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b. July 8, 1831 Phila., Pa.
d. July 9, 1910 Moorestown, N.J.

In the census records, Edward lists his occupation as "gentleman farmer". Certainly he could afford to pursue such an endeavor, because those same records show that he could afford to retain three or four servants and had enormous wealth. It is believed that most of his money was invested in banks and mortgages.

On Feb. 11, 1861, in New York, N.Y., Edward married Caroline Weyman, daughter of Edmund Holcomb and Martha Matilda (Hartman) Weyman. Caroline was born on Feb. 11, 1838, in New York, N.Y., and died on Nov. 19, 1913. Edward and Caroline had seven children:

Randolph Weymanb. Dec. 30, 1861 New York, N.Y.
Caroline Hartmanb. Nov. 29, 1862 Richland, Bucks Co., Pa.
Edmund Weymanb. Feb. 29, 1864 Phila., Pa.
Juliana Randolphb. Apr. 28, 1865 Phila., Pa.
William Garriguesb. Nov. 13, 1868 Village Green, Pa.d. Aug. 15, 1869 Village Green, Pa.
Elizabeth Francesb. Dec. 4, 1874 Village Green, Pa.
Williamb. Oct. 4, 1882 Moorestown, N.J.d. July 21, 1883 Moorestown, N.J.

Edward and Caroline were members of the Religious Society of Friends.

Edward and his family moved several times, perhaps in search of the ideal place in which to establish a gentleman's farm. They eventually settled in Moorestown, N.J. on June 26, 1882, either finding their ideal home or having tired of moving, but before settling there, they had lived in New York, N.Y., Richland in Bucks Co., Pa., Phila., Pa., and Village Green in Aston Twp. Delaware Co., Pa.

Edward is buried in the Friends Southwestern Ground, Phila., Pa. Caroline is buried in Moorestown Friends Cemetery, Moorestown, N.J.

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