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CREW Florence
Birth:          Oct 1869 Ohio

DC death rec on 
1900 in DC, 128 3rd St NW, says has 4 ch, 0 alive ... with Joseph or an
earlier spouse? prob not with him. parents b Ohio, parents b Ohio
1910 in DC, 54 E St NW, says has 4 ch, 2 alive,md 18 years, in her 2d
marr, b Ohio, f b England, m b Ireland, husband not there, son Joseph
is, age 1 b DC
1920 census Washington DC 408 Sixth St.
Florence Foley 49 (1870/1), md, husb not listed, b Ohio, f b England, m
b Ireland, housekeeper lodging house,
Joseph F. Foley 12 (1907/8) b DC f b DC m b Ohio
1930 DC census 527 Irving St NW,
Florence N Foley 59 (1869/70) widow, 1st marr age 19, b Md, parents b Md
with sister in law Maria Foley Powell
1940 in Washington D.C. 3614 Park Place, NW with (step)son Joseph, listed as 
mother but I'm fairly sure she is the mother-in-law considering the marriage date
That'st the puzzle, the marriage at Walter Reed Hospital just before Joseph dies. Was 
it a common law marriage solemnized on his deathbed? The marriage certificate, in the 
line "Former marriages" has the same entry for each of the two of them: "One (legal 
ceremony)" so was this a church marriage? The officiant is the Rev. Thomas A. 
Cunningham. So perhaps they married earlier (but note her entry in the 1900 census, 
says it is her 2d marr!)

Marriage To FOLEY Joseph F. (Oct 1867 - 1 Jun 1929) m. 26 May 1929 Walter Reed Hospital, Washington, D.C. Notes Parents FOLEY Patrick (1844 - 24 Aug 1890) HART Annie L. ("Anna") (1843 - 1 Apr 1888)
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