Code: 1E522214

b. Apr. 22, 1890 Phila., Pa.
d. Sept. 5, 1955 Phila., Pa.

Randolph was a deliveryman and a trolley car operator for the Philadelphia Transit Company and its predecessors. He lived in Philadelphia, Pa.

On July 14, 1909, in Phila., Pa., Randolph married, firstly, Theresa Katherine Foley, daughter of George and Mary (O'Brien) Foley. Theresa was born on June 16, 1888, in Phila., Pa. and died on Sept. 5, 1944, in Phila., Pa. Theresa's brother George married Randolph's sister Mary (1E522211).

Randolph and Theresa had eleven children:

Francis Randolph Edwardb. Apr. 14, 1910 Lansdowne, Pa.
Dorothy Randolph Maryb. Apr. 15, 1911 Phila., Pa.
Randolph Robertb. Sept. 7, 1912 Phila., Pa.
George Randolph Josephb. Oct. 11, 1913 Phila., Pa.
Joseph Randolph Anthonyb. Mar. 19, 1915 Phila., Pa.
Eugene Randolph Francisb. Aug. 6, 1917 Phila., Pa.
Mary Randolphb. Sept. 2, 1922 Phila., Pa.d. Dec. 4, 1922 Phila., Pa.
Edward Randolph Georgeb. Sept. 30, 1923 Phila., Pa.
James Randolphb. Sept. 28, 1925 Phila., Pa.d. Nov. 4, 1925 Phila., Pa.
Teresa Randolph Agnesb. Oct. 27, 1926 Phila., Pa.
Rose Marie Randolph Teresab. Oct. 16, 1927 Phila., Pa.

James died of pyloric stenosis.

In Nov. 1947, in Phila., Pa., Randolph married, secondly, Edith Humphries, who was born on Feb. 22, 1894, and died on Mar. 1, 1978. They had no children.

Randolph died of a heart attack. Theresa died of a stroke.

Source: Maule, Gen. of the Maule Fam. (Supp.); 1900 Pa. census; Francis Maule (1E5222141); Dorothy O'Brien (1E5222142); Ed & Jennie Maule (1E5222148)

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