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LEPORE Carmine
Birth:          28 May 1841 Serino, Italy

Serino, Italy, Birth Register, FHL microfilm 1660371
Serino, Italy, Death Register, FHL microfilm 1660373
Serino, Italy, Marr Banns Register, FHL microfilm 1660372 (research and translation by 
Melanie D. Holtz, CG) occ landowner
Are he and his wife the parents of Immaccolatta Lepore Rodia (b Santa Lucia di 
Serino). Per Thomen Ginebra Ribot tree on ancestry, she married Orazio Michelo 
Marranzini Inginio (b Santa Lucia di Serino). They were the parents of Vencia 
Marranzini Lepore (b 4 Mar 1910 San Juan de la Maguana, Dominican Republic, d Apr 
2001, Santo Domingo, Dominical Republic). Note use of Spanish surname convention. 
She married twice. First husband Luis Manuel Machado (1902-1987), child Luis 
Manuel Machado (8 Mar 1937 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, d. there, md Sara 
Cristina (Sarita) Gomez Larrauri b 1940, 3 chi. Second husband, md 23 Dec 1943 
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Francesco Rainieri, son of Isidoro Angelo 
Rainieri and Bianca Franceschini, b 18 Oct 1904 Castello d'Argile, Bologna, Italy, d 14 
Apr 1989, Miami, Fla., 2 children. More:
Francisco Rafael 'Frank' Rainieri Marranzini is a businessman from the Dominican 
Republic. He is the chairman and founder of Puntacana Group. According to Forbes, 
Rainieri has one of the ten largest fortunes in the Dominican Republic, with a net 
worth near the billion-dollar mark.[5] In 2015, he was designated ambassador of the 
Sovereign Military Order of Malta to the Dominican Republic, a position that his father 
also held 4 decades earlier.[6]

Early life[edit]
Rainieri was born into a family with tradition of hospitality.[4] His paternal 
grandparents, Isidoro Rainieri and Bianca Franceschini,[4] migrated from Bologna,[7] 
northern Italy, to northern Dominican Republic, and established two hotels, one in 
Puerto Plata and the other in Santiago; they had more than 10 children.[4] His parents 
were Francisco Rainieri Franceschini and Venecia Marranzini Lepore (daughter of the 
Italian immigrants Orazio Michelo Marranzini Inginio and Inmaccolatta Lepore Rodia, 
who migrated as children with their respective families, all of them natives of Santa 
Lucia di Serino, in southern Italy).

He went to college in Philadelphia at Saint Joseph's College, now Saint Joseph's 

Punta Cana[edit]
See also: Puntacana Resort and Club and Punta Cana
In 1969, Rainieri and Theodore Kheel,[8] a high-powered New York attorney and labor 
mediator, acquired a 58-million square meter lot on the eastern end of the Dominican 
Republic, which was covered with jungle and six miles of beach.[2][9][10] Their first 
project was a 40 guest hotel called the Punta Cana Club, inaugurated two years later.
[2] In 1979, they constructed The Puntacana Hotel. The Punta Cana International 
Airport followed in 1984.[9] In 1997, Rainieri and Kheel partnered with Oscar de la 
Renta and Julio Iglesias to start work on the Punta Cana Marina and the real estate 
development of the area.[2]
[It is difficult to follow the surname patterns]

Serino, Italy, Marr Register, FHL microfilm 1660373 (marr rec of dtr Teresa)
Serino, Italy, Marr Register, FHL microfilm 1660373 (marr rec of dtr Immaculata)
Did Biagio have a brother Orazio?
Serino, Italy, Marr Register for 1869, FHL microfilm 1660373, faint ink, water 
damaged, substantial portions of pages damaged, index barely readable, information 
from index
Serino, Italy, Birth Register, FHL microfilm 1660371 (birth rec of son Vincenzo)
Serino, Italy, Birth Register, FHL microfilm 1660371 (birth rec of dr Immacolata)
Serino, Italy, 1907 Marriage Register, (marr rec of son Vincenzo)
Serino, Italy, 1913 Marriage Register, 
Serino, Italy, 1910 Death Register, (death rec of wife Rosa)
Serino, Italy, 1917 Death Register, (death rec of son Vincenzo)
Serino, Italy, 1927 Death Register, (death rec of wife Carolina), dec'd
Santa Lucia di Serino, Italy, 1896 Marriage Register, (marr rec of dtr 

LEPORE Vincenzo Maria (15 Jun 1815 - 23 Nov 1881)
MARRA Maria Teresa (Teresa) (1818 - 9 Sep 1868)

LEPORE Carmine (28 May 1841 - )

Marriage To RODIA Maria (10 Sep 1842 - 19 Feb 1878) m. 1869 Serino, Italy Notes Parents RODIA Sabato Pasquale (Pasquale) (1803 - 24 Aug 1876) ROCCO Carminantonia (Carmina) (1803 - 27 Aug 1884) Children by RODIA Maria 10 Sep 1842 - 19 Feb 1878
LEPORE Teresa (1869 - ) LEPORE Vincenzo (4 Jun 1871 - 5 Oct 1917) LEPORE Immacolata (6 Mar 1873 - 14 Dec 1960) LEPORE Giovanni (13 Jul 1875 - 1875)
Marriage To TEDESCO Rosa (24 May 1839 - 21 Jan 1910) m. Notes Parents TEDESCO Domenico Antonio (Domenicantonio) (30 Jan 1814 - 27 Feb 1899) RIZZO Giovanna (1813 - 29 Jan 1883)
Marriage To SOLIMENE Carolina (16 May 1845 - 18 Dec 1927) m. 14 Jun 1913 Serino, Italy Notes Parents SOLIMENE Pasquale (1800 - 5 Jul 1861) TEDESCO Rosa (1808 - 19 Sep 1864)
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