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Birth:          11 May 1702 Salem, Essex Co., Mass.
Death:          26 Sep 1799 Chesterfield, Mass.
Burial:         Brimfield Cemetery, Brimfield, Hampden Co., Mass.

Charles McEwen Hyde, Historical Celebration of the Town of Brimfield, Hampden 
County, Mass.
came from Salem or Beverly to Brimfield c 1739
info on from David Percy Blodgett

          MILITARY: Served in French and Indian War as sgt. in Capt. Daniel Burt's 
company from 30 MAR 1755 to 3 JAN 1756 (Mass. archives,   Book 94, p90)

          Served as sgt. in Capt. Jos. Thompson's company of minute men from 19 APR 
1775 to 4 MAY 1775; as Second Lieutenent of Capt.   Aaron Charles' company, 
commissioned 13 JUN 1776; also as Lieutenent of Capt. Nehemiah May's company
 from 6 MAY 1777 to 8 JUL 1777. Served as Second Lieutenent in a guard company in 
and around Boston under Maj. Gen. Gates and  Maj. Gen. Heath for 3 mos. and 28 
days from 26 JAN 1779.(Synopsis from Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors, p. 654)

          At a "Congress of Committees" held in Hampden County,MASS in 1774, "to 
consult upond measures to be taken in this time of general  distress in the province, 
occasioned byi the late attacks of the British Parliament upon the Constitution of said 
province," all male inhabitants  were divided into two miliatry companies. Of the West 
Compy (Capt Samuel NICHOLS), Jonathan BROWN was made First Lieutenant.

          Jonathan BROWN's Revolutionary record is a long one. He served as sergeant 
in Capt Jos. THOMPSON's compan of minute men, which  marched on the alarm of 19 
Apr 1775, service 16 1/2 days. He was Second Lt of Capt Aaron CHARLES'  
company, commissioned 13 June 1776; also Lt. Capt. Nehemiah MAY's company, from 
6 May 1777, to 8 July 1777. He served as Second Lt in a company of guards
raised to do duty in and about Boston, under Maj. Gen. GATES and Maj. Gen. HEATH; 
in service 3 mos. and 28 days, from 26 Jan 1779.
          He also served 1 mo. and 12 days at New London, CT., from 19 July 1779, and 
again, 16 June 1782, he marched to Springfield and  Northampton in support of the 

          MISC: Jonathan BROWN, the father of John BROWN, moved from Salem or 
Beverly, MA., to Brimfield about 1739. The history of Brimfield is filled with references 
to Jonathan BROWN and his immediate descendants, showing that they were active 
interest in everything  that concerned the welfare of the village.

          SOURCES: From "John Brown and his Descendants" compiled by Fannie Brown 
Smith, Duluth, Minn. & Olive S. Wilkinson, Denver,  Colorado. Published by H. C. 
Baker, St. Paul, Minn. about 1910. This book lists their descendants down to that 
date and includes  information on the collateral branches of the Merrill, Scott and 
Follet families.

for children's births:    Sources:
        1.Title: Genealogical Record of John Brown (1755-1809) And His Descendants
          Publication: H. C. Baker,St Paul,Minn.
Some records, including DAR app of Joseph Edward Peters (a descendant) show 
baptism in Salem 21 Apr 1716, death in Brimfield. If he was born 1702, then he would 
be in his 70s during Revolution. Is it possible the Jonathan b 1702 died and another 
child born 1716? Or was the baptism delayed until age of confirmation (13)?
says father is Thomas and that Jonathan born in Hebron, Conn.
US Sons of American Revolution App of Claude Ferry Howell (a descendant) expalins 
that he was bap in Salem 21 Apr 1717 (born earlier). So perhaps the Jonathan b 1702 
died young and another born c 1710?
There is a Jonathan Brown bap 30 Jun 1717 in Ipswich, son of Samuel Brown. This is 
not him (and this man does not get mentioned in any of the sources of the one who 
married Abigail Russell)
There is a Jonathan Brown b 31 Dec 1716 in Salem, son of John and Mary Browne.
findagrave claims that Jonathan Brown Sr of Brimfield was b 14 May 1716 in Hebron, 
Tolland Co., Conn. yet it's known a Jonathan Browne went from Salem to Brimfield
A biography of his descendant Francis Adams Smith claims he came to America in 
1739. No source cited, and no other source making that claim has been found (yet).

BROWNE Bartholomew (31 Mar 1667 - 22 Jul 1717)
MAULE Susannah (15 Sep 1671 - )

BROWNE Hannah (13 Apr 1694 - 11 Jan 1702)
BROWNE John (1 Jun 1696 - 1770)
BROWNE Sarah (Sep 1699 - Mar 1700)
BROWNE James (23 Feb 1701 - Apr 1701)
BROWNE (BROWN) Jonathan (11 May 1702 - 26 Sep 1799)
BROWNE (BROWN) Bartholomew (30 Nov 1703 - 20 Dec 1755)
BROWNE Susanna (2 Nov 1707 - )

Marriage To RUSSELL Abigail (15 Feb 1716 - 23 Aug 1803) m. 10 Sep 1741 Brimfield, Hampden Co., Mass. Notes Parents RUSSELL John () BLODGETT Rebecca () Children by RUSSELL Abigail 15 Feb 1716 - 23 Aug 1803
BROWN Abigail (20 May 1742 - ) BROWN Jonathan (16 Mar 1744 - 14 Mar 1813) BROWN Issachar (23 Oct 1745 - 21 Jun 1836) BROWN Sarah (15 Jan 1747 - 16 Sep 1828) BROWN Archelas (2 Jan 1750 - 25 Jan 1816) BROWN Bartholomew (3 Jul 1752 - 21 Nov 1829) BROWN John (19 Feb 1755 - 1809) BROWN Mary (12 Apr 1757 - 1781) BROWN Eunice (26 Mar 1759 - 6 May 1790) BROWN Hepzibah (26 Mar 1759 - 17 Feb 1793) BROWN Aphia (11 Sep 1762 - )
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