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MAULE Samuel B.
Birth:          23 Mar 1832 Exeter, Pa.
Death:          10 Jan 1899 

1981 book:
Samuel attended Westtown Friends School, Westtown, Pa., in 1855. Samuel was a 
teacher and a storekeeper. He was a member of the Religious Society of Friends, but 
withdrew. Samuel left Radnor, Pa., in 1857, went to Bradford Twp., Chester Co., Pa., 
for a year, and then went to Emporia, Kan. He remained in Kansas until the 1860's 
when he returned to Phila., Pa.
Samuel and Mary were married by Nathan Fairchild. Mary was from Lyon Co., Kan. 	
Mary H. Seehorn ran off with an opera singer, but Samuel waited until she died before 
marrying again.
Lee Standen (1E85491) states that Samuel and Annie married before 1890, and are 
the parents of Julian and Lester; Bible records and Julian's marriage license 
corroborate this statement. However, the 1900 Pa. census states that Samuel and 
Annie had been married six years as of 1899; census records not always being 
accurate, six may have been erroneously substituted for sixteen, and the better 
conclusion is that the census is wrong. Annie had been prviously married to George 
Baylie, and Julian and Ralph may have been his sons, but if they were, Samuel 
adopted them, because even in the 1900 census their surname is recorded as Maule.
	The 1900 census records Eleanore Mae's birth, but she stated that she was 
not born until 1901. The census records, although containing errors, are much more 
likely to omit someone than to record the birth of someone not yet born.
	In 1900, Annie and her children lived on Bridge Street in Phila., Pa.
Source: Miller-Robison Notes; Leeds Gen.; Rec. of Radnor MM & Exeter MM; 1900 Pa. 
census 19 Friends Rev. 329; Lyon Co., Kan., Marriage Rec., Book A (1856-1866); 
Mormon	 Lib. Rec.; 1880 Kan. census; Bible of Hannah Emily Maule Robison, in 
possession of Julian Maule (1E85451); Phila., Pa., Marriage Licenses; Lee Standen 
(1E85491); Eleanore Anderson (1E8549); Donna Blackwell (1E854411); Steve Trimble 
attended Westtown School Nov 1855, listed as from Port Royal, Pa.
21 Aug 1984 letter from Stephen Martin Trimble
1850: not with family in Radnor, Delaware Co., Pa.
1860 is he the Samuel Maul, age 28 (1832), carpenter, living in Mountain City,
Arapahoe Co., Kansas Terr.?
1870 in Emporia, Lyon Co., Kans. farming, with Jacob Moon, presumably a brother of 
his deceased first wife.  By looking for Jacob in the 1860 census I get some answers.
1880 Philadelphia, Pa., tobacconist, boarding, alone
1880 his wife is in Winfield, Cowley Co., Kans., with her parents and the son Clarence. 
Nothing about other children.
ancestry message July 2011 via Keith Mole from unidentified great grdtr of Mary 
Seehorn's sister:
Yes, Mary Helen Seehorn Maule divorced Samuel Maule 6 May 1875. She states 
Samuel deserted her 23 March 1874, left the state and did not support her or her son. 
She is with her father in the 1885 Kansas State census with Clarence age 3. When 
she died in Meade, Kansas,while visiting her sister Josephine, the obit list only a son. 
The obit is pubished in the Meade City paper. She was still with her parents in 1880 in 
Cowley County, Kansas. She remarried between 1880 and 1890 when she died. She 
married Norman B. Lagle, but children were born to this marriage. My grandmother also 
lists one child in 1962 when she was interviewed by a professional genealogists. 
Grandma had a funeral card of Mary's death and funeral, and the new story of 
Clarence's death from the Cripple Creek papers. Clarence died in 1895. He was given 
a several doses of Morphine by the doctor. During the subsequent inquest it was 
declared an accident. He was being treated for "LeGrippe". He was 23 and to be 
married the next month. I have found any record indicating there was more than one 
child. They would have had to be twins and died at birth during 1874 if they did 
indeed exist.

MAULE Jacob (14 Jan 1802 - 31 Mar 1878)
SANDERS Hannah E. (21 Jul 1803 - 21 Dec 1891)

MAULE Mordecai Lewis (27 Nov 1825 - 21 Aug 1882)
MAULE Jane (3 Dec 1827 - 22 Jan 1924)
MAULE Jacob (6 Feb 1830 - 6 Sep 1866)
MAULE Samuel B. (23 Mar 1832 - 10 Jan 1899)
MAULE Joshua Baldwin (5 Sep 1834 - )
MAULE John Sanders (30 Mar 1837 - 9 May 1919)
MAULE Sarah A. (28 Aug 1839 - 7 Dec 1912)
MAULE Penrose (7 Nov 1841 - 26 Dec 1914)
MAULE Hannah Emily (17 Dec 1843 - 2 Feb 1934)
MAULE Rachel (16 May 1846 - 8 May 1920)
MAULE William Downing (21 Aug 1849 - 30 Jan 1932)

Marriage To MOON Mary C. (25 Jan 1841 - 31 Oct 1865) m. 14 Feb 1865 Lyon Co., Kans. Notes Parents MOON John Riley () BURNSIDE Lavina () Children by MOON Mary C. 25 Jan 1841 - 31 Oct 1865
MAULE Victor Hugo (Dec 1865 - 12 Jan 1866)
Marriage To SEEHORN Mary Helen (1 Apr 1856 - 9 Feb 1890) m. 5 May 1872 dv. 6 May 1875 Cowley Co., Neb. Notes Parents SEEHORN Ruben C. () BROWN Emmett Frances () Children by SEEHORN Mary Helen 1 Apr 1856 - 9 Feb 1890
MAULE Clarence Lee (21 Mar 1873 - 23 Apr 1895) MAULE George (EST 1874 - ) MAULE Samuel (EST 1875 - )
Marriage To CASTOR Annie E. (15 Jun 1863 - 9 Feb 1925) m. 25 Jun 1890 Camden, N.J. Notes Parents CASTOR Charles () THOMAS Abbey Ann () Children by CASTOR Annie E. 15 Jun 1863 - 9 Feb 1925
MAULE (unnamed daughter) (7 Nov 1891 - 7 Nov 1891) MAULE Julian Ralph (8 Sep 1893 - 24 Jun 1934) MAULE Naomi (EST 1895 - ) MAULE Lester Radnor (2 Feb 1895 - 18 Oct 1918) MAULE Beatrice Elizabeth (31 Dec 1896 - 14 Dec 1974) MAULE Eleanore Mae ("Andy") (6 Jan 1899 - 13 Apr 1984)
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