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DI FEO Cesarea
Birth:          22 Jul 1856 Serino, Italy

Serino, Italy, Birth Register, FHL microfilm 1603895
no father listed, has her mother's surname
her mother had another child by the same name the previous year, but with Domenico 
Calabrese as the father (though they were not married until 1887), and there is a 
strange notation on that birth record even though written years before Petronilla 
married Domenico. Confusing. See entry for Filippo. Perhaps she had the children with 
Calabrese but they didn't marry until much later, at which time the surviving children's 
birth records were conformed?

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DI FEO Petronilla (1828 - 30 Jan 1890)

DI FEO Cesarea (22 Jul 1856 - )

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