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Thanks for attaching those pictures, that's amazing! I had my dad read your email and he recognized a lot 
of people you had listed, many of whom I've never heard of before. I really appreciate all the information and I 
should be getting those picture postcards I mentioned before soon. I'll send along any info or pictures I get. 
I'm guessing I'll have to have someone translate Italian for me though. 

--- On Tue, 4/12/11, James Maule  wrote:

From: James Maule 
Subject: RE: Rodia/Rody family
To: "Shawn Rody" 
Date: Tuesday, April 12, 2011, 4:58 PM
Hi Shawn,
First, before I forget, I've attached a jpg file into which I scanned the back of the prayer card for Carlo Rodia, 
surely your great-grandfather. Also in the jpg file are the Mass enrollment cards from Mr and Mrs George 
Rody and Mr and Mrs Sam Rody. The handwriting is the same, and I think it's the handwriting of the person 
who issued the cards.
Second, here is what I know about my mother's mother's family.
My mother's mother was Rosalina Rodia. She was born 7 Feb 1886 in Serino, Province Avellino, Italy, and 
died 22 Oct 1942 in Philadelphia. She was buried 27 Oct 1942 in Holy Cross Cemetery in Yeadon.
According to the 1920 census, she arrived in 1912, and was naturalized in 1913. The Ellis Island records 
show she arrived in Dec 1912, from Serino, where she lived with her father, and next to that is handwriting I 
cannot even begin to decipher. But apparently she had arrived earlier, and then went back to Italy, because 
there is a record of her arriving on Jun 15 1906, age 20, first time in US, going to the home of her uncle 
Pasquale Agnes, 914 South 8th St. in Philadelphia. Now it makes sense that she was naturalized in 1913, 
which is 7 years after her first arrival. In 1920, she was living at 2920 Ringgold St. in Philadelphia.
Rosaline married, 6 Jun 1918, at St. Mary of the Eternal in Philadelphia, Antonio (Anthony) Zappone. They 
had these children:
Nicholas Louis Zappone b 9 Oct 1918
Clementina J. Zappone b 16 Oct 1919
Louis Anthony Zappone b 15 Jan 1921
Peter Zappone b June or July 1922, d 3 Oct 1923
Carmina A Zappone b 3 Jul 1923
Jennie Elisabeth Zappone b 28 Jan 1925 (my mother)
Frank John Zappone b 2 Jul 1926 (d 21 Mar 1957) (he's the one whose funeral was attended by M/M 
George and M/M Sam Rody, and in whose effects I found Carlo Rodia's prayer card)
Peter Zappone b 1927/8, d at birth
Rosalina's parents, I've been told, were Luigi Rodia and Carmina Rodia. They had the same surname. I'm 
also told they were not related. I'm sure they were distantly related. 
Rosalina had a brother Luigi, who came to the U.S. and died as a young man, unmarried. On 8 May 1911, 
according to Ellis Island records, there arrived Luigi Rodia, 24, a farmer, from Serino, where he lived with his 
mother Carmina. With him is Pietro Rodia, his brother, age 21, a barber, who also is from Serino and had 
lived with his mother Carmina.
She had another brother Pietro (Peter), who first arrived 27 Apr 1904 at the age of 15 (b c 1889). He was 
from Serino, was a barber (my mother remembers his barber shop), and on the immigration record states 
he is going to the home of his uncle Pasquale Agnesi, 1180 South ?? Street (can't read the writing). I found 
a passport application for a Pietro Antonio Rodia, b 12 Jul 1889, Italy, arrived in US April 1904, gives the 
name of his father as Antonio (and from what I can figure out, his father was Luigi Antonio Rodia, deceased). 
He was naturalized 25 Apr 1918. Peter is going to Italy to "settle up an estate and attend to some legal 
matters now pending in court." He gives his address as 2868 North Bambrey St. He returned in 1921, and 
gave as his address 2920 N Ringgold St (where is sister and her family were living at the time of the 1920 
census, see above). At some point, Peter changed his last name from Rodia to Rody. This is something my 
mother told me years ago, and has repeated in later conversations. In the 1910 census he shows up as 
Peter A. Roddy, age 20, unmarried, a barber. According to my mother, Peter never married. On his 
naturalization petition, he gives birth as 12 July 1889 Rivottoti, Italy, and one of his witnesses is James 
Agnes (a son of Pasquale Agnesi?). I cannot find a Rivottoti in Italy.
Rosalina had yet another brother Francesco. As best as we can tell, he never came to the U.S. He was a 
musician in Italy, and I'm told he was rather well known. Years ago I found something about him on google, 
but I cannot find it since. I am told that Francesco never married.
And Rosalina had a sister Petronilla. She arrived on 8 Sep 1922, age 28 (bc 1894). She later married 
Gabriele Clementone and had a daughter Lucy. I met Petronilla when I was a child, maybe about age 7 or 8. 
I was too young to know to ask the questions that I now have. In 1930, they are at 6503 Woodland Ave in 
Philadelphia, and Peter Rody is with them.
According to the Ellis Island records for her brother Pietro (Peter), they have an uncle Pasquale Agnesi (or 
Agnes), who in turn has a brother-in-law Raffaele Brescia, 1104 S. Franklin St. in Philadelphia. I do not 
know if Pasquale is married to a sister of my grandmother's father or a sister of my grandmother's mother. 
On another Ellis Island record for Peter (he made several trips back to Italy), there is a reference to a 
"cousin Salvatore Rodia." On another arrival (1905) by Pasquale Agnesi (he, too, made several trips back to 
Italy) is a cousin Michele Verderame, age 36 (so bc 1869). They give an address for Salvatore Rodia, "30? 
Seventh St. 134" Michele was from Serino. Pasquale's wife was Vittoria, and his father's name is given as 
On one of Pasquale Agnesi's trips to the US (1910), he was accompanied by a Mose or Moie Rodia, age 16 
(b c 1894), the son of Francesco Rodia. This Mose Rodia shows up in the 1920 census, age 24 (so b c 
1896), leather factory operator, arrive 1908, wife Lena, age 29, arrived 1908, children, b Pa: Frank, age 4, 
Rose, age 3, Louis age 1 yr 10m, Margaret 4 mos. On his WW1 draft registration card, Mose states he 
was b 7 Apr 1895 in Giffoni, Italy. There are so many little towns in Italy with the name Giffoni that I cannot 
confirm that this is near Serino. On the naturalization record for Mose Rodia, b 7 April 1895 in Giffoni, lived 
in Serino, wife's name Litigia, b 14 Apr 1897 in Sarno, Italy, children Frank b 18 Dec 1915, Rose b 21 Dec 
1916, Louis b 25 Apr 1918, Margaret b 5 Sep 1919. One of the witnesses is Pellegrino Agnes (Agnesi) who 
lives at 1821 S 8th St.
In the early 1950s my uncle Frank (the one who died in 1957) was stationed in Germany (he was in the 
Army). On one of his leaves he went to Italy and met his uncle Francesco Rodia. My mother and I have 
found a note to her brother, from Francesco, mentioning that there were Rodias from the family who 
emigrated to Paterson, N.J. I found some Rodia families in Paterson NJ in the census records but I'm not 
sure which ones are relatives.
Among the many records of Rodia individuals who came through Ellis Island there is a Rafaele Rodia, age 
31 when arriving in 1902 (bc 1871), going to Philadelphia to the home of his "brother Rodia" at 1104 S. 
Franklin Street (see above). This was one block over, I think, from the 1141 S 8th St where Luigi Rodia and 
Peter Rodia, brothers of my grandmother, were going when they arrived in 1911.
I have dozens of records of Rodia individuals who came through Ellis Island. Some went to Bridgeport, 
Conn., some to Dunbar, Pa., a few to Seattle, one or two to Chicago. These are like puzzle pieces, as 
there's no way, yet, to connect them to each other.
Now, as for Carlo Rodia. On 29 Oct 1896, on the Werra, there arrived in New York, giving as destination 
Philadelphia, a Luigi Rodia, age 23, and with him was Antonia de Pellegrini Perua, age 33, Carolo Rodia, 
age 7, and Anna Rodia, age 4. This Carlo would have been born c 1889, a bit too young to be your great 
The naturalization record for your great-grandfather dated 28 Mar 1922: Carl Rodia, a hat sizer, 5'9", 189 
pounds, black hair, brown eyes, born in Avellino, Italy on 24 April 1885, now lives 1115 McKean St., 
Philadelphia, arrived on the Ancona 12 June 1901, married to Fannie, who was born in Avellino, child 
Joseph, b Aug 11 1911 in Phila., son Sam b 27 Jul 1913 in Phila. Witnesses Samuel Powell, a 
superintendent, and William Clayton, a foreman. Probably managers at Stetson Hat Factory. I cannot find 
any 1901 arrivals for the Ancona in the immigration records.
In the 1920 census, at 1945 South Jessup Street, live the following:
Rody, John age 38, immigration year 1903, naturalized, b Italy, laborer in steel mill
Rody, Mary, age 37, wife, immigration year 1902, naturalized, b Italy
Rody, Chatherin (Catherine?), dtr, age 16 b Pa.
Rody, Pasquale, son, age 15 b Pa
Rody, Jennie, dtr, age 10, b Pa
Rody, George, son, age 12mos, b Pa
Then, as another household but at same address
Rody, Carlo, age 35, immigration year 1902, b Italy, hatter in hat factory
Rody, Fanney, age 27, immigration year 1902, b Italy
Rody, Joseph, son, age 8, b Pa
Rody, Samuel, son age 6, b Pa
Pinto, Charles, boarder.
WW1 draft registration card: Carlo Rody, 1945 S Jessup, Phila, b 24 Apr 1883, b Italy, works for Stetson as 
a hatter, wife Fannie Rody, same address. Described as medium height, medium build, brown eyes, black 
In 1930, this family shows up at 1857 19th St:
Rody, Mary, age 47, widow, was age 20 when married, b Italy
Rody, Carrie, dtr, age 25, b Pa, works as a wrapper in a cigar factory
Rody, Pasquale, son, age 23, b Pa
Rody, Jennie, dtr, age 20, b Pa
Rody, George, son, age 12, b Pa
Rody, Carmela, dtr, age 8, b Pa
My guess is that John and Carlo are brothers.
Here is John's naturalization record dated 6 Feb 1922: John Rodia, age 37, barber, 5'3" 160 lbs, b 
Ribbottolo, Italy [is that the same as the Rivototti birthplace for my mother's uncle???], 24 Apr 1882, now 
resides 1115 McKean St, Phila. [same as Carlo], arrived on the Sontora something Line (cannot read) on 8 
May 1900, wife Maria, b Italy, states he desires a name change from John Rodia to John Rody, also says 
he is an olive oil dealer, says he left Italy on 4 May 1889, arrived in NY 23 May 1889 on the Torlora, wife 
Maria b 20 mar 1882, children Caterina b 10 Jan 1905 in Phila, Pasquale, b Jan 16 1905 Phila., Vincenza, b 
21 Mar 1910 Phila, George b 24 Nov 1918, Carmela Phila., b 21 Jan 1922 Phila. One of the witnesses is 
Carmine Rodia, a barber, at 1924 E Passyunk Ave (which is where John also had his barber business). 
Recall my mother's uncle Pietro (Peter) Rodia (Rody) was a barber. The other witness was Antonio 
My guess - and it's only a guess - is that John and Carlo were first cousins of my mother's mother. If I can 
find, somehow, the immigration records for them they might include the names of relatives in Italy. There are 
all sorts of circumstantial evidence that persuade me that the connection is there. Surely the fact that 
someone in my family (most likely my uncle Frank or my mother's oldest sister Clementine who we called 
Denay) went to Carlo's viewing/funeral, and that Sam and George sent Mass enrollment cards when Frank 
died tells me that there was a close connection.
Anyhow, please feel free to share this with your father. It may trigger some memories. My mom is still with 
us, so I can ask her more questions if anything you or your father turn up or remember might help her to 
remember things, though she was one of the younger ones in her family.
Thanks for getting back to me,
From: Shawn Rody [] 
Sent: Monday, April 11, 2011 10:59 PM
To: James Maule
Hello Mr. Maule
Wow, you are correct, it seems we are connected in some way! My great-grandfather was Carlo; born in 
1883. Who was your mother's youngest brother? Sam and Mary were my grandparents and that was they're 
address where they lived until they passed. I remember meeting George, but I'm unclear of how he was 
related to my grandparents. My father remembers visiting the Kimball street address. My dad is in 
possession of about 50 or 60 picture postcards from my great grandfather to various family members back 
in Italy and elsewhere from the early 1900's that I will be looking through next time I stop by my parents.  
I'm hoping to discover more connections and I will be looking for Rosalina, I'll keep you posted. If it's not too 
much trouble I would be thrilled to see any copies of the mass card or card my grandparents sent if you 
wouldn't mind sending something either e-mail or through the mail.  Thank you for all the information, I really 
appriciate it!
-Shawn Rody
Hello. I think we may have a connection. My grandmother, Rosalina Rodia, came from Serino in Avellino. 
Her brother Pietro (Peter) also came to the US. He changed his name to Rody. In papers and things handed 
down to me from my mother's sister, there is a prayer card from the funeral of Carlo Rodia, died 21 Jan 
1947. The funeral director is listed as Louis E. Ingenito, 700-04 N. 63rd St. and 820 Christian St in 
Philadelphia. The card does not provide a date of birth. I think it is a good guess that this card was picked 
up by someone who went to the funeral (or the viewing). And I think it is a good guess because there was a 
relation. I'm guessing that Carlo was the cousin of my grandmother (as I know the names of her brothers 
and they don't include Carlo). Also in what was given to me are Mass Cards sent at the time of the death of 
my mother's youngest brother, in 1957. There is a card from a Mr and Mrs Samuel Rody, 2223 Disston St in 
Philadelphia, and a card from a Mr and Mrs George Rody, 822 Kimball St in Philadelphia. Could this be 
your Samuel? You can email me direct at Thanks, Jim Maule
email to Mom 18 June 2014
You were born at 2529 South Sartain Street, where your family was living at the time.

In car #5 in your mother's funeral procession is Maria Rodia, at 2539 South Sartain Street. That's five doors 
down from where you lived, though 17 years later. In the car with her are Catherina Wynor, Felice Rocco, 
Dominico Rodia, and Michael Di Longo.

In the 1940 census, at 2539 South Sartain Street:

Rodia, Mary  head age 58 (b 1881/2) born Italy
Rodia, George age 21 (b 1918/9) born Pa. laborer building construction
Rodia, Jennie age 27 (b 1912/3) born Pa. no occ
Rodia, Pasquale age 37 (b 1902/3) born Pa. laborer, clothing
Rodia, Carmella age 18 (b 1921/2) born Pa. operator, dresses

This George and his wife, using the name Rody, sent a Mass card when your brother Frank died. In the 
Pantarelli Family tree, he appears as George Rodia, b 24 Nov 1919 in Philadelphia, died 24 Nov 2009, wife 
Josephine. In the Philadelphia Marriage Index there is a George Rodia married to Josephine Cimino in 1946.

Another Pantarelli tree shows George's death 23 Nov 2007 in Atlantic City. He and his wife had at least one 
daughter, who is listed as "Private" on both trees.

AHA! In findagrave I track down Jennie Rodia, and there is a picture of the stone.

On the stone: 
Carlo Rodia 1888 - 1947 [Your brother Frank had a prayer card from Carlo's funeral; he d. 21 Jan 1947]
Raffaella Rodia 1891 - 1953
Samuel Rody 1913 - 1985 [he and his wife also sent a Mass card when your brother Frank died]
Mary Rody 1914 - 1991
Jennie V. Rodia 1910 - 1943
Maria Rodia 1884 - 1913
Pat Rody 1905 - 1992 [Pat is a nickname for Pasquale]
John M. Woyner 1943 - 1943
Catherine Woyner 1904 - 1983 [she is in car #5 in your mother's funeral procession, see above, with the 
name misspelled]

From the Philadelphia Marriage Index, in 1909  Carlo Rodia married Raffaele Pente

According to immigration records, Carlo arrived on 29 Oct 1896 at the age of 7, with Anna Rodia, age 4, 
presumably his sister, Luigi Rodia, 23 (his father? Might the age be wrong? See next entry), and after 
Luigi's name and before the children's names is Teresa Antonia di Pellegrini, age 33 (b 1862/3). Is Luigi age 
33 and not 23 (either b 1862/3 or 1872/3)?

According to the Rody Family Tree on ancestry, Carlo and Raffaele Pente had two children: Joseph and 
Samuel. Raffaelle b 27 Apr 1892 in Avellino, died in 1953. Joseph (Joseph Rody) b 7 Oct 1911 in 
Philadelphia, died 21 Oct 1991 in Moorestown, NJ, married Katherine Orlando (1911-1990), no children 
listed. Samuel (Samuel Rody) born 26 July 1913, died Nov 1985 in Philadelphia, married Mary DiMarino 
(1914-1991), had a son, no name provided. They sent a Mass card when your brother Frank died. Mrs. 
Carlo Rody and her sons sent flowers to your mother's funeral.

This family group, on which I had previously gathered some information, definitely is related.

I'm now going to try to figure out Luigi Rodia who arrived with Teresa, Carlo, and Anna. I have found all sorts 
of information but I cannot yet piece the various groups together. 

RODIA Antonio ()
RODIA Carmina ()

RODIA Luigi (20 Jun 1882 - 7 Jul 1882)
RODIA Luigi Antonio (20 Apr 1884 - 1918)
RODIA Rosalina (25 Feb 1886 - 22 Oct 1942)
RODIA [ CHG TO RODY] Pietro Antonio (Peter) (12 Jul 1889 - 6 Oct 1946)
RODIA Antonio (18 Apr 1891 - 27 Feb 1895)
RODIA Mario (16 Jan 1893 - 16 Jan 1893)
RODIA Petronilla (14 Sep 1894 - 1964)
RODIA Antonio (14 Dec 1896 - 2 Oct 1899)
RODIA Francesco (6 Oct 1898 - 1959)

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