Vol. IX, No. 1

Oct. 1988

*** 1988 REUNION REPORT ***

On June 25 and 26, 1988, fifty members of the Maule family gathered in Salem, Massachusetts, for the 1988 Biennial Maule Family Reunion. This was the first time in recent memory, and perhaps ever, that the Reunion was held outside of the Philadelphia area. Salem was chosen because it was the home of Thomas Maule, the progenitor of our particular Maule Family in America.

Most of the attenders arrived on Friday afternoon or evening, at Gordon College, northeast of Salem. This gave them a chance to make or renew their acquaintances. Thanks to Betsey Collins' efforts, the attenders were able to make lodging arrangements at a very affordable price at Gordon College.

On Saturday, after group breakfast, the attenders met at the Essex Institute in Salem, Massachusetts. They saw a slide show about Salem and the role of the Institute in preserving its history. Then they were given tours of the Institute's building and grounds. One of the buildings on the tour was believed by the Institute's staff to be the Friends Meetinghouse built on land donated by Thomas Maule. It was later moved once or twice before being relocated on Institute property. The other buildings presented excellent representations of what daily life in Salem was like during the time Thomas Maule lived there.

At the Institute, one of the staff researchers, Don Daly, researched and presented information concerning Thomas Maule in Salem. Much of what he discovered was "news" to the attenders. Don located four parcels of property in Salem that belonged to Thomas Maule. He took the attenders on a walking tour to see these locations, though the buildings located on the parcels are from times after Thomas Maule's era. Also on the tour was an early Friends Burial Ground; it is possible, though far from certain, that Thomas Maule is buried there.

When the Essex Institute tour ended in early afternoon, the Reunion attenders were free to have lunch, and tour Salem. That evening, everyone gathered at Gordon College for dinner. In other portions of this newsletter are reported some of the information and announcements that were made. Everyone present agreed with those who described how pleased they were with the proceedings. The evening events closed with the taking of group photographs.

On Sunday, everyone met for breakfast, and in the late morning gathered at the House of the Seven Gables. The group was divided into two for private tours of the house. In this instance, the attenders apparently knew more about the Maule connection than did the staff. The attractiveness of the grounds motivated the taking of more group photographs, although by that time several attenders had departed for home.

By Sunday afternoon, people began to leave, and formal events came to a close. The uniqueness of meeting in Salem, and walking in the places that Thomas Maule lived, made a lasting impact on those who were able to participate. The success of the Reunion has generated enthusiasm for similar plans, discussed elsewhere in the Newsletter.


Probably the biggest and nicest surprise of the Reunion came from Lee Standen and Donna Blackwell. They made, by hand, Reunion buttons for those attending. Family members wore these throughout the weekend, and surely realize that Lee's and Donna's creativity, thoughtfulness, and hard work have blessed fifty people with a family keepsake and collector's item. The gratitude of the attenders is again expressed to Lee and Donna.

Here is what the button looks like:

Don Daly, the Essex Institute staff researcher who hosted the Reunion tour, shared his notes about Thomas Maule. These are reproduced below:

[Notes not reproduced]

Don also found a map of early Salem on which Thomas Maule's properties are identified. Because of its size, a relevant portion is reproduced below; one property was located about a mile southeast of the area in the following map:

[Map not reproduced]


As promised, here is a list of those attending the 1988 Reunion. Many attenders wanted to be able to share photographs and other information. The list is current as of June 1988.

[street addresses not reproduced]

BLACKWELL, Donna Whitehaven, MD 21856
COLLINS, Pete & Betsey West Grove, PA 19390
COLLINS, Steve & Laurie
GENTRY, Cecil & Arlene Coatesville, PA 19320
HENDRIXSON, Paul & Shirley Moultrie, GA 31768
LAMBELET, Rev. Clarence & Isabel Flemington, NJ 08822
LAMBELET, Lawrence & Myrtle Sterling, VA 22170
LLOYD, Mrs. Edward Concord, MA 01742
MAULE, Bill Montreal, CAN PQH5B1G1
MAULE, Brewster, LAWNHURST, Patsy, & Sam, Zach & Amy MAULE Stow, MA 01775
MAULE, Ed & Jennie NewtownSquare, PA 19073
MAULE, Gordon, Linda, Darren & Ryan Easton, PA 18042
MAULE, Jesse & Mildred Pomeroy, PA 19367
MAULE, Jim KingofPrussia, PA 19406
MAULE, John & Penny East Palm Desert, CA 92260
MAULE, Quentin Washington, DC 20009
MAULE, Susan F. Redwood City, CA 94063
MCABEE, Rev. & Sue Ann Wittenberg, WI
MCKIBBEN, Glen & Ellen Colchester, VT 05446
MCNALLY, Brian & Nancy Boston, MA 02114
PIERCE, Wayne & Gloria Oxford, PA 19363
STANDEN, Lee Santee, CA 92071
STETSON, Timothy Concord, MA 01742
TAYLOR, Linda, Tallie & Kathryn Limerick, ME 04048
VERITY, Margaret Suffield, CT 06078
VERITY, Susan Allston, MA 02134


One of the matters that received attention at the Saturday dinner during the 1988 Reunion was the possibility of holding a Reunion in Scotland and France within the next several years. This would give the participants a chance to visit sites in Scotland and in Maule, France, that are connected with the history of the Maule family. It would also create the opportunity to meet with cousins who live in Scotland. The ideal time to go would be in the summer of 1990.

Such a reunion tour of two European countries requires much planning, including coordination with people in Europe who need to be identified and contacted. Travel arrangements, lodging, meals, tour details, and similar matters must receive attention. Keeping track of attenders, coordinating with travel agents, payment, and all the other details that are involved in such a venture must be done. Obviously, a committee of two or three people is insufficient.

At the 1988 Reunion, the idea of a European reunion tour received favorable response. Because of the distance, and individuals' expenditures, it is too risky a venture to consider without serious advance planning. Frankly, I am sure that I cannot do much of the planning, though I do intend to go if the idea takes hold. Betsey Collins, from whom the idea came, and I need to know whether you are interested in a summer 1990 European reunion tour and, more particularly, whether you can help in setting it up. Please write, even if it is to express a lack of interest. (Of the 550 newsletters sent with respect to the 1988 Reunion, more than 450 did NOT reply affirmatively OR negatively. That leaves too much to assumption and guesswork!)

By the time of the March 1989 newsletter, there should be some information about the level of interest, the identification of people in Europe, the extent of planning committee volunteering, and some other preliminary items. By the time of the October 1989 newsletter, information on dates, price, events, and other details should be available if the planning proceeds as it needs to. Your comments also are welcome.


On several occasions in the past, cousins living on the West Coast have suggested that reunions be held in their area when the reunions scheduled in the East take place. I have endorsed this idea, but until recently no one stepped forward to make the arrangements. At the 1988 Reunion, Susan F. Maule of Redwood City, Cal., expressed interest in arranging a West Coast reunion for 1989. Any information about such a reunion that she sends me will be published in the newsletter. In the meantime, if you are interested or can help her, drop her a note at 3439 Michael Drive, Redwood City, CA 94063.


In 1987, I received a note from our cousin Joan Wiegman of Jackson, Michigan. She explained that from the publication of the mailing list in the newsletter she ascertained that she was a Maule cousin to Barbara Ballee, who also lives in Jackson, and who plays golf in a league to which Joan belongs.


I have received one copy of the entire set, to date, of "Nos Ancetres Les Maulois", the publication of the Historical and Cultural Society of Maule, France. They were sent courtesy of Francoise Baxas, the person in Maule, France, with whom I communicate about Maule history. The publication is in French, and I can read most of it. Each issue is extensive and contains many photographs. Some articles focus more on the early history, and others focus on later history, long after the last person surnamed "Maule" had ceased to live in the town.

I have written and asked for permission to republish selected articles after translating them into English. I am able to read the articles, though slowly, but I anticipate that the readers of the newsletter would prefer the English translation.


In the last newsletter I had suggested there might be interest in a book that compiled the writings of Thomas Maule as well as the articles that have been written about him. Response to this idea was very limited. From a mailing of 550 newsletters reaching at least 1,500 people, three people expressed a lack of interest and fifteen expressed an interest.

This level of response is discouraging. I may try to highlight the First Amendment connection and see if a commercial publisher would be interested in a more sophisticated version. Or I may decide to do a photocopy, spiral bound, compilation rather than a fancy hardback keepsake text.


As those of you who perused the 1988 Reunion attender register may have noticed, or as those of you who looked carefully at the return address of this newsletter would have noticed, I have a new address. It is 517 Britton Drive, King of Prussia, PA 19406. My office address at Villanova remains the same. Please change your records accordingly. Also please change your records to show that I was divorced on May 24, 1988.

*** KEEPING UP ***

Thank you to those who have sent contributions for the economic support of the newsletter. For a variety of reasons, I have not been able to send individual notes of thanks. Nor have I been able to respond individually to all of you who have written to inquire about the state of things. Please do not think that I am deliberately ignoring you; I have written the letters I could and will try to write more in the near future. Thank you for your expressions of concern.

*** WHERE ARE YOU? ***

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