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KEPPLER Catherine Irene
Birth:          15 Feb 1892 Pa.
Death:          5 Mar 1993 Lee Co., Fla.

1920 census in Philadelphia, Pa. 
1930 census in Yeadon, Pa. as Irene C.
4/11/09 email from Pat Cordner:
all very interesting...and more unanswered questions.  How  wonderful
to have connected to a cousin who knows so much family history.
Growing up we had such little connection to my father's family as you
and I have discussed. Not being Catholic was a big issue to our
Grandmother Marie O'Brien as you well knew.  Thank goodness that we
shared some time while younger.
Katherine Irene Keppler O'Brien was the wife of F. Roland O'Brien and
they had a son Joseph A. O'Brien II, born Jan 10, 1918.  Joe was my
father's closest friend (I believe that one of the photos I sent you
before was of him.) and growing up the families lived next door to each
other.  Of course, conditions changed after Jeseph O'Brien died in
1929.  I remember  that Joe II married a woman named Mildred and I
remember visiting the family in NJ, Merchantville I believe. The father
F. Roland O'Brien worked for Mather Insurance Co in Phila and Joe
worked for Mather Insurance in Phila from 1936-1941 I and I believe for
Insurance Co of North America afterwards.  Joe II died suddenly, but I
do not remember the date as I was already married and gone from home.
My father went north for the funeral and brought young Joe, wife and
baby back to Miami.  What a mistake that was!  I think that young Joe
had brothers named Roland and Arthur,
Aunt Irene had a grandson F. Roland O'Brien living in Cape, Coral, FL
during the late 1990's and going by the name Frank, I believe.  He
rarely saw Aunt Irene and had no communication with my father or with
your father at all and refused to allow my father to attend Aunt
Irene's funeral, inspite of the fact that my parents visited her
regularly and hosted her 100th birthday party.   I think that this
Roland/Frank had three daughters.
This is about all I know.  Have a Happy Easter!!  Love,  Linda
Fla Death Record on Catherine Irene O'Brien, d 5 Mar 1993,
Lee Co., age 101, b 15 Feb 1892. Cape Coral is in Lee Co.

KEPPLER John T. ()
----- Katheraine U. ()

KEPPLER Catherine Irene (15 Feb 1892 - 5 Mar 1993)

Marriage To O'BRIEN Francis Roland (13 Nov 1892 - 29 Jul 1933) m. 1912 Notes Parents O'BRIEN Joseph Aloysius (10 Jun 1858 - 26 Dec 1929) LYNCH Sarah L. (11 Mar 1865 - 12 Oct 1918) Children by O'BRIEN Francis Roland 13 Nov 1892 - 29 Jul 1933
O'BRIEN Joseph A. (10 Jan 1918 - 1965)
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