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MAULE Mary Anna
Birth:          1 Oct 1890 Gum Tree, Chester Co., Pa.
Death:          11 Nov 1985 Christiana, Pa.
Burial:         Doe Run Cemetery, Doe Run, Chester Co., Pa.

1981 book:
	Mary attended Chestnut Grove School, Gum Tree, Pa., where one of her 
teachers was Mabel Maule (1E75511). Mary then attended Cochranville High School, 
George School, West Chester State Normal School, and Pennsylvania State College.
	In 1920, Mary began her teaching career at Chestnut Grove School, where 
she taught some of the younger members of the Maule family. While teaching, she 
continued her own education, earning a B.S. degree in education in 1940 from West 
Chester State College. In 1939, Mary was appointed principal of the Highland 
Consolidated School in Chester Co., Pa. From 1945 to 1947, Mary taught in Kennett 
Square, Pa., and from 1947 until she retired in 1970 she taught in the Oxford Area 
School System.
	Mary was a member of Doe Run Farmers Club and Doe Run Grange. She is a 
member of the Religious Society of Friends and has for many years been recorder of 
the Doe Run Monthly Meeting.
	In 1973, Mary wrote an excellent account of her family's life on the farm in 
Gum Tree, Pa., entitled "Treasured Memories of Home". Mary has taken an active 
interest in the preparation of this genealogy, and has contributed valuable assistance 
because she has made so many friends and acquaintances throughout Chester 
County, Pa., and elsewhere.
	Mary is not married.
	In 1981, Mary lived at RD 3, Box 508, Coatesville, Pa. 19320.
	Mary's ashes were buried in Doe Run Cemetery.
Source: CCHS; Maule, Treasured Memories of Home; Mary Maule (her); Zilla Grier 
1900 in Highland Twp., Chester Co., Pa.
1910 in Highland Twp., Chester Co., Pa.
1920 in Highland Twp., Chester Co., Pa. township secretary
1930 in Highland Twp., Chester Co., Pa. public school teacher

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