Vol. X, No. 1

March 1990

*** 1990 REUNION PLANS ***

Thanks to the efforts of the Reunion Committee, and particularly Betsey Collins and Gloria Pierce, the 1990 Maule Family Reunion has been scheduled for Sept. 21-24, 1990, in Scotland. The dates were changed because there is a significant cost savings in waiting until September. In addition, no formal plans have been made for Maule, France, for logistical reasons such as the lack of a place to stay and the lack of a translator. The details of the 1990 Reunion are as follows:

If you can attend, please contact Gloria Pierce, 616 Lincoln Street, Oxford, Pa., 19363 (215-932-8204) by April 10.

I hope you join me in thanking the Reunion Committee for its admirable work in planning a trip that promises to be very exciting. Unfortunately, I cannot join you because my teaching responsibilities resume in late August. I hope many of you can attend the Reunion and I wish all of you who do an enjoyable, educational, and safe time.

This newsletter is VERY late. It was delayed until the information from Scotland and Kennett Travel was available and the plans made definite.

This newsletter is VERY short. Quite surprising? Actually, the reason is simply that I am involved with so many professional and personal endeavors that I have not had the time to devote to genealogical pursuits that I once had.

The most important event that is deservedly getting much of my attention is my upcoming marriage. On April 7, 1990, I am marrying Susan K. Garrison. Sue and I became engaged in late October, and have been planning the wedding ever since. Sue has a 7-year old boy, Jonathan. After the wedding, we will be moving into a house construction of which is almost done. It is outside Media, Pa., but a new address is not yet ready for distribution. My office phone (645-7135) is not changing, if you need to contact me. Thanks for all your support. --Jim


DECEASED: Jan. 11, 1990, Margaret Nowell (1E525621), retired teacher, and author of the novel, Sergeant Jane, and articles in Better Homes and Gardens and other magazines. She taught Janney Mather Goodman (1E721211), who is responsible for bringing the Nowell branch of the family to my attention.

COACHING: Danielle Mackey (1911111122), former high school state swimming champion and Big East champion while at Villanova, now coaches the boys swim team at Marple Newtown. (article and photo in Del. Co. Daily Times, Dec. 27, 1989, p. 61)

SMALL WORLD: Florence Maule (1EE4312) married Allen Eugene Updegraff, a writer and poet. She is mentioned in Mark Schorer's Sinclair Lewis: An American Life (1961). Updegraff was the college roommate of Sinclair Lewis, whose works were later edited by Florence and her brother Harry Maule (1EE4313). Frances Maule (1EE4311) lived at Helicon Home Colony, a cooperative founded by Lewis (Letter from Peggy Ann Brown, preparing her dissertation on Helicon Home Colony)

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