Maule Family Chart 1: Scotland portion: part one (11th - 13th centuries)

Meaning of Symbols:
      died young, before age 18, no children
      reached adulthood, no children, whether or not married
      had children
      unknown if had children, whether or not married
      The two people marked with this symbol married each other.
      The two people marked with this symbol married each other.
          and so on. Children outlined under father.

   1. This format is a variation of one I saw on the Foulke Family Website.
   2. This is an outline, thus years rather than full dates are provided.
   3. This arrangement is based principally on a chart made by James Maule, 4th Earl of Panmure, in 1726,
         which I found in the Dalhousie Muniments in the Scottish Record Office in Edinburgh, Scotland.
         I have modified it to reflect other research. It differs significantly from what is in the 1981 History
         and Genealogy of the Maules
and from what Brian Maule has in his Family Group Chart Number 1.
         Uncertainty remains. For example, one researcher suggests that Peter Maule who married Christian Valoniis
         is descended from Richard of Lochogow and not Henri. No one has satisfactorily explained the connection,
         if any, between the line starting with Radolphus (c 1056), father of Arnaldus de Maule, the Constable,
         who in turn was the father of Galfridus de Maule (c 1099). Sir James Balfour claimed that Galfridus was the
         father or ancestor of Peter de Maule, in turn father of Humphrey de Maule, in turn father of Peter de Maule, who
         married Christian de Valoniis. In a 1697 chart that he did not incorporate into his 1726 chart, James Maule,
          Fourth Earl of Panmure, showed Galfridus as father of Patrick de Maulo, in turn father of Peter de Maulo
         (who married Margaret de Gallouns), in turn parents of Henry de Maule, in turn father of Peter de Maule
         who married Christian de Valoniis.
   4. This chart begins with Guarin Le Jeune de Maule (see Figure 4 of The LeRiche - Maule Family Charts).
   5. The continuation of this chart is (will be) Maule Family Group Chart 1, Scotland portion, part 2. It connects
         to Peter de Maule who married Christian de Valoniis and is marked MFGC1.S.1

Guarin Le Jeune de Maule (c1047-c1098)
Robert de Maule (c1070-aft1140) ?held Hatton in Cleveland, Yorkshire
Philip the Constable (of Scotland)(c1095-?)
a daughter (c1120-?) ?md a de Morville the De Morville family
Robert de Maule (c1097-aft1150) held 5 Kts fees in Northumberland
Henri de Maule (c1118-aft1180)
Serlo de Maule (bef 1160-aft1217) Baron in England
Henri de Maule (c1165-?) held lands in Lothian, Scot.
Peter de Maule (c1205-c1254) md Christian de Valoniis MFGC1.S.1
William de Maule (c1210-?) a deacon
John de Maule (c1210-?) a cleric
Rodolphus de Maule of Riplingdon (c1170-?)
William de Maule of Riplingdon (bef1219-aft1258) anc of John Maule of Newcastle
John de Maule of Northumberland (c1200-aft1258) & Maules of Lancashire?
William Maule of Fowlis (c1120-aft1170) anc of Wm. Maule of Fowlis (c1260?)
Christian de Maule (c1140-?) md Roger Mortimer The Mortimer Family
Cecilia Maule (c1142-?) md Walter de Ruthven The Ruthven Family
daughter (c1144-?) md Archibald Forgand
Roger de Maule of Lochogow (c1125-aft1180)
Richard de Maule of Lochogow (c1160-aft1200)
Rodolphus de Maule of Lochogow (c1192-aft1220)
Michael de Maule of Lochogow (c1215-?)
Thomas de Maule of Lochogow (c1245-aft1280)
Robert de Maule of Basendeme (c1194-?)
William Maule of Basendeme (c1162-?)
Guarin (Warin) de Maule (c1164-?)
Thomas de Maule (c1166-?) a cleric
Stephen de Maule (c1075-?)
----- de Maule (c1100-?)
Grimoald de Maule (c1130-?)
Osbert de Maule (c1080-aft1142) md Emma de Cruzell
Richard de Maule (c1115-aft 1190) Lord of Luthorp
Amicia de Maule (c1145-?) md William de Hanville (Morville?)
Robert de Maule (c1120-aft 1190)
a daughter (c1145-?) md -----

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