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b. Dec. 28, 1778 Radnor, Pa.
d. Nov. 25, 1828 Phila., Pa.

Israel was a carpenter. He lived in Radnor, Pa., until 1793, when he moved to Phila., Pa. In Philadelphia, he went into the lumber business with his brother Caleb (1E54).

On May 5, 1801, in Phila., Pa., Israel married, firstly, Ann Garrigues, daughter of William and Mary (Mitchell) Garrigues. Ann was born on Aug. 17, 1780, and died on Oct. 12, 1811. A poem written in honor of Israel and Ann by Joseph Kite, referring to their dedication to the Monthly Meeting, appears in 63 The Friend 172 (1889). Israel and Ann had five children:

Mary Garriguesb. Aug. 2, 1802 Phila., Pa.
Williamb. Sept. 26, 1804 Phila., Pa.
Hannahb. Apr. 19, 1806 Phila., Pa.
Danielb. Mar. 11, 1809 Phila., Pa.
Sarah Annb. July 24, 1811 Phila., Pa.

On Dec. 1, 1813, Israel married, secondly, Ann Price, daughter of Elisha and Elizabeth (Bennett) Price. Ann was born on Oct. 10, 1784, and died on Mar. 13, 1833. She is buried at Arch Street Friends Ground, Phila., Pa. Ann's sister Lavinia married Israel's brother Caleb (1E54); apparently Joshua Maule (1E51), their brother, who had taught the Price girls at his school in Wilmington, Del., introduced them to Israel and Caleb shortly before he died. Israel and Ann had five children:

Elizabethb. Sept. 22, 1814d. June 28, 1816
Laviniab. Apr. 13, 1817 Pa.
Israelb. Aug. 10, 1819
Edwardb. Dec. 6, 1823 Phila., Pa.
Mary Evesb. Jan. 27, 1827d. May 21, 1832

On Mar. 18, 1831, Ann petitioned the court for a guardian to be appointed for Sarah Ann, Lavinia, Israel, Edward, and Mary. On Sept. 21, 1832, Thomas Bacon was appointed guardian of Israel, Edward, and Lavinia. On Apr. 20, 1838, John Richardson was appointed guardian of Israel and Edward.

Israel died of enteritis.

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