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RODIA Carmina

allegedly "not related" to Louis (but probably is a distant cousin)
[continued from Louis' entry]
Now for another John Rodia with interesting information on his naturalization records.
He lives at 1808 S 13th St. He is a tailor. He was b 9 June 1901 at Terino (must be Serino), arrived 10 Apr 
1920 on the Taormina. His witnesses: Michael Grasso, an adjuster, resides 1835 Moore St. (recall the 
surname Grasso shows up several times in Rodia records), and Pellegrino Agnes, a builder living at 2312 S 
9th St. Another child of Pasquale Agnesi?

Another interesting one. Pasquale Rodia, 1536 S Iseminger St., barber b 2 June 1874 Rivattoli, Italy, arrived 
14 Apr 1895, wife Antonetta, children Charles b 2 Oct 1908 Phila, Nicholas, 23 Dec 1909 Phila (and per 
1910 census, he calls himself Peter)

There is another Pasquale Rodia, also a barber, b Serino, 20 Aug 1884, lives 743 Porter St., arrived 5 June 
1902. Not married. One of the witnesses is Giuseppe Rodia, a musician, who lives at 1541 S 8th St. 

Next, Stanislao Rodia, a barber, b 6 Feb 1853 in Serino, lives 1541 S 8th St, arrived 16 May 1894 on the 
Werra, wife Giovanna, b Serino, children Lucia, b 6 May 1880 Serino, Maria 17 Aug 1883 NY, Giuseppe 9 
Mar 1885 Phila, Ernesto 13 June 1891 Phila, Liberato 19 Jan 1895 Phila, Genoveffa, 3 Jan 1896 Phila. One 
of the witnesses is the same Giuseppe Rodia, musician, 1541 S 8th St

And, Vito Rodia, musician, b 7 Mar 1868 St Michele di Serino, lives 730 Catharine St,  arrived 20 Oct 1895, 
wife Antonetta, b Boscatresa Italy. children Emilio 5 Dec 1895 Boscotrecose, Italy, Elvira 7 Mar 1897 Phila, 
Edward 5 Jan 1903 Phila, Annia 9 Jan 1905 Phila, Genoveffa 10 May 1909 Phila, witnesses Rocco Carlante 
and Frank Rizzo. (both are musicians) I wonder if that's the former mayor's father? !! No

The town that appears in these records with various spellings is Rivatoli, where Sabato Rodia, the famous 
sculptor, was born. It is near Serino.

I also dug up a passport application (3 Aug 1920) for the Francesco/Frank Rodia who lived in Paterson NJ 
(recall that your uncle Francesco wrote letters to relatives there). He gives his name as Franchi Rodia, his 
wife Teresa, age 45 b Serino, daughter Mary age 9 b Paterson. He was born Serino 4 Oct 1865, his father 
being Tobias Rodia who was born in Italy and is deceased. He arrived 16 Jan 1899, and was naturalized 2 
Feb 1906 in Paterson. They are going to Italy "for benefit of rheumatism of myself and wife and to visit 
relatives" and in the affidavit the witnesses identify him as Francesco Rodia.

May 1909 on the Verona arrived in Phila Antonio Agnes, 27, farm laborer, b Serino, wife Antonia nearest 
relative, is in Serino, going to brother Pellegrino, 722 Wharton St, Phila 

21 Dec 1913 on the America arrived in Phila Aniello Agnes, 17, farm laborer, and Pellegrino Agnes, 29, farm 
laborer, both born Serino. Aniello's nearest relative is his father Carlo. Pellegrino's is his wife Rosa 
Margretto, Aniello paid for his own passage, Pellegrino's was paid by his fatherinlaw, Aniello is going to his 
cousin Pellegrino Agnes, 1629 Porter St., and Pellegrino is going to his father in law Vito Margiatto, 130 S 
Sheridan St.

9 May 1912 on the America arrives Pellegrino Agnes, 19, b Serino, nearest relative in Serino his father Luigi, 
where is he going? to his uncle Pasquale Agnes!!!! 1914 Passyunk Ave.

I find Pasquial Agnes in the 1910 census index but the link doesn't go to the proper page. Per the index, 
there is Pasquial 49 (b 1861), wife Lizze, 47, Peter 18, Anthony 12, Michael 9, Adaline 5. He is listed as 
father-in-law. To whom? B Italy. children are listed as in laws, so apparently a Millie Manford, married to a 
James Manford, is the dauther of Pasquial and Lizzie. Their children: Albert, James, Alice, Marie.

In 1920 I find the James Agnes, who must be the one who is a naturalization witness. He is at 1629 Porter 
St. age 34 (b 1885), arrived 1897, naturalized 1909, b Italy, barber, wife Anna 30 (b 1889), b Pa, son 
Paschall 11 b Pa, dtr Frances 6, b Pa, son James Jr, 4y2m b Pa

At 5631 Appletree St is Peter Agnes, 26 (b 1893), arrived 1894, b Italy, chauffeur, wife Emma 24 b Pa, dtr 
Madeline 6, b Pa

In 1930 at 1509 Moore St is Paschall Agnes, age 69, age 22 when married b Italy, switchman for railroad, 
wife Elizabeth 67, age 20 when married, b Italy, son Michael, 29, age 27 when married b Pa, florist, 
daughter in law Eleanor, 28, age 26 when married, b Pa, cigar maker, daughter Alice Manfredi, 23, b Pa, 
musician, dtr Millie Manfredi, 21, b Pa, no occ, son in law William Versaci, 19 b Pa, shoemaker, dtr Lucy 
Versaci, 18, b Pa telephone operator, granddtr Elizabeth Agnes 19, b Pa, grandson William Manfredi 21 b 
Pa musician

Also in 1930, at 1629 Porter St, Vincent Agnes 44 md age 23, b Italy, barber, wife Anna 41 md age 19, b 
Pa, son Paschal, 21 b Pa, dtr Elizabeth 17 b Pa, file clerk, son Jeremiah 15 b Pa, dtr Rita 7 b Pa

Also in 1930, at 3057 N 24th, a boarder, Angelo Agnes, arrived 1906, age 42, unm, works in automobile 

Also in 1930, at 2312 Ninth St, Peter Agnes age 37 md age 22, b Italy, arr 1912, carpenter contractor, wife 
Anna, age 32, md age 27 b Pa, son Lous 12 b Pa. Is Anna 2d wife?

Also in 1930, at 16something Marston St., Peter L Agnes, 35, md age 18, arr 1896, b Italy, chauffeur for 
taxi co., wife Emma 32, md age 18 b Pa, dtr Madelyne 16, b Pa works in some sort of factory (bad 
handwriting), dtr Brenda age 9 b PA

per WW1 draft registration for Pellegrino Agnes, he lives at 1240 S Sheridan, Phila, b 22 June 1885, wife 
Rose, works for Pa RR
per WW1 draft registration for Vincenzo Agnes, he lives at 1629 Porter St , Phila, b 22 Dec 1885, barber, 
wife Anna.
per WW1 draft registration for Liberato Agnes, lives at 5631 Appletree St, b 9 Nov 1893, non-naturalized, b 
Naples, Italy, self-employed chauffeur, has wife and child does not give names
per WW1 draft registration for Pellegrino Agnes, lives 602 Kimball St, Phila, b 5 May 1893, non-naturalized, 
has declared intention, b Serino, occ cooper for Gimbel Bros, has wife and baby, no names given
per WW1 draft registration for Anthony Agnes, lives 2621 S Mole St, Phila, b 17 Apr 1898, chauffeur for 
Downey Contracting Co, at Navy Yard, wife Mrs. Cecelia Agnes

Arrive Feb 1921 on Ferdinando Palasciano, Carlo Agnese, 64 (1857) laborer, from Serino, Fioravante, 21 
(1900), laborer, wife Teresa 30 (1890), relatives in Serino: Carlo's son and Fioravante's brother Antionia, 
going to Aniello, 1821 S 8th St..

1900 census 721 Whitney St, Phila
Anges [Agnes] Pasquale Feb 1861 Italy md 17 yrs brickmaker
Elizabeth May 1863 Italy
Millie Feb 1884 Italy coat maker
James Dec 1885 Italy barber
Corinato Mar 1888 Italy (dtr) coat maker
Francesco Oct 1891 Italy (dtr)
Libra Nov 1893 Italy (son)
Antonio Apr 1897 Pa
Pasquale arr 1894, rest in 1897

Mose Rodia
Birth:  1895 
Death:  1965 
and photos in files 
Stone says wife Letizia b 1897 d 1933
From nancy:
Surnames: Ziccardi, Grasso, Agnese, Rocco 
My Uncle Al Ziccardi and I am looking for any relations or information on my Great-Grandfather Alfonso 
(aka. Vito Antonio) Ziccardi (b.1873) and his brothers Biagio(b.about 1869), Antonio (b. about 1867), 
Vincenzo (b. about 1871), Gabriele (b. about 1875) and Giovanni (b. about 1878). We have learned that they 
were born in Serino, Italy. Their parents were Ferdinando Ziccardi & Maria Rocco. Alfonso and his brother 
Biagio went to South America before coming to the United States. Their other brothers remained in Italy. 
One or both of them lived in the Pittsburgh area, possibly Dunbar and worked in the coal mines. Alfonso 
married Vincentina Anna Grasso in 1896. She was also from Avellino. Vincentina Anna Grasso lived in 
Mount Pleasant, PA and then moved to Dunbar, PA, where I believe she married Alfonso. Vincentina's 
parents were Gennaro Grasso and Mary Agnese (shortened to Agnes). She was the oldest of 5 children. 
She had 4 brothers - Leo, William, Frank Anthony, John & Henry. Alfonso immigrated to the US in 1889 or 
1891 according to 1920 & 1930 US Census Records. They moved to Philadelphia in 1899-1900.
Alfonso was known as Thomas Vito and Vito Antonio. They had 10 children. Rose, David, Albert, Harry, 
Daniel, Carmen, Francis, WIlliam, Alfred (my grandfather) & Anna. No one knows what happened to Albert, 
Harry or Daniel.

And from
I am searching for information on my great-grandmother's family. Her name was Vincentina Anna Grasso. 
She was born in Avellino, Italy and then came to the United States in the early 1890's. Her parents were 
Gennaro (Henry) Grasso and Maria (Mary) Agnese (shortened to Agnes). Vincentina and her parents moved 
to Mount Pleasant, PA where I believe she married Alfonso Vito Antonio (Thomas) Ziccardi. Vincentina had 
5 younger brothers all born in Mount Pleasant, PA - Leo, William, Frank Anthony, John and Henry. The 
family then moved to Dunbar, PA. Henry moved his family to Philadelphia in 1899 near 7th & Federal 
Streets. He opened the Grasso Funeral Home in 1950. VIncentina also moved to Philadelphia with her 
husband Alfonso (Thomas Vito) Ziccardi and raised their family. 
The parents of Alfonso (Thomas Vito) Ziccardi were Ferdinando & Maria Rocco from Serino, Avellino, Italy. If 
anyone has any information on the Grasso, Agnes, Rocco or Ziccardi families, please contact me.

From Nancy
So Gennaro Grasso has a wife Maria (Mary) Agnese shortened to Agnes and they have a daughter 
Vincentina Anna who marries Alfonso Ziccardo. Alfonso's parents are Ferdinando Ziccardo and Maria 
So who is M Agnese Rocco who arrived in NY in 12/21/1895?  a coincidence, perhaps, as these names are 
very common?

Holy Cross
Rodia Frank F b 17 Jul 1918 d 1 Dec 1994, US Army WW2 bur Sec 1 R-15
Rodia Letizia b 1897 d 4/16/ 1905 Sec H Range 7
Rodia Luis d 16 Jul 1999 h/o Anne (Matuijosaitis)
Rodia Mose b 1895 d 5/18/1905 Sec H Range 7
SS Peter and Paul
Rodia Marie (Rebecca) d 30 Jan 1999 w/o Frank

The Raffaele Brescia listed as a brother in law by Pasquale Agnese (arr 18 May 1905 on Sicilia) at 1104 S 
Franklin is, in 1900, 1013 S 7th, b Mar 1870 Italy, day laborer, arr 1896, wife Lucia Jan 1866 Italy, arr 1898 
as did kids, all b Italy exc last, Raffaele Oct 1889, Maria May 1892, Joseph Feb 1896, Laurenzo Jun 1899
25 Dec 2011
awt Stevens Fam Tree
Pasquale Agnes b c 1860 Serino
d c 1937 Phila.
arr 1894
wife Elisabetta Tormalino (1862-1943)
ch: Carmela (Millie) (1883-1924), Vincent (Jim), 1885-?, Clarinda (Clara) (1888-1968), Francesca (Frances) 
(1890-?), Peter Liberato (1892-1983), Anthony (1898-?), Michael (1900-1968), Adalene (1905-1918), Theresa 
(1908-1909), Elizabeth (1911-2005)
Says Pasquale had a brother Carlo and a brother Louis, and that Louis is the father of Pellegrino (1893-
tree has some descendants. Sent message to tree owner
email from Mom 10 Jan 2012: Notes:  My cousin Lucy has three children:  Anthony, Marion and Peter  
(Peter is a lawyer)   My Uncle Louis (Lugi) died in 1918 (the same year that my brother Nicholas was 
born----that is why my brother Nicholas has middle name of Louis)
----------correspondence with Eileen Lynch and Betty Tascione---------------
from Eileen Lynch:
Hi, Jim, 
I'm no longer an Ancestry subscriber so I had to sign up for a free trail to contact you. So, in the future if 
you want to contact me, please use my email address: 

The Agnes-Rodia connection is a convoluted one. When my grandmother Elizabeth Tormalino Agnes was a 
little girl, her mother died. Her father,a carabiniere, remarried and had 3 children. When he died at an early 
age, Elizabeth's step-mother sent her to an orphanage. One of her half-sisters later married a man whose 
surname was Rodia. Of their 3 children, Peter and Petronella came to the U.S. and stayed with my 
grandfather and grandmother Agnes whom they considered as their aunt and uncle. Another Rodia brother 
remained in Italy and became a concert pianist. Peter tried to get him into the U.S. but couldn't because his 
brother had joined the fascist party. I got most of this information from my cousin Betty Versace Tascione, 
daughter of Elizabeth Agnes Versace. Betty is big on family history and said she would be glad to answer 
any questions you might have about the family. You can reach her at 
(Betty lives in Marlton, NJ and I live in Ambler, PA.) 

As for my grandfather, he is most likely the Pasquale Agnes who arrived in 1894 (or possibly earlier) His 
wife and their five children followed later. The reason I am pretty certain is that my father Michael was the 
fourth of the five born in the U.S. and he was born in 1900. 

So, we are indeed 3rd or 4th cousins! Good luck with your research and all good wishes for joy, peace, and 
health in 2012. Eileen
Hi, Jim, 
Yes, Michael Agnes is my father; Pasquale Agnes, my grandfather. Come January, I'll be glad to share what 
information I I am entertaining out-of-town guests until New Year Day. Do you know the names of 
your maternal grandmother's parents? It might help me piece together what I know of the Agnes family tree. 

Best wishes for the New Year, 
Eileen Agnes Lynch
Good morning,
There are so many areas I need to address...however let me start with the easiest for me anyway.
Yes Peter Rodia and Petronella were the nephew and niece of my Grandmother Agnes. They were the 
children of her half sister. I didn't know the other 2 sons that you mentioned. Tho I did hear that Peter tried 
to get his musician brother to come to the United States, but because he was tied in with the fascists...was 
not allowed to leave Italy. 
Peter Rodia was a barber and had a shop on Woodland Ave, in Southwest Phila.
Lived with his sister Petronella and her husband Gabriele Clementone and their daughter Lucy on I believe 
65th St. near Chester Ave. in S/W Philly. I remember going there many times as a little child.
I found in my mother's belongings and I kept...the prayer card for Peter. He passed away Oct.6, 1946...and 
the strangest thing...the card was printed as Peter Rody.
I know that my Grandparents loved the both of them very much. They were so much a part of the family 
coming to visit  every Sunday. They trusted Peter so much, that he was the executor of their "estate."
You also mentioned that we didn't know the name of the grandfather of Pasquale, Luigi, Carlo...I feel that it 
was Pellegrino...since it is the Italian custom to name one or perhaps the first-born son after the paternal 
grandfather. And Luigi did Carlo. Pasquale did not for whatever reason. Luigi's son Pellegrino... now 
deceased founded P. Agnes Builders...and Carlo's son Pellegrino, also deceased...still has family in So. 
Philly around 8th & Morris Sts.
The above is for "starters"...I will send you more, as I read each of the paragraphs that you sent.
Have a GREAT day!!!
Just read both your emails. I have more data for you. Will send later. FYI... Judge William Manfredi is the 
grandson of Carmela (Millie) Agnes who married a Vincent (Jim) Manfredi. The judge's father is a first cousin 
to Eileen and me. Here we the judge my first cousin removed? or a second cousin. Whatever...we 
are very close. Same with John Stevens...his great grand mother was Carmela (Millie) Agnes. Just to tie in 
how we are ALL connected.
Good morning Jim,
Haven't forgotten you. Just spent a few days in NYC with my daughter and am back "in town."
I do plan to go into the boxes of photos that I packed away when I moved. I am so certain that I still have 
Petronilla's wedding photo. Just where...I don't know. Never thought I would need to go thru the old 
photos...but happy to do so. And somewhere too...packed away safely is my uncle Liberati, aka Peter's 
baptisimal papers from Italy...and I am trying to remember if my grandmother's maiden name was on that 
paper...with the correct spelling of her name. I thought we spelt it correctly...but you mentioned you couldn't 
find anything with the name that you had.
Your Mom sent an email correcting the spelling of Clementone...which I knew. Do you know where Lucy is 
now? I know she did live in Yeadon after her marriage...and unfortunately we lost contact...after I moved to 
Long Island, NY. This is certainly bringing back memories. Lucy was such a brilliant young I 
remember...and was planning to become a doctor.
In reading your original email to mentioned Pellegrino Agnes...a builder, which today his company 
is the prominent...P.Agnes Builders. You are so right. He was the son of my grandfather's brother Luigi.
He married Anna Trombetta. Had 2 children...Louis Agnes...and Mae Agnes Pasquariello. 
Before I went to NY...I wrote to Mae...asking her about your family, the Grasso's, the Carlo Agnes family 
from 8th and Morris Sts. and also the Agnes family in Paterson. I haven't heard from her...but I am certain I 
You also mentioned my uncle Vincent (Jim) Agnes. He had a barber shop on Porter St. Married Anna 
Capio...had 4 children...Paschal Agnes, Elisabeth Agnes Dragonetti, Jerimiah Agnes, Rita Agnes Biscotti.
Very definitely we are family...third, fourth cousins...who knows. I am not certain either.
Have a GREAT day!!!
email to Mom 18 June 2014
You were born at 2529 South Sartain Street, where your family was living at the time.

In car #5 in your mother's funeral procession is Maria Rodia, at 2539 South Sartain Street. That's five doors 
down from where you lived, though 17 years later. In the car with her are Catherina Wynor, Felice Rocco, 
Dominico Rodia, and Michael Di Longo.

In the 1940 census, at 2539 South Sartain Street:

Rodia, Mary  head age 58 (b 1881/2) born Italy
Rodia, George age 21 (b 1918/9) born Pa. laborer building construction
Rodia, Jennie age 27 (b 1912/3) born Pa. no occ
Rodia, Pasquale age 37 (b 1902/3) born Pa. laborer, clothing
Rodia, Carmella age 18 (b 1921/2) born Pa. operator, dresses

This George and his wife, using the name Rody, sent a Mass card when your brother Frank died. In the 
Pantarelli Family tree, he appears as George Rodia, b 24 Nov 1919 in Philadelphia, died 24 Nov 2009, wife 
Josephine. In the Philadelphia Marriage Index there is a George Rodia married to Josephine Cimino in 1946.

Another Pantarelli tree shows George's death 23 Nov 2007 in Atlantic City. He and his wife had at least one 
daughter, who is listed as "Private" on both trees.

AHA! In findagrave I track down Jennie Rodia, and there is a picture of the stone.

On the stone: 
Carlo Rodia 1888 - 1947 [Your brother Frank had a prayer card from Carlo's funeral; he d. 21 Jan 1947]
Raffaella Rodia 1891 - 1953
Samuel Rody 1913 - 1985 [he and his wife also sent a Mass card when your brother Frank died]
Mary Rody 1914 - 1991
Jennie V. Rodia 1910 - 1943
Maria Rodia 1884 - 1913
Pat Rody 1905 - 1992 [Pat is a nickname for Pasquale]
John M. Woyner 1943 - 1943
Catherine Woyner 1904 - 1983 [she is in car #5 in your mother's funeral procession, see above, with the 
name misspelled]

From the Philadelphia Marriage Index, in 1909  Carlo Rodia married Raffaele Pente

According to immigration records, Carlo arrived on 29 Oct 1896 at the age of 7, with Anna Rodia, age 4, 
presumably his sister, Luigi Rodia, 23 (his father? Might the age be wrong? See next entry), and after 
Luigi's name and before the children's names is Teresa Antonia di Pellegrini, age 33 (b 1862/3). Is Luigi age 
33 and not 23 (either b 1862/3 or 1872/3)?

According to the Rody Family Tree on ancestry, Carlo and Raffaele Pente had two children: Joseph and 
Samuel. Raffaelle b 27 Apr 1892 in Avellino, died in 1953. Joseph (Joseph Rody) b 7 Oct 1911 in 
Philadelphia, died 21 Oct 1991 in Moorestown, NJ, married Katherine Orlando (1911-1990), no children 
listed. Samuel (Samuel Rody) born 26 July 1913, died Nov 1985 in Philadelphia, married Mary DiMarino 
(1914-1991), had a son, no name provided. They sent a Mass card when your brother Frank died. Mrs. 
Carlo Rody and her sons sent flowers to your mother's funeral.

This family group, on which I had previously gathered some information, definitely is related.

I'm now going to try to figure out Luigi Rodia who arrived with Teresa, Carlo, and Anna. I have found all sorts 
of information but I cannot yet piece the various groups together. 

Rodia Fam Tree on ancestry ha Mose Rodia as son of Francesco Rodia and Rosa Verderame [I've seen 
that name elsewhere. immigration?]

notes from deleted unnamed Tormalino:
email from Eileen Agnes Lynch (in Carmina Tormalino's notes)
a carabiniere
Name as spelled does not come up in ancestry or family search. The latter has three entries for Tormalina, 
in Sessa Aurunca, Caserta.
Name also shows up as Tormolino
Eileen Agnes Lynch, "We Are Family"

Marriage To RODIA Antonio () m. Notes Children by RODIA Antonio
RODIA NOT CHILD BUT PLACE TO HOLD NOTES () RODIA Luigi (20 Jun 1882 - 7 Jul 1882) RODIA Luigi Antonio (20 Apr 1884 - 1918) RODIA Rosalina (25 Feb 1886 - 22 Oct 1942) RODIA [ CHG TO RODY] Pietro Antonio (Peter) (12 Jul 1889 - 6 Oct 1946) RODIA Antonio (18 Apr 1891 - 27 Feb 1895) RODIA Mario (16 Jan 1893 - 16 Jan 1893) RODIA Petronilla (14 Sep 1894 - 1964) RODIA Antonio (14 Dec 1896 - 2 Oct 1899) RODIA Francesco (6 Oct 1898 - 1959)
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