Vol. XI, No. 1

June 1992


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*** 1991 REUNION NEWS ***

In September of 1991, approximately a dozen members of the Maule family made their way to Scotland for the postponed 1990 Reunion. World events forced a cancellation of the 1990 plans, but fortunately the group was able to keep its momentum going into 1991. I was not able to attend, which I regret, but there was something about professional obligations to my teaching duties.

I do not want to pre-empt our cousins from telling the wonderful stories about the Reunion. From the ones I have heard it is clear that it was a resounding success. Many sights were seen, there was lunch hosted by Lord Dalhousie, Earl of Panmure (a distant cousin), and friends made in what is a country of spectacular views.

It is hoped that reports, photos, and other information will be presented at the 1992 Reunion. (See accompanying story).

*** 1992 REUNION PLANS ***

The Ad Hoc Maule Reunion Committee has selected Saturday, September 12, 1992, as the date of the next Maule Reunion. It will be held at Sadsbury Monthly Meeting in Chester County, Pa., from 10 a.m. until we get tired of mingling and talking. (Directions below.) All of us owe a debt of gratitude to Mary Louise Maule, who obtained the Meeting's permission for us. Many branches of the Maule family have belonged to Sadsbury Meeting; the meeting is the place where the 1986 Maule Reunion was held.

Everyone is asked to bring their own drinks and place settings, and to bring a dish and/or dessert to share. We'll plan to eat at noon, and I will try to stop my nonstop talking in a timely fashion so that I do not delay lunch. Please, if you can, bring folding tables and chairs; there are few at the Meeting. If you live nearby and can bring a few extra chairs, that would be of great help to those arriving from a distance who cannot do so. Kitchen (including range and refrigerator) and restroom facilities are available, but food is not permitted upstairs. NO alcoholic beverages, at the request of the Meeting. There is shelter if it rains (a basement in which we will fit until there are 80 or 90 of us, in which case we will eat in turns or perhaps place a table in the kitchen and one on the outer porch).

For the after-lunch program, it is hoped that those who attended the 1991 Reunion in Scotland (see accompanying story) will share, through a talk, a presentation, or otherwise, their experience. In addition, anyone who has news, comments, or other information that they would like to share is welcome to do so.

DIRECTIONS: From Route 30 westbound: turn left onto Route 41, pass through the town of Gap, pass the medical center and then the Dutch Way shopping center. Look for Simmontown Road on your left, and turn left onto it (there is a black-and-white sign for Sadsbury Meeting). If you pass Ken's Sporting Goods store you have gone too far on Rte 41. Go 1-1/4 miles on Simmontown Road and the meetinghouse is on your right next to a cemetery.

From Route 30 eastbound: turn right onto Route 41, and follow preceding directions. (Route 41 meets Route 30 16 miles east of Lancaster and 12 miles west of the Route 82 exit for Coatesville).

From the south: pick up Route 41 and after passing through the town of Atglen, pass a nursery and Ken's Sporting Goods store on your left. Look quickly for Simmontown Road (there is a sign), and follow preceding directions.

If you have questions, please contact me or Gloria Pierce, 616 Lincoln Street, Oxford, Pa., 19363 (215-932-8204). We'll try our best to help.


*** NEWS BITS ***

Danielle Mackey (191111122) continues to make headlines as coach of the Marple-Newtown High School swim team.

One of our Shupard cousins (1E755142xx) (I forget who) married a second cousin on my mother's side. Imagine, they have me and a few others as relatives no matter which way they turn!


It is with regret that I must inform you of the following departures.

David Fulton Conover (1E528161) 1989/90, Coral Gables, Fla.
Frederick Rogers Drayton ((1E5151215)) Apr. 16, 1992, Newtown Square, Pa.
Madie Evans Faulk (1E55?????) Apr. 20, 1989, Salt Lake City, Utah
Marian Maule Fox (1E75531) Dec. 1987
Clarence Lambelet (1E713463) 1990/91
Wilmer E. Latshaw (1E7244221) Oct. 28, 1990, Berwyn, Pa.
Donald R. Maule (1E713433) Dec. 22, 1991, Sand Springs, Okla.
Joan Maule (1EE4512) 1989/90, Cal.
Samuel G. M. Maule (1E528622) Jan. 7, 1992, Swarthmore, Pa.
Sara M. Maule (1E75751) Feb. 22, 1988, Montoursville, Pa.
Klahr Miller (1EE15132) 1990/91
Levi R. Rhoads (1E76W13) Nov. 29, 1989, Richmond, Ind.
Lucile A. Rhoads (1E76W13) Nov. 12, 1989, Richmond, Ind.
Gilroy Roberts (1E525551) Jan. 26, 1992, Havertown, Pa.
Helen A. Scofield (1E85931) May 16, 1992, Yeadon, Pa.
Elwood Maule Shupard (1E7551422) Jan. 30, 1992, Havertown, Pa.
Sydney Thayer III (1E5151215) July 25, 1990, Coatesville, Pa.
Robert Leland Thomas (1E724432) June 31, 1989, North Fort Myers, Fla.
Mary S. Wherry (19111331) Aug. 12, 1990, Media, Pa.

Perhaps it is my age or the fact that I haven't been able to concentrate on genealogical endeavors, but it strikes me that an entire generation of the family is disappearing quickly and much sooner than I had ever expected. Last fall I picked up my Penn alumni magazine, turned to the obituaries as I usually do, and saw not one, but two, cousins listed in the very same column.


Does anyone know the address of:

Mrs. Deborah August
Ruth Ann Bagdanski
Barbara Ballee
Linda Bolash
M/M Richard DeMoss
Mrs. Silas E. Dutcher
Mrs. Anna Ebert
M/M Robert Foley, Jr.
M/M Charles Halfpenny
Mrs. Melvin Jackman
Mrs. W.H. Jones
M/M Alec Maule
Mrs. Donald R. Maule
M/M Peter Maule
Stuart MacArthur Resor
Mrs. Eva Story
Mrs. Josephine Thompson

Isn't word processing great?


I bought a book about the history of Red Arrow, a Philadelphia suburban transit company now absorbed into SEPTA (a governmental transit authority). I discover that one of the moving forces behind Red Arrow was E. Spencer Miller, an attorney (of course). He was the husband of Rachel Lewis (1E528111). There has been no contact with their descendants, if there are any.

Next is desktop publishing.


Well, buried back here on the fourth page are some answers to all of those questions that may have stumped you. With apologies to the producers of "What About Bob?" for borrowing an altered version of their movie title for my headline, I'll see what about me.
1. Is he (Jim) still alive?

Yes. I just looked at the prior page and my name isn't there.

2. What happened to the newsletter he (Jim) used to publish?

It was delayed. Several years. Guess an explanation is in order. As I noted in the last newsletter (March 1990, just to make sure everyone understands that I am fully aware of how long it has been), I became involved in many more professional activities and shortly after mailing the last newsletter I was married.

Well, the professional activities have continued and have grown. The marriage didn't.

3. What sorts of professional activities does he (Jim) do?

I never thought you'd ask (grin).

I continue to teach between 5 and 7 credit hours of law courses each semester, including the summer. During the past three years, I have written two treatises, including supple- ments, and am presently working on the sixth and seventh Tax Management Portfolios of an income tax overview series. I have developed and marketed, through TaxJEM, Inc. a series of computer programs to assist students in learning taxation. Other attorneys retain me for consultation and I do a few income tax returns.

4. So does he (Jim) have any free time for genealogy?

I'm trying to make some. When I'm not engrossed in professional activities or sleeping, I spend time with Charles and Sarah, teach Sunday School, and serve on a Christian Education subcommittee at church. This is all "free" time stuff because I don't get paid in money for it. (He still has that awful Maule sense of humor.) I get paid with laughter and smiles.

5. So has he (Jim) lost interest in genealogy and all of us?

No. Not at all. In fact, I have continued to "collect" information from newspapers, books, cousins, and others. I have been to a genealogy library once during the past two years.

But even as I write this a contractor is working on an addition to the house that will have a Family History Room, so that I can bring my genealogy materials home and make room in my filled-to-the-brim office at the law school. Then I can organize the big boxes of the "collected" items, have a place to work, and try to resume my favorite hobby. (Yes, beyond profession and free time, there is hobby. Let me tell you about the room for the model trains...) It will take time, just as it took me seven hours to find address information and update the mailing list. Beware of boxes marked "To be sorted and filed"; they fill up quickly.

6. So where is his (Jim's) house?

Close to the law school. This is closer to where I do most of my professional activities than I've ever lived before. I say most, because I do much of my writing and computer programming and some of my consulting and tax return prep-aration at my office-in-home.

I know. I know. You'd like an address and phone numbers. Actually, I do want you to note these, because mail to my earlier addresses will not reach me. Here goes:

Home and Home Office:
219 Comrie Drive
Villanova, PA 19085-1402

Law School Office:
Villanova University School of Law
Villanova, PA 19085-1682
FAX: 215-645-6472

Corporate Office:
TaxJEM, Inc.
219 Comrie Drive
Villanova, PA 19085-1402

7. So when does he (Jim) resume giving significant attention to genealogical endeavors?

My guess is sometime in 1993 or 1994, if by significant we mean activity at the levels of 1977 through 1982. The tax Portfolio series should be completed by the spring of 1993, I probably will cut back on summer teaching in 1993 or 1994, I do not plan to create new treatises during the next few years, and TaxJEM, Inc. has entered into an agreement with the Harvard-Minnesota-Chicago Kent CALI/LEAP group for it to market TaxJEM, Inc. programs.

So, just as I thought in 1988, there will be much more available time in one or two years. Now we know what a great estimate I made in 1988.

8. So, what sorts of genealogical "stuff" is he (Jim) going to do?

Here's my list of things I want to do:

a. Continue updating the 1981 book.

The 1981 book and the information that arrived between 1981 and 1987 has been put into a group of WordPerfect files. My sister did much of that work, but she, too, suffers from the shortening of the day and the shortening of the week that occurs when one attains the age of 21. There exists a 2-foot-high stack of information to be analyzed, coded, and entered. Almost all of the entries in the book are out-of-date, because so many cousins who were children in 1981 have grown up, married, had children, created careers, and otherwise become more than mere names in a list of their parents' children. So I'd like to commence a project by which the current computer entries are mailed to each person, who could then make corrections and return them to me.

b. The Thomas Maule book

I really do want to write an analytical biography of Thomas Maule, together with a republication of his writings and the articles written about him. He is quite a significant figure in the history of the First Amendment (it still exists, doesn't it?). Anyway, my idea of publishing on the 200th anniversary of the First Amendment is no longer possible. I am trying to persuade a colleague at the law school who teaches legal history to join me in writing this book. There is some interest, so it is quite possible.

c. My children's ancestors

I started this project in the 1980's. I actually have a rough version of a book on computer. I want to trace back to at least the emigrant the several lines that I have not been able to trace to Europe. And since Charles and Sarah are getting to an age in which they are becoming more aware of family relationships, ancestry, and similar things, I really want to create this for them. I suppose my first, second, third, and maybe even fourth cousins will be interested in the book.

d. The photo collection

I need to get serious about updating and labelling the photo collection, finding ways to get copies of the photos that are in the 1981 book but the originals of which were returned to their owners, and convincing someone to adopt the photo collection maintenance effort as their own.

9. Is he (Jim) done yet?

Yes. I ran out of room. Aren't you glad? Take care, and thanks for your patience.

The large print has nothing to do with my age. Really!


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