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MAULE Evert Price
Birth:          12 Jun 1876 Pa.
Death:          15 Aug 1939 Manhattan, New York City, N.Y.
Burial:         18 Aug 1939 

1981 book:
	Evert moved to Florida from St. Louis, Mo., in 1911. In 1913, he founded the 
Maule Ojus Rock Company, a rock-crushing operation. The first rock used to ballast 
the tracks of the Florida East Coast Railway came from the Maule quarries. In the 
early 1920's, Evert discovered that by washing, screening, and controlling the 
gradation of rock screening, always before considered to be a waste product, one 
could obtain a highly satisfactory concrete sand; this discovery stepped up the 
building history of Florida because until that time, all sand used in making concrete 
had to be imported or unsatisfactory beach sand had to be used.
	The rock-crushing operation was expanded to include a concrete block 
plant; Evert's company also began manufacturing concrete floor tile, septic tanks, 
concrete pipe, and other small concrete products. A line of building supplies was 
added and in 1932 Evert's company opened a plant for fabricating reinforcing steel. 
From that time, the business continually expanded; new plants, lumber yards, a 
millwork shop, and a warehouse; eventually Maule Industries, Inc., as Evert's conpany 
was eventually renamed, owned 18 plants in Florida. The company remained in the 
Maule family until 1951, when it was sold to the Chemical Research Corp. of 
	Evert later lived at 2653 Flamingo Drive in Miami Beach, Fla., and owned a 
summer house, "Maulecrest", at Chesnut Hill, Blowing Rock, N.C.
Source: Stuart News of Stuart, Fla., Oct. 10, 1957; Maule, Gen. of the Maule Fam. 
(Supp. EPM 1925); 1900 Mo. census; Greater Miami Blue Book (1947); Mildred Biesele 
built first dam on Rio Grande, built piers in Puerto Rico (per phone call 7 May 1985 
with Kathryn Gerken Whitehead)
engineer, graduated college in St. Louis
a gymnast. A gym is named after him. where?
1900 in St. Louis, Mo. architect
1920 in Miami, Fla. owner of rock quarry, 1 servant 
NY Municipal Deaths on familysearch, occ builder, residence Blowing Rock, NC

MAULE Evert Jansen Price (6 Oct 1853 - 4 Jul 1910)
ALLEN Helen Augusta (4 Mar 1856 - 13 Feb 1939)

MAULE Evert Price (12 Jun 1876 - 15 Aug 1939)
MAULE Charles Orlo Allen (20 Jun 1878 - 22 Oct 1955)
MAULE Frederick Whittier (16 Jun 1880 - Dec 1937)
MAULE Ethelbert Rounds (14 Mar 1884 - 18 Mar 1972)
MAULE Claude Wendell ("Wendell") (24 May 1889 - 4 Nov 1918)
MAULE Clarence Leon (4 Jan 1893 - Mar 1963)
MAULE Alice Leora (Leona) (Lillian) (21 Jan 1897 - 22 Feb 1964)

Marriage To COGSWELL Katheryn D. (16 Oct 1880 - Oct 1976) m. 14 Jan 1903 Notes Children by COGSWELL Katheryn D. 16 Oct 1880 - Oct 1976
MAULE Kathryn Helen (13 Nov 1903 - 2 Sep 1992) MAULE Ruth (31 Jul 1909 - 30 Aug 1974) MAULE Eleanor (26 Aug 1914 - May 1970) MAULE June (18 Jun 1918 - 26 Dec 1945)
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