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b. Sept. 3, 1754 Phila., Pa.
d. Oct. 8, 1810 Radnor, Pa.

In 1771, Daniel was apprenticed to Jonas Chamberlain, of Sadsbury Twp., Lancaster Co.

Daniel was a tanner and a farmer. When all of his brothers were of legal age, Daniel purchased from them 66 acres of his father's farm, these 66 acres being the eastern portion of the farm, nearest St. David's, Pa. Daniel added to his land by purchases from others. He constructed a tannery on the property sometime after 1783. Daniel kept a tollgate on the Lancaster turnpike (Rte. 30), which ran through the original Maule property. On his property, Daniel built a stone house in the 1790's. It later was used as the parsonage for the Presbyterian Church in Wayne, Pa., but it no longer stands. After his death, Daniel's executors sold the land for $6,826; it eventually became part of the Askin tract on which Wayne was developed (see lE9).

On Mar. l4, 1776, in Little Britain Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., Daniel married, firstly, Hannah Brown, daughter of Joshua and Hannah (Gatchell) Brown. Hannah's father married Daniel's mother Zillah after Hannah's mother and Daniel's father had died; thus Daniel and Hannah were step-brother and step-sister and grew up together. Hannah was born on July 6, 1757 in Little Britain Twp., and died on Mar. 11, 1783, in Radnor, Pa. Hannah has been described as a "valuable woman" and was much concerned, as was Daniel, for the welfare of her children. Daniel and Hannah had three children:

Joshuab. Dec. 29, 1776 Radnor, Pa.
Israelb. Dec. 28, 1778 Radnor, Pa.
Zillahb. 1781/2

On Sept. 3, 1789, in Phila.. Pa., Daniel married, secondly, Elizabeth Atmore, daughter of Jonathan and Rachel (Mason) Atmore. Elizabeth was raised a Methodist and had become a member of the Religious Society of Friends before marrying Daniel. Elizabeth died on Nov. 15, 1802, in Radnor. Pa. Daniel and Elizabeth had five children:

Calebb. Sept. 22, 1790 Radnor, Pa.
Jonathanb. Dec. 3, 1792
Margaretb. Oct. 10, 1794
Lydiab. Sept. 5, 1796
Elizabethb. July 2, 1798

Daniel, Hannah, and Elizabeth are buried in Radnor Friends Burying Ground, Radnor, Pa.

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