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b. Sept. 26, 1804 Phila., Pa.
d. Mar. 3, 1875 Phila., Pa.

William was a partner in the lumber business started by his father and uncle, but withdrew and entered into the profession of real estate broker and investor.

On May 6, 1828, in Phila., Pa., William married Mary Randolph, daughter of Edward and Anna Julianna (Steele) Randolph. Mary was born on Nov. 20, 1800, in Phila., Pa., and died on Oct. 27, 1884. Mary was a manager. William and Mary had five children:

Julianna R.b. Aug. 9, 1829 Phila., Pa.d. June 23, 1841 Phila.,Pa.
Edward Randolphb. July 8, 1831 Phila., Pa.
Hannahb. Apr. 22, 1833 Phila., Pa.
Elizabeth R.b. Nov. 27, 1834 Phila., Pa.d. June 7, 1841 Phila., Pa.
Mary R.b. July 9, 1836 Phila., Pa.d. June 11, 1841 Phila., Pa.

Elizabeth died of cynach trachealis. Julianna and Mary died of scarlet fever. All three children are buried in Friends Cemetery, Phila., Pa.

William and Mary were members of the Religious Society of Friends. In the 1870 census of Pennsylvania, their home near Rittenhouse Square in Phila., Pa., was listed with a valueof $60,000 and their personalty was valued at $200,000.

William retained his brother-in-law to write a pamphlet, the Genealogy of the Maule Family, in which he described in detail the life of Thomas Maule of Salem, Mass., and included some genealogical information on the first three generations of Maules in Pennsylvania. He distributed this booklet to his first and second cousins, perhaps because the family was beginning to become widespread numerically and geographically. Copies of the pamphlet exist today, and are held by members of the family in almost every branch of the family.

William and Mary lived in Phila., Pa., through at least 1870, and then lived in Moorestown, N.J., perhaps buying a second home. Mary lived there after William died.

William was buried Mar. 6, 1875 in Friends Western Ground, Phila., Pa. Julianna was buried June 25, 1841; Elizabeth was buried June 13, 1841; Mary was buried June 18, 1841.

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