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FOLEY Joseph Donald
Birth:          11 Sep 1908 Washington, D.C.
Death:          12 Feb 2001 Arlington, Va.
Burial:         Mountain View Cemetery, Clifton Forge, Alleghany Co., Va.

1910 in DC with mother (she is Florence, says 2d marriage, 1st marr 18 years 4 ch, 2 
alive) says his mother born Ohio (and Florence is born Ohio)
1920 in DC 408 Sixth St.
Joseph F. Foley 12 (1907/8) b DC f b DC m b Ohio
1930 DC census 527 Irving St NW,
Joseph D Foley 21 (1908/9) unm b DC, f b DC, m b Ohio clerk for herb co
this is him, as he is with his mother and his father's sister Maria (and her family), with 
William H Ernest as  lodger. Florence is Florence N.
Indeed it IS him because he is at 527 Irving St, the address on his father's death 
is he Joseph D Foley b 11 Sep 1908, d 12 Feb 2001, last resid Arlington
Va, issued in DC 1951-52, 578462581? yes
1940 in Washington D.C. 3614 Park Place, NW fireman city fire dept, as Joseph D.
pub rec on ancestry 6211 36th St N, Arlington, Va. as Joseph D Foley
on awt Foley Family Tree, there is a Joseph Donald Foley b Washington DC (no date), 
d Arlington, Va (no date), no parents, wife Helen Francis Foley McCoy, son private. 
For Helen, b Allegheny Co, Va., d Washington DC, no parents
Va Marr Rec on ancestry (has his name as Joseph Francis Foley, with the Francis 
crossed out and Donald written in its place), occ shipping clerk, gives mother's name 
as Florence M. Foley (but she is stepmother who apparently raised him), md by minister 
of Methodist Church

FOLEY Joseph F. (Oct 1867 - 1 Jun 1929)
----- ----- ()

FOLEY Joseph Donald (11 Sep 1908 - 12 Feb 2001)

Marriage To MCCOY Helen (24 Apr 1910 - 26 Jul 1999) m. 28 Mar 1936 Covington, Alleghany Co., Va. Notes Parents MCCOY Marshall M. () FRANCIS Emma Lee () Children by MCCOY Helen 24 Apr 1910 - 26 Jul 1999
FOLEY Donald F. ()
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