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RODIA Rosalina
Birth:          25 Feb 1886 Serino, Prov Avellino, Italy
Death:          22 Oct 1942 Philadelphia, Pa.
Cause of Death: endocarditis
Burial:         27 Oct 1942 Holy Cross Cemetery, Yeadon, Delaware Co., Pa.

1920 census, arr in 1912, natur 1913.
1920 at 2920 Ringgold St Phila.
St. Mary of the Eternal is at 22nd and Clearfield
according to Ellis Island records for her brother Peter, they have an uncle Pasquale Agnes (Agnesi), who in 
turn has a brother-in-law Raffaele Brescia. On one trip, Peter has a Michele Ferm___ "cousin of Rodia Salv"
1910 trip, arrives in Phila on Ancona, refers to wife Vittoria and father Francesco in Serino.
[where are all my notes, including where I found him in Phila on census? and tracked other people. Cannot 
find the email to Mom that I'm sure I wrote]
Agnes, Pasquale, 32, ar 13 May 1893 on the Cheribon, occ "ciller" last resid Serino, intended to go to NY,
Agnes, Pasquale, 33, arr 28 Apr 1894,  on the Belgravia, occ laborer, last resid Serino, going to Phila., with 
him is Liberata Agnes, 30, last resid Serino, going to Phila
Agnes, Pasquale, 33, arr 18 May 1905, peasant, on the Sicilia, from Serino, going to Phila, pd own 
passage, first time in US, going to brother in law Bresoia Raffaele, 1104 So Franklin, Phila, 
with him is Verderame, Michele, 36, peasant, from Serino, passage paid by cousin (Pasquale), going to 
cousin Rodia Salv. "30? 7th St 134"
Agnes, Pasquale 34 married, arr May 1910 on the Ancona in Phila, last resid Serino, where he lived with 
wife Vittoria
with him is
Rodia, Mose 16 single, last resid Serino where he lived with father Francesco
1901 Apr 9 on the Auguste Victoria arrive the following
Rodia Gaetano 44 married last resid Serino going to Phila previously in US 1898-1900, going to son 
Giuseppe 616 S 7th St
De Luca Rocco 54 married last resid Serino going to Phila previously in US 1895-1897 son in law and 
brother Salvatore 616 7th St mentions wife and daughter (no name)
Rodia Salvatore 49 married last resid Serino going to Winston Junction NJ previously in US 1897 - 1899, 
son Antonio
on 15 June 1906 on the Cretic arrives the following:
Grasso Genuaro 53, non immigrant stampedover occupation, from Serino, paid for own passage, going to 
Phila, previously in Phila 1883-1905, wife and sons at 7 St 1161 
Rodia Rosolina, farm laborer, from Serino, going to Phila, uncle Pasquale Agnes, 914 So 8th St Phila
Rodia, Petronilla 28, unm, written over this is "3-204032 - 9/16/40", from Serino, where living with brother 
Francesco, going to Phila
in Dec 1912, on the Mendoza, arrived the following:
Rodia, Rosalina, 26, from Serino, where lived with father "commmmisisns" cannot read at all other than 
initial Co. going to Phila
There are other Rodias arriving from Serino. Some have names of parents, but not enough to complete the 

Who is Giuseppe Rodia? Per articles in Phila Inquirer, e.g., 1 Jul 1917, he heads the "famous Imperial 
Band" which appeared at Woodside Park. Appeared there during summer of 1917 through 1920 (perhaps 
more). He also headed up Rodia's Concert Band. 

MY EMAIL TO MOM 13 Aug 2006
[It says "more" on Pasquale ... but I cannot find an earlier email. Perhaps the earlier stuff was in a phone 
[because it won't fit here, it is under Louis Rodia (even though I'm not sure that's his name]
per her death cert, and passport app of her brother Peter, her father is Antonio (and Elisabetta Agnes' death 
cert says her father is Louis Rodia). So, what of this from familysearch? Antonio Rodia b 1866, d 31 Oct 
1928 Castellammare di Stabia, Napoli, son of Luigi Rodia and Maria Cuomo? 

RODIA Antonio ()
RODIA Carmina ()

RODIA Luigi (20 Jun 1882 - 7 Jul 1882)
RODIA Luigi Antonio (20 Apr 1884 - 1918)
RODIA Rosalina (25 Feb 1886 - 22 Oct 1942)
RODIA [ CHG TO RODY] Pietro Antonio (Peter) (12 Jul 1889 - 6 Oct 1946)
RODIA Antonio (18 Apr 1891 - 27 Feb 1895)
RODIA Mario (16 Jan 1893 - 16 Jan 1893)
RODIA Petronilla (14 Sep 1894 - 1964)
RODIA Antonio (14 Dec 1896 - 2 Oct 1899)
RODIA Francesco (6 Oct 1898 - 1959)

Marriage To ZAPPONE Anthony (Antonio) (22 Sep 1882 - 29 Oct 1965) m. 6 Jan 1918 St Mary of the Eternal, Philadelphia, Pa. Notes Parents ZAPPONE Nicola Rocco Antonio (23 Jan 1840 - 26 Sep 1914) ZONA Clementina (9 Jan 1843 - 10 Jun 1917) Children by ZAPPONE Anthony (Antonio) 22 Sep 1882 - 29 Oct 1965
ZAPPONE Nicholas Louis (9 Oct 1918 - 5 Oct 1987) ZAPPONE Clementine Joanna () ZAPPONE Louis Anthony () ZAPPONE Peter () ZAPPONE Carmina Andrea () ZAPPONE Jennie Elisabeth () ZAPPONE Frank John (2 Jul 1926 - 21 Mar 1957) ZAPPONE Peter (3 Oct 1927 - 3 Oct 1927)
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