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Birth:          4 Dec 1880 Serino, Italy
Death:          2 Jul 1887 Serino, Italy

Serino, Italy, Birth Register, FHL microfilm 1660371
margin note in birth record of older brother (who died young): marr 17 Aug 1899, name appears to be Angela 
Antonia, but cannot read family name, she is dtr of Antonio
the margin note should not be in the birth entry for his older brother. Clerk error.
Serino, Italy, Death Register, FHL microfilm 1660459 
So is there another Francesco Carrafiello in Serino who married in 1899, because it certainly isn't either of 
these two. Definitely a clerk error.

CARRAFIELLO Angelantonio (Antonio) (1852 - 15 Jul 1882)
MASUCCI Mariantonia (18 Feb 1857 - )

CARRAFIELLO Francesco (2 Oct 1877 - 4 Sep 1879)
CARRAFIELLO Francesco (4 Dec 1880 - 2 Jul 1887)

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