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Birth:          ABT 1714 Salem, Mass.
Death:          1782 

Lindsey web site (7 Feb 1997)
email from Judi Davies (in withdates.mlm) (this file supplements the other one that is 
cited) 1912 report

From The Peabody Story by Wells (published by the Essex Institute, Salem, 1972)

Elezer Lindsey, Jr., was born in 1714 and was prominent in the French and Indian War 
and in the Revolution. He served as a lieutenant in the company of Captain William 
Flint of Reading in Colonel Ichabod Plaiseted's Regiment. He mustered into that 
regiment in 1756, and served in the Expedition against Crown Point.
In the Revolution he was a captain at the Battle of Lexington with a company from 
Lynn. He also served as a captain in Colonel Gerrish's Regiment. Both he and his 
son-in-law, Lieutenant Daniel Galeucia, enlisted from Lynn. Captain Lindsey was 
unable to remain in active service on account of ill health, and Lietenant Galeucia 
took over command of the Lynn company.
Captain Lindsey died in 1782; he and his family are buried in a small point of land 
jutting from the back of Brown's Pond. A Revolutionary War marker is on the site of 
his grave today. 
awt McBee has him as son of Ralph Lindsey and Mary Breed and has him married to 
Lydia Tarrington. Inconsistent with everything else. Is there a second Hannah 
awt MacDermod has him as I do.

LINDSEY Eleazer (19 Jul 1671 - 1716)
MAULE Elizabeth (11 Sep 1673 - AFT 1727)

LINDSEY Nathan (7 Nov 1695 - )
LINDSEY Sarah (11 Jul 1698 - )
LINDSEY Habakkak (1700 - BEF 26 Apr 1728)
LINDSEY John (EST 1703 - BEF 26 Apr 1728)
LINDSEY Content (1707 - )
LINDSEY Elizabeth (EST 1708 - BEF 1730)
LINDSEY Lydia (ABT 1711 - AFT 1765)
LINDSEY Eleazer (ABT 1714 - 1782)

Marriage To HALL Hannah () m. 12 Nov 1736 Lynn, Essex Co., Mass. Notes Children by HALL Hannah
LINDSEY Hannah (1740 - ABT 1825)
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