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SACCO Carmina
Birth:          1781 Garzano, Caserta, Italy
Death:          24 Jul 1842 Tuoro, Caserta, Italy

I doubt she is the Carmina Sacco b 1795 S. Nicola, La Strada, Caserta, Italy, d 3 June 1845 dtr of Nicola 
Sacco and Maria Conte. Now that we know her eldest is born 1795 or 1799 (depending on which record is 
used), she is b 1771 or so.

On Maria's birthcertificate it appears to say Catarina but also Carmina, as someone in the original over-
wrote. A witness on the certificate is Gennaro Sacco, age 60 (sessanta). (born 1751) Carlo's father? 
Possible. No. Check out the naming pattern on the Zampella notes.

But on Maria's death certificate it clear refers to Carmina Sacco.
Most Sacco entries on familysearch are in towns in Sicily.

On familysearch: Giuseppe Sacco, b 1779 Naples, md 13 Jul 1817 Civile, Capua, Caserta, Elizabetta 
Corsale. He is son of Francesco and Rosa (Sicolo) Sacco
Pasqua Rosa Sacco, b 1791 San Clemente, dtr of Alessandro and Giovanna (Natale) Sacco, md 8 Jan 
1815 Civile, Capua, Caserta, Andrea Dello Stritto
Ageta Sacco b 1781 San Giuliano, Teano, dtr of Tommaso and Catarina (Di Cicco) Sacco, md 1 Oct 1828 
Civile, Carinola, Caserta Filippa Provitola
death cert of Carmina Sacco

SACCO Alessandro ()
ESPOSITO Palma (1731 - 21 Nov 1824)

SACCO Carmina (1781 - 24 Jul 1842)

Marriage To ZAMPELLA Carlo (1772 - 30 Mar 1844) m. Notes Parents ZAMPELLA Bartolomeo (ABT 1745 - ) VARRONE Catarina (ABT 1745 - ) Children by ZAMPELLA Carlo 1772 - 30 Mar 1844
ZAMPELLA Maria Maddalena (4 Oct 1811 - 15 Jul 1842)
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