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Birth:          17 Dec 1836 Newark, N.J.
Christening:    17 Dec 1836 St. John Church, Newark, N.J.
Death:          13 Mar 1907 Philadelphia, Pa.
Cause of Death: tuberculosis
Burial:         16 Mar 1907 New Cathedral Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pa.

Also of interest, considering one of the witnesses to the marriage of Maurice and 
Sarah is a James Hickey. Death certif from Phila on for James 
Hickey b 1838 Newark, d 13 Mar 1907 Phila, occ coachmaker (same occ as Maurice), 
married, lived 849 N 27th St, died of tuberculosis (as did Maurice), no parents listed. 
Could he be the older brother of Maurice? Remember Bob Foley said Maurice was born 
in NJ. And the 1900 census says he is born in NJ. and that his parents are born in 
Ireland and that he is a carriage blacksmith (carriage maker)

In 1860, when surely he was in Phila, is he James Heckey, 22 (b 1838), b Pa. 
moulder, one of many differently surnamed people in ward 20, house 1414, family 
1786? The Hickeys (as Kickey) are house 476, family 585.

What of 1850? The Hickeys (indexed as Rickey) are in North Mulberry Ward, 
Hickey, using soundex on every possible first consonant in the name.

James Hickey ... who is he? 
Philadelphia Death Certificate for a James Hickey, d 13 March 1907, age 69, b. 1838, 
in Newark, N.J., occupation coach maker, lived at 849 N 27th Street, buried 16 Mar 
1907 New Cathedral Cemetery. If indeed, the older Hickey children were born in New 
Jersey (as the family and some census records indicate), and considering the family 
was a family of blacksmiths/carriage builders, it would make sense that this is the 
brother of Maurice and the witness at Maurice's wedding. OR, he could be a cousin 
(the James who is the son of the Peter I think might be Michael's older brother?).

per Pa and NJ Church and Town rec on ancestry, he is buried in NCC grave E/3/8, 
rem WMnew, mid init J, same grave a sister Martha

A James Hickey is at 1814 Stiles St in a bunch of late 19th c Phila directories, a 
carriage builder

1870 in Phila Ward 20 (2d enum) age 28 (b 1842) note again age is off

1880 census has these Hickeys at 1814 Stiles St: Mary 26, dressmaker, Ella, sister, 
24, dressmaker, Martha, sister, dressmaker, James, brother, 30, carriage builder, all b 
Penna, parents b Ireland. So this is not the guy who died in 1907? I think the Mary is 
Marg for Margaret. Idx says Margaret But the ages are 1853, 1855, 1849 which don't 
fit [but all are off by 10 years, so is it a recording error?]

They are in the 1900 census, 1814 Stiles St 29th ward, he b Dec 1845, b Pa, parents 
b Pa!!, clerk, sister Mary Feb 1855 b Pa, parents b Pa, sister Ellen b Mar 1858 Pa, 
parents b Pa. So per birthdates this isn't them?
Cannot find them in 1910

They are in the 1870 census, 2d enum, Ward 20, Dist 63, as Margaret Hickey age 61 
(b c 1808), James 28 (b c 1841), Mary 26 (b c 1843), Ella 24 (b c 1845),Martha 22 (b 
c 1847), at 1814 Stiles St.  Yet here they are at the same address with the ages the 
way they should be. So are there errors on later censuses?

1850 in Gettysburg, Pa., 13

LDS Microfilm 1398540 (records of St. John, Newark, N.J.), prob bap by Fr Moran, 
sponsors Thomas Malone, Mary Ann Gibbons

"Sara's Story" unpub manuscript by Sara Maguire Dougherty says he joined Union 
Army, served under McClellan, then joined the fleet under Farragut, was the smallest 
man on the admiral's flagship.

HICKEY Peter (1806 - 26 Aug 1857)
GIBBONS Margaret (1808 - 9 Jul 1874)

HICKEY Mary Anne (2 Oct 1834 - )
HICKEY James J. (17 Dec 1836 - 13 Mar 1907)
HICKEY Margaret (1839 - )
HICKEY Ellen (1845 - )
HICKEY Martha J. (1847 - 20 Jan 1896)

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