number:	28067 
Film Number:	1912919 

IFHF record, sponsors Thomas Corcoran, Bridget Cullen

Pa and NJ Church and Town Rec on ancestry in grave I/5/14
1869 Louisville City Directory, as Sarah M. Hickey, same addr as Maurice, dressmaker 
and fancy goods

"Sara's Story" unpub manuscript by Sara Maguire Dougherty says she came at age 16 
but that doesn't fit the 1900 census report of having arrived in 1850. Says they settled 
in Louisville before the Civil War and that it must have been quite a number of years 
before (but that doesn't square with the 1860 census, nor with an 1855 arrival).
She ended up in Pittsburgh when she took her granddaughter Sara Maguire back 
home because Sara had been ill with diptheria when she was in Philadelphia for Mary 
Hickey Maule's funeral.

DOWLING William (EST 1810 - EST 1851)
CORCORAN Bridget (Mary?) (1814 - Apr 1871)

DOWLING Bridget (Oct 1830 - )
DOWLING Margaret (Jul 1832 - )
DOWLING Mary Sarah (May 1834 - )
DOWLING Stephen (Jan 1836 - )
DOWLING Sarah Ann (29 May 1838 - 25 Nov 1918)
DOWLING Catharine (Dec 1840 - )
DOWLING Anne (Mar 1843 - )
DOWLING Michael Joseph (Dec 1844 - 1 Mar 1922)
DOWLING Peter James (4 Jun 1847 - 20 Dec 1927)
DOWLING Anne (Feb 1850 - )

Marriage To HICKEY Maurice Henry (13 Jul 1835 - 10 Feb 1901) m. 7 Jul 1859 St. Malachy Church, Philadelphia, Pa. Notes Parents HICKEY Michael (1801 - 15 Jun 1874) GIBBONS Mary Ann (1811 - 20 Oct 1875) Children by HICKEY Maurice Henry 13 Jul 1835 - 10 Feb 1901
HICKEY Michael Francis (21 Apr 1860 - ) HICKEY Mary J. (Mar 1864 - 15 Oct 1905) HICKEY Thomas J. (Apr 1867 - 22 Nov 1930) HICKEY Sarah Mary (22 Apr 1869 - 18 Nov 1938) HICKEY Joseph (28 Oct 1872 - 1 Apr 1874) HICKEY ----- (10 May 1875 - ) HICKEY John Thomas (24 Nov 1879 - )
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