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b. Dec. 30, 1861 New York, N.Y.
d. Apr. 11, 1934 Phila., Pa.

Randolph was an upholsterer. He lived in Highland Park, Delaware Co., Pa., where he built the first house in that town. At the time he died, Randolph lived at 1715 N. 55th Street in Phila., Pa.

One day in 1884, Randolph saved a young man from drowning. The would-be victim, Tom Hickey, invited Randolph to dinner as a gesture of appreciation, because he could not, as he told Randolph, afford to do much else. Randolph met Tom's sister Mary, and apparently was sufficiently interested that he became a frequent visitor at the Hickey home and a most resolved suitor of Mary. Finally, Randolph asked Mary to marry him, and she replied that she could not, because Randolph was a Quaker and she was a Catholic, and that her church would forbid it. Randolph disappeared for a short time (his immediate response to Mary has not been preserved), and then once again appeared at the Hickey home, telling Mary that she could now marry him; when asked by Mary to explain, Randolph replied that he had taken instructions and had become a Catholic. Randolph and Mary were soon married.

Randolph's change in religious persuasion was not disclosed to his parents until his engagement to Mary. Family accounts are that Edward, Randolph's father, immediately rewrote his will, taking Randolph out of it. It is not clear that this happened. It did not matter, because by the time the trust funds under Edward's will would have been available to Randolph and his family, the Depression had wiped out the family wealth, which had been invested too heavily in a few mortgages and banks, all of which failed.

On Feb. 24, 1885, in Moorestown, N.J., Randolph married Mary J. Hickey, daughter of Maurice and Sara (Dowling) Hickey. On Apr. 5, 1887, Randolph was disowned by the Society of Friends for marrying someone not a member of meeting. Mary was born in Mar. 1864 in Pa., and died on Oct. 15, 1905, in Highland Park, Pa. Randolph and Mary had seven children:

Mary Randolph J.b. Jan. 8, 1887 Mt. Laurel, N.J.
Williamb. 1888 Pa.d. young
Josephb. May 1889 Pa.d.Sept. 17, 1905
Randolph Aloysiusb. Apr. 22, 1890 Phila., Pa.
Edwardb. May 1891 Pa.
Agnesb. 1892d. young
Sarahb. 1893d. Young

Randolph is buried in St. Denis Cemetery, Highland Park, Pa.

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