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ZONA Giuseppe
Birth:          1808 Centurano, San Clemente, Caserta, Italy
Death:          6 Mar 1894 Centurano, San Clemente, Caserta, Italy

Giuseppe Zona on documents from Italy
Giuseppe Nicola Zona from www.familysearch
There is a Maria Sarchione Lucia Zona b c 1832 who m Nicola Di Antonio Zona c 1853, she b c 1832. Is 
she named after her grandmother? Is she the daughter of a brother of Giuseppe?
In the online records of Caserta on familysearch, there are children born to a Domenico Zona and his wife 
Maddalena Abbate. I think this Domenico is a brother of Clementina.
20 Oct 1871 Caserta deaths, Alessandro Zona, 80, born in Centurano, widower of Angela Maria Zampella, 
son of Crescenzo Zona and Alessandra Brignola. Per familysearch index, She is dtr of Gennaro Zampella 
and Vincenza D'Ambrosio
He and Maria had a daughter, Maria Giovanni Zona, born 10 Feb 1843, Calvi Risorta, Caserta, death "Sob, 
Calvi Risorta, Caserta." How can this be if Clementina born 9 Jan 1843? Do I have the wrong parents for 
her?? YES ... Giuseppe is not married to Maria Giuseppe Prata. And now unsure of his ancestry.

If I'm rereading the baptism certificate of Clementina correctly, her mother is not Maria Prata but Luisa 
something with begins with an O or a D. I think it is Denza, which is an Italian surname, and there are a few 
in Caserta. It's not Danza .... that family is from a different area of Italy.

Per Clementina Zona's birth certificate, Giuseppe lists his occupation as contadino, which means peasant. 
Birth recorded in San Clemente. HIS age is given as trentacinque, which is 35. So he is born in 1808!!!!

on Alessandro Zona, b 1835, son of Giuseppe Zona and Luisa Denza, md 29 Mar 
1862, San Clemente, Caserta, Angela Maria Perriello, b 1832, dtr of Salvatore Perriello and Teresa Sacco.

I will guess that the following entry relates: Cuona Sposito b 1826, son of Antonio Sposito and Maddalena 
Cerillo, md 22 May 1856 San Clemente, Caserta, Alessandra Zona, b 1835, dtr of Alessandro Zona and 
Angela Maria Zampella. I think Alessandro is a brother of Giuseppe.
found his death: 20 Oct 1871 Caserta deaths, Alessandro Zona, 80, born in Centurano, widower of Angela 
Maria Zampella, son of Crescenzo Zona and Alessandra Brignola
and from Carmela Zona is dtr of Crescenzo and 
Alessandra, so I think she is a sister of Giuseppe
Then there is Raffaele Zampella, b 1837, son of Gennaro Zampella and Rosa Pietrosanto, md 22 Oct 1859 
San Clemente, Caserta, Alessandra Zona b 1835, dtr of Alessandro Zona and Agnela Maria Zampella. It 
appears her first husband died.

Also from familysearchlabs: Domenico Ianniello, b 1820, son of Giovanni Ianniello and Teresa Fusco, md 17 
Feb 1847 San Clemente, Caserta, Maria Carmela Zona, b 1820, dtr of Crescenzo Zona and Alesandra 
Brignola. Is Crescenzo a brother of Giuseppe and Alessandro?

OK, so who is Giuseppe Zona, b c 1765, d 16 Feb 1845, son of Pasquale Zona and Anna Santillo, who md 
c 1808 in Calvi Risorta, Orsola Salierno, b c 1774, d 13 Aug 1844, dtr of Lorenzo Salierno and Agnese 
Martino. Note place of marriage is where Giuseppe Nicola Zona is born in 1813 (and he's not the one we 
want). Could this be the parentage of our Giuseppe Zona? Hmmm. REMEMBER ... the parents of Giuseppe 
Nicola Zona b in Calvi Risorta are Antonio Zona and Maria Sarchione.

Could Luisa be sister of Antonio Denza b 1800, md 13 Feb 1825 in San Clemente, Caserta, Marta Maria 
Ricciardo? HE is son of Marco Denza and Anna Brancaccio. Would make her sister of Michele Denza, b 
1797 in San Clemente, md 24 Jul 1824 Maria Gaetana Vigliante

Or sister of Maria Francesca Denza, b Caserta 1804, dtr of Giuseppe Denza and Carmela Ronchelli (md 11 
Feb 1823 Pietro Tagliafierro in Caserta). Would make her sister of Maria Gaetana Denza, b 1812 Caserta, 
md 18 Sep 1845 Nicola Biffaro. And sister of Maria Teresa Denza, b 1809 Caserta, md 5 dec 1830 
Pasquale Acelli in Caserta. And sister of Michele Denza, b 1811 Caserta, md 19 Feb 1835 Nicoletta 
Tolentino in Caserta (another record says Michelangelo Denza b 1806 Caserta, md Nicoletta Tolentino 1834 
Caserta) That last record comes from Francesco De Benedetto, Quartiere Bettinzoli 3 i-25124 Brescia, 
Italia, a person who also entered info on Giuseppe Zona. Hmm.

Or sister of Maria Maddalena Denza, b 1790 in San Clemente, dtr of Francesco Denza and Faustina 
Zuppardi, md Gennaro Oliviero 25 Oct 1832 in Caserta?

Or sister of Domenico Denza, b 1797 Centurano, Caserat, md Rosa Ricciardi in 1820 in Centurano. Info 
from Francesco Di Benedetto, who supplied other Denza and Zona info to familysearch sources. From 
familysearch labs, Domenico and Rosa had Anna Maria Elisabetta Denza (b 1824), md 5 Oct 1850 San 
Clemente, Caserta, Giuseppe Russo, b 1818, son of Filippo Russo and Alesandra Cicia, and md 18 Mar 
1858 San Clemente, Caserta, Domenico Lombardo, b 1834, son of Maiorano Lombardo and Gabriela Bove.

Also from familysearchlabs: Domenico Denza, b 1839 son of Antonio Denza ad Marta Maria Ricciardi, md 
11 Mar 1865 San Clemente, Caserta, Angela Maria Vasta, b 1842, dtr of Francesco Vasta and Maria 
Giovanna Cecere.

And: Domenico Denza, b 1795, son of Marco Denza and Anna Brancaccio, md 11 Jan 1823 San Clemente, 
Caserta, Rosa Riccardo, dtr of Agostino Riccardo and Gelsomina Mandato.
Antonio Denza, b 1800, son of Marco Denza and Anna Brancaccio, md 13 Feb 1825 San Clemente, 
Caserta, Marta Maria Ricciardo, b 1800, dtr of Felice Ricciardo and Maria Viscardo
Death cert in San Clemente records on familysearch gives his surname as DIZONE!!! Died 6 Mar 1894, age 
86 (b 1808), and yes, is son of Crescenzo Zona and Alessandra Brignola.  Lives at viella Marzano 
(consistent with daughter's marr cert info) Widower of Maria Giuseppa Denza. not Luisa? I think the person 
providing the information was wrong about her name. 
Interesting: when I search for dizone in familysearch, the marriage of Alessandro Zona and Angela Maria 
Zampella shows up.
Several records for other members of the family use Dizzone

ZONA Crescenzo ()
BRIGNOLA Alessandra ()

ZONA Giuseppe (1808 - 6 Mar 1894)

Marriage To DENZA Maria Giuseppa Clementin (Luisa) (1810 - 13 Oct 1877) m. Notes Parents D'ENZA Marco () BRANCACCIO Anna () Children by DENZA Maria Giuseppa Clementin (Luisa) 1810 - 13 Oct 1877
ZONA Clementina (9 Jan 1843 - 10 Jun 1917)
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