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ZAPPONE Domenico Biase Sebastiano
Birth:          2 Feb 1810 Caserta, Italy
Death:          26 Dec 1879 Tuoro, Caserta, Italy

Also had a child Maria Grazia, born 1842.
He is recorded as the son of a foundling
Also, his marriage certificate to Maria Antonia Natale refers to his origins as genitori ignorati (unknown 

familysearch record of his marriage to Antonia Natale says he is born in Signora and she is born in Tuoro 
(and marr cert says same thing)
his second marriage is 8 Oct 1842 in Tuoro, Caserte, Italy (parish of Santo Stefano), to Maria Antonia 
Natale. She is b 20 Aug 1818. dtr of Carlo Natale and Maria Rosa Castiello (figured it out by going to 
familysearch), who md 1813 in Tuoro, Caserta. (He is son of Tommaso Natale and Maria Rosa Postiglione, 
md 7 Jun 1813 in Caserta, Caserta, he age 20 (b 1793), she age 16 (b 1797)).

 Children were Carlo Antonio (b 1843), Giovannia Antonio (b 1845), Francesco Antonio (b 1848, d young), 
Francesco Antonio (b 1850), Maria Grazia (b 1852) (which suggests that the first child by that name had 
died), and Maria Rosa (b 1855).

On birth certificate of Carlo Antonio living in Garzano, parish of Santo Pietro. Ditto for Giovanni Antonio 
Andrea Zappone. For Francesco Antonio Stefano Zappone (b 1848), they are in parish of Santo Stefano in 
Tuoro, Caserta. Ditto Francesco Antonio Andrea, and Maria Grazia Rosa, and Maria Rosa

Giovanni married 29 August 1870 Rosa Tommaselli of Naples and in 10 Oct 1872 Maria Carfagna of S. 
Maria Capua vetere.

Note that frequent use of Antonio for children of both marriages suggests a clue as to what Dominic thought 
his father's name was? Why the triple name for Nicola Rocco Antonio?

Naming patterns suggest father of Domenico OR of Maria Zampells is Nicola and the other father is Antonio, 
and that the mother of one is Grazia and of the other, Rosa.

His birth affidavit has testimony of Luigi di Blasio and Giuseppe Bosco
It also shows he was given three names separated by commas: Domenico, Biase, and what appears to be 

Marriage record says he is 28, a peasant, living in Garzano, 

birth certificate of Nicola is from San Pietro Parish in Garzano. Same for Maria Grazia b 1842.

Italy Marr 1809-1900 on fam search

In Caserta there are families named Zuppone and Sapone (per familysearch indexes, could be misreading of 
actual document), with marriages with families also in the Zappone line. E.g.,
Giuseppe Zuppone b 1802 son of Domenico Zuppone and Maria Camporeale, md 20 Dec 1837 Caserta, 
Maria Cardella b 1796 dtr of Antonio and Matrona (Di Lella) Cardella, md 19 Aug 1847 Caserta Maria 
Antonia Mazzarella b 1821 dtr of Pietro and Maria (Di Prisco) Mazzarella
There are several hundred Sapone entries in Caserta Province on familysearch
The Phoenixville Sappones show up as Sappone on the 1930 census

Death cert of Domenico Zappone in Tuoro records on familysearch. Gives parents as unknown, age 80, his 
wife Antonia Natale is alive

So who is the Domenico Zappone who died in Caserta 13 Feb 1912, age 63 (b 1849), born in Caserta, son 
of the late Giuseppe Zappone and the late Antonia Mazzanella, husband of Fortuna d'Agostino?

lived on Strada Brignola in 1849, occ. contadino Antonia occ filatrice
lived on Strada Cancallo in 1851, both occ contadino

Marriage To ZAMPELLA Maria Maddalena (4 Oct 1811 - 15 Jul 1842) m. 24 Mar 1839 Tuoro, Caserta, Italy Notes his first Parents ZAMPELLA Carlo (1772 - 30 Mar 1844) SACCO Carmina (1781 - 24 Jul 1842) Children by ZAMPELLA Maria Maddalena 4 Oct 1811 - 15 Jul 1842
ZAPPONE Nicola Rocco Antonio (23 Jan 1840 - 26 Sep 1914) ZAPPONE Maria Grazia (14 Jul 1842 - )
Marriage To NATALE Maria Antonia (20 Aug 1818 - 28 Apr 1886) m. 8 Oct 1842 Santo Stefano, Tuoro, Caserte, Italy Notes Parents NATALE Carlo () CASTIELLO Maria Rosa () Children by NATALE Maria Antonia 20 Aug 1818 - 28 Apr 1886
ZAPPONE Carlo Antonio (7 Aug 1843 - 20 Jun 1844) ZAPPONE Giovanni Antonio Andrea (12 Jul 1845 - ) ZAPPONE Francesco Antonio Stefano (17 Aug 1848 - 21 Nov 1849) ZAPPONE Francesco Antonio Andrea (20 Aug 1850 - 5 Jul 1851) ZAPPONE Maria Grazia Rosa (3 Sep 1852 - 9 Sep 1852) ZAPPONE Maria Rosa (5 Oct 1855 - 8 Jul 1856)
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