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RODIA [ CHG TO RODY] Pietro Antonio (Peter)
Birth:          12 Jul 1889 Serino, Avellino, Italy
Death:          6 Oct 1946 
Burial:         Holy Cross Cemetery, Yeadon, Pa.

on 27 Apr 1904 on the Neckar arrives Pietro Rodia, 15, unm, barber, from Serino, going to Phila, his uncle 
Pasquale Agnese, 1180 S ?? St
[there is a passport application for Pietro Antonio Rodia, born at Italy 12 Jul 1889, arrived in US April 1904, 
father Antonio Rodia, deceased, naturalized 25 Apr 1918 -- this matches entry below -- he is going to Italy 
to "settle up an estate and attend to some legal matters now pending in court",age 29, 5' 3". medium 
forehead, brown eyes, straight nose, small mouth, round chin, black hair, dark complexion, oval face, 
identification attested by Josiah N. Kochersperger, whoknows him for 6 years, address for Pietro 2868 North 
Bambrey Street.
Attached is a letter in Italian, with translation: "My dear brother, In answer to the questions which you wrote 
to me directly first -- about the sum of 150 francs which mother is to receive monthly so far nothing has 
been received yet, therefore I went up to the Municipal authority of Serino and I made a certificate of claim, 
which took place yesterday that I went at Avellino to the American Red Cross and I made the ncessary 
claim so therefor when the money will reach us you will be notified immediately. About the case -- It is at 
the High Court of Appeal, which if there was no hope of winning it would have had been unncessary to 
appeal but we live with a hope of winning the case. It is not up to me but it is up to the concience of the 
Judges and the confidence of our lawyer. About the postponement of the case. It is not so necessary, 
because I belive that its discussion will take time yet and probably you will be here in time. Do you 
understand. Your brother Francesco Rodia]
on 8 May 1911 on the Duca Degli Abruzzi arrives the following: Luigi and
Rodia, Pietro, brother, 21, barber, from Serino, where lived with mother Carmina
on 21 July 1921 on the Providence arrived the following
Rodia, Pietro, 31, going to Phila, 
on 12 Aug 1921 on the Patria arrived the following
Rodia Pietro, 31, says "Rome Emb 1725" under "if native" column, naturalized in Phila County Court 25 Apr 
1918 lives 2920 N Ringgold St.
In the 1910 census, Pietro is recorded as Peter A. Roddy, a boarder with the Michael Mathew family at 874 
Mercer Street. He is 20, unmarried, b Italy, parents b Italy, arrived in 1904, he is a barber and has a barber 
shop. He's not on the 1920 census because he's back in Italy. 
1930 Phila census, 6503 Woodland Ave
Peter Rody 40, unm, barber, b Italy
Gabriel Clementone, 36, md age 32, contractor stone mason, b Italy
Petronilla Clementone, 36, b Italy
Lucy Clementone, 3y 3m b Penna.
1940 2011 S 65th St., Phila., Pa. barber
his funeral card
ww1 draft reg June 1917 Peter Rody 28, 2119 N Cambria St Phila, b 12 Jul 1889, Serino, declared intention 
to be citizen, self empl barber at 2868 N Bambrey St., dependent is mother and sister (father dead?), unm, 
med ht, stout, brown eyes, black hair
Pa Death cert on ancestry (in file)

RODIA Antonio ()
RODIA Carmina ()

RODIA Luigi (20 Jun 1882 - 7 Jul 1882)
RODIA Luigi Antonio (20 Apr 1884 - 1918)
RODIA Rosalina (25 Feb 1886 - 22 Oct 1942)
RODIA [ CHG TO RODY] Pietro Antonio (Peter) (12 Jul 1889 - 6 Oct 1946)
RODIA Antonio (18 Apr 1891 - 27 Feb 1895)
RODIA Mario (16 Jan 1893 - 16 Jan 1893)
RODIA Petronilla (14 Sep 1894 - 1964)
RODIA Antonio (14 Dec 1896 - 2 Oct 1899)
RODIA Francesco (6 Oct 1898 - 1959)

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