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DI MAIO Lucia Giuseppa
Birth:          12 Apr 1878 Serino, Italy
Death:          1966 Kansas City, Mo.

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Considering marriage date of Francesco and Maria, either she is not their daughter, or the birthdate is 
wrong. Could it be 1883? See if birth record turns up when browsing birth records.
Or perhaps she is a daughter of Maria by Maria's previous marriage? Could that marriage be to Carmine 
Viola? That Maria and Carmine have a child b 1875
Found her birth record, 12 Apr 1878, born of union with "un'uomo celibe, non parenti, ne assine nei gradi dei 
ostano" unclear if Francsco Di Maio is the father, but for the moment I will leave that way. (the language 
means an unmarried man, not a relative, is similar in degrees of the obstinate"

DI MAIO Francesco (9 Aug 1852 - 28 Jun 1926)
RODIA Maria (31 Jan 1853 - 4 Mar 1924)

DI MAIO Lucia Giuseppa (12 Apr 1878 - 1966)
DI MAIO Marianna (26 Jan 1880 - 1957)
DI MAIO Francesco Alfonso (Frank Alphonse) (2 Apr 1885 - 2 Aug 1949)
DI MAIO Maria Carmela Ersilia (13 Oct 1887 - 19 Jan 1889)
DI MAIO Carmelinda Ersilia (Mildred) (Millie) (25 Jun 1890 - 1968)
DI MAIO Margaret E. (ABT 1893 - 1974)
DI MAIO Josephine (30 Apr 1895 - Mar 1970)

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