Maule Family Chart 32: The Descendants of John Maull of London and Lewes, Delaware (1714-1753)

Meaning of Symbols:
      died young, before age 18, no children
      reached adulthood, no children, whether or not married
      had children
      unknown if had children, whether or not married
      The two people marked with this symbol married each other.
      The two people marked with this symbol married each other.
          and so on. Children outlined under father.

   1. This format is a variation of one I saw on the Foulke Family Website.
   2. This is an outline, thus years rather than full dates are provided.
   3. This is an outline, thus marriage information (spouse name, date, etc.) is not provided.
   4. To maintain manageable chart size, descendants not surnamed Maule are not shown.
   5. No attempt is made to identify which spouse is the parent of which children.
   6. Individuals born after 1900 are not shown unless it is known they are deceased.
   7. This family's surname arises from bad handwriting, in which Maule became Maull.
   8. Apparently some individuals in this family grouped spelled their surname Maule.
   9. This arrangement is based on information gathered by Brian Maule,
         chiefly from Baldwin Maull's book "John Maull (1714-1753) of Lewes, Delaware,"
         and compiled by him into Maule Family Tree 32.

If you trace back to an individual in this chart, please share with me (see email address at bottom of page) the
genealogical information on that individual's descendants. Just as we benefit from the generosity of those who
provided the information in this chart, so, too, will others benefit from our generosity if we update the chart
when we have the information permitting us to do so. It's the least any of us can do. Thank you. --Jim

John Maull of London & Lewes, Delaware (1714-1753)
Nehemiah Maull (1737-c1783) Delaware River pilot
John Maull (1764-1765)
Robert Maull (1766-?) sailmaker
Nehemiah Maull (1798-?)
Joseph Engle Maull (c1801-1861) tobacconist, merchant
Mary Olivia Maull (1835-1840)
Mildred Adelaide Maull (1836-?)
Joseph Maull (?1838-?)
John Trimble Maull (c1809-?)
Charles Maull (?1835-?) bookkeeper
John Maull (?1837-?) bookkeeper
William C. Maull (1839-?) clerk
Laura C. Maull (1842-?)
Mary Moulder Maull (c1811-?) md William Clausen
Margaret Maull (c1814-?) md Alfred Smith
Robert Ford Maull (c1816-?) hatter
Elizabeth Maull (1768-?)
Mary Maull (1770-?)
Nehemiah Maull (1774-1817) boatbuilder
Mildred Maull (1796-1885) md William Springer
Mary Maull (1799-1888) md George Blanchard & William Taylor
Eliza Maull (1802-1890) md Joseph Engle Maull
William Nehemiah Maull (1808-1893) sailmaker?
Gilbert C. Maull (1836-1877)
Elizabeth Maull (1838-1919)
Mary Ann Maull (1842-1894)
William Maull (1847-1887)
--- Maull(dtr) (1848-1848)
Martha M. Maull (1849-1921) md Morton Mason
Henry C. Maull (1850-aft 1900)
Mildred Alice Maull (1852-1852)
Frank A. Maull (1854-1865)
Edward Shallcross Maull (1859-1928)
----- Maull (?1875-?)
----- Maull (?1877-?)
----- Maull (?1879-?)
Joseph Walter Maull (1864-1957)
Marian A. Maull (1890-?)
Mildred Fortescue Maull (1893-1992)
Helen Martha Maull (1895-1981)
Helen Frances Maull (1866-1927) md Dr. Milton M. Keim
Emily Maull (1811-1898) md Andrew Robinson Maxwell
Harriet Marot Maull (1815-1904) md John Holmes Scott
Rachel Maull (1776-?)
William Maull (1778-?) sailmaker
Elizabeth Maull (1739-1753)
John Maull (1742-1832) shipwright, pilot
Peter Marsh Maull (1769-1771)
James Maull (1771-1859) postmaster, sheriff, tavern landlord
Sarah Johnson Maull (1798-1804)
John Marsh Maull (1801-?)
Mary Maull (1804-?)
David Johnson Maull (1806-1823 or 1843) prob
George Wooley Maull (1807-1885) physician
David William Maull (1831-1896) physician
Julia Frances Maull (1872-1936) md Christian Heritage
Mary Bush Maull (1880-1963)
James Henry Maull (1834-1906) physician
Laura Burkham Maull (1869-?)
George William Maull (1873-?)
Wallace William Maull (1904-1982)
George Baylis Maull (1906-1969)
Thomas Edward Maull (1837-1838)
Ann Elizabeth Maull (1838-1840)
Mary Maull (1843-1843)
Emily Green Maull (1850-1896) md John Edwin Parker & William M. Hazel
Simon Kollock Maull (1810-1811?)
Elizabeth Johnson Maull (1811-1861) md John Houston Ellegood
Penelope Kollock Maull (1814-1887) md Capt. James Steele
Mary Russell Maull (1816-1885) md James Harris
Purnell Johnson Maull (1818-1892?) farmer, builder
James Edwin Maull (1843-1921)
Margaret C. Maull (1871-?) md Joseph Hunter Johnson
Charlie Clifford Maull (Mar 1873-1966) farmer
William A. Maull (Dec 1873-?) farmer
Gladys Maull (1909-1909)
Henry George Maull (1845-1882) farmer
James H. Maull (1870-?) accountant
Arthur C. Maull (1878-?) engineer
-----(dtr) (?1902-?)
Mary Madora Maull (1854-1891) md George W. Sherman
Margaret Russell Maull (1820-1871) md Joseph McGlothen
Matthias Harris Maull (1822-?)
Harriet Ann Maull (1826-1910) md Job Owens Pride
Henry Clay Maull (1829-1912)
Rebecca West Maull (1856-1918) md George W. Poynter
James West Maull (1863-1865)
Peter Maull (1773-?) shipwright
Mary Maull (1795-1832) md John Ingram
Joseph Maull (1797-1880) shipcarpenter, shipwright
Eliza Ann Maull (1822-c1906) md Joseph M. Paynter, a cousin
Theadore Maull (1824-1903) shipwright
George Mitchell Maull (c1847-?)
Ellen Matilda Maull (c1848-?) nd ----- Innes
George Mitchell Maull (c1849-?)
Ruth Duffield Maull (1850-1930)
Theadore Maull (c1852-?)
Josephine Paynter Maull (c1855-?) md ----- Morrell
Frank Kenney Maull (c1857-?)
Sarah Raphile Maull (c1859-?) md ----- Campbell
John Mitchell Maull (c1862-?)
John Mitchell Maull (?1890-?)
Eva Irene Maull (c1864-?)
Ida Maull (1866-1939)
Lida Maull (c1868-?) md ----- Porter
Anna Maria Maull (c1870-?)
Matilda M. Maull (1826-1827)
Joseph Duffel Maull (1833-1919) silversmith
Joseph William Maull (1856-1926) machinist
Joseph William Maull (1887-?) machinist
Matthias Dill Maull (1889-1965) printing executive
Myrtle Jane Maull (1890-?) md Elmore Howard Holt
Norman Paynter Maull (1894-1967)
Mary Clarissa Maull (1900-?) md John Lindsay McClintock
Harry Clay Maull (1858-?)
Robert M. Maull (1887-?)
others, number and names unknown
Luke Walker Duffel Maull (1860-?) salesman
Walter Spackman Maull (1890-1894)
Mortimer Smallwood Maull (1892-1937) steamfitter
Mary Alice Maull (1895-?) md Charles Henry McCrea
Ruth Marion Maull (1898-?) md John George Gsell
Hazel Elsie Maull (1901-?) md William Frederick Carpenter
Clarissa D. Maull (1862-1863)
Marcus Alphonso Davis Maull (1868-?) shipbuilder
Clarissa Helen Maull (1902-?) md Austin Wescott Beetle
Joseph Hegner Maull (1904-1982) contract manager
Peter John Maull (1835-?)
Eliza Paynter Maull (1858-1859)
Peter Maull (1859-1923) policeman
Theodore Knorr Maull (1860-?) surveyor
Ellwood Theodore Maull (1894-1978) electrician
Joseph Boyd Maull (1896-?) instructor
Harry Boyd Maull (1897-1898)
Warren Maull (1905-1983) telephone switchman
Joseph Paynter Maull (1862-?) engineer
Charles Warner Maull (1864-1869)
Rebecca Knorr Maull (1866-?) md Benjamin F. Giffen
Harry Miller Maull (1868-1872)
Clarissa Rudiman Maull (1871-1872)
Effie May Maull (1873-?)
Maria Maull (1875-?) md Jeremiah W.S. Lyons & William Frank Davis
George Lockhart Maull (1877-?) teamster
Eliza Maull (1799-1821) prob
Jane Maull (1803-1883) md Cornelius Waples
Peter Maull (1804-1830) prob
Margaret A. Maull (1806-1891) md Thomas Coleman
Hetty Maull (1809-1877) md John Metcalf
Lydia Marsh (1811-1886) md Nathaniel D. Hickman
Matilda Catherine Maull (1814-1873) md Levin H. Derrickson
John Maull (1775-1843) shipcarpenter of Lewes
James Rowland Maull (1797-1873) shipcarpenter
John A. Maull (1824-1873)
Jacob Conwell Maull (1826-1911) wheelwright, blacksmith
Martha Maull (1854-1908)
Hannah Maull (1856-1934)
Caroline Maull (1858-?)
John Arthur Maull (1861-?) wagon builder
Harry W. Maull (1888-?)
John Arthur Maull (1890-1890)
Florence Lizzie Maull (1897-1985)
Ida Maull (1863-1872)
Lewis Maull (1866-1933) electrician
Martha Maull (1888-?)
Lewis Maull (1890-?)
Edward Maull (1898-1902)
Walter Maull (1900-1971)
Edward H. Maull (1828-1909) carpenter
Sarah Maull (1831-1896)
James R. Maull (1833-?)
Samuel R. Maull (1835-1895)
Hannah C. Maull (1837-1906)
Emily Maull (1839-?) md Jacob A. Rowland
James R. Maull (1842-1900)
Deborah Maull (1800-1825) md Gilbert Marriner
? David B. Maull (1801-1801)
John Maull (1802-1842)
Mary Jane Maull (1832-1860)
Hetty Maull (c1834-?) md ----- Thompson
Adeline Maull (c1836-?)
? Deborah Maull (?1838-?)
? Thomas Maull (?1840-?)
? Kitty Maull (?1842-?)
Samuel Maull (1805-1870) wheelwright
John Maull (1831-1883) wagon builder
Samuel Maull (1858-1883) wheelwright
Louise C. Maull (1867-?) md Robert C. Young
Sarah Maull (1833-1887) md William Burton Maull
Elizabeth Carter Maull (1835-1920) md Charles Cullen Maull
Deborah Marriner Maull (1836-c1896) md John B. Duckworth
Catherine Maull (1838-?) md Oliver E. Grubb
Mary Ann Maull (1841-?) md Tom Davis
Emilia Cornelia Maull (1843-1872) prob
Comfort Rowland Maull (1845-?)
Jane Scott Maull (1849-?)
William Stette Maull (1807-1895) shipcarpenter
William Burton Maull (1832-1913) carpenter, builder, wheelwright
Samuel Maull (1855-1855)
William Steele Maull (1856-?) accountant, florist
Howard W. Maull (1885-1886)
Edith Burton Maull (1889-1981)
John Maull (1860-1895)
Mary E. Carstairs Maull (1870-1881)
Charles Cullen Maull (1834-1903) blacksmith
Elizabeth Maull (1860-1929) md John Young
Sarah Maull (1862-1928)
Samuel Rowland Maull (1864-1926)
Charles Cullen Maull (1873-?) engineer
Harry Maull (c1852-?)
Frank Maull (1854-1933) pilot
Euphemia Virginia Maull (1878-?) md George Raughley
Harriet Maull (1880-?) md George Bermender
Elizabeth S. Maull (1883-1884)
Harry C. Maull (1857-1927) pilot
Harry Marriner Maull (1885-?) insurance business
----- Maull (1910-1910)
John Burton Maull (1911-1935)
Harry Edward Maull (1914-?)
Helena W. Maull (1889-1893)
Marshall Maull (1893-?) nephew, born BERTRAND, adopted
Samuel Maull (1859-?) carpenter
Mary E. Maull (1890-1892)
Howard C. Maull (1892-?) carpenter
Elizabeth Maull (1895-?) md William Edward Russell & Eldon McCoy Turner
Forrest L. Maull (1901-1985) clerk
Marjorie (1906-?) md Granville Pryor
James Edward Maull (1862-1938) bridgeworker, carpenter
Irwin Spencer Maull (1888-1971) skipper
Clinton J. Maull (1894-?) chauffeur
Mary J. Maull (1864-?) md James Carter & John Lillis
Irven (Irwin) V. Maull (1866-?)
Clara M. Maull (1869-?) md Harry G. Firth
George M. Maull (1872-1926) engineer
Sarah Maull (1874-?)
Thomas Saunders Maull (1811-1880)
Mary West Maull (1840-1875) md John Cornelius Wiltbank
David Marshall Maull (1843-c1924)
Bailey West Maull (1879-c1924)
Ella Virden Maull (1881-?) md Capt. Rouse Thomas Potter
Florence M. Maull (1883-1893)
Joseph Henry Maull (1885-1971)
Grace K. Maull (1887-1888)
Ada A. Maull (1889-?)
Emily C. Maull (1890-?) md Evan Stanley Gough
Clara M. Maull (1892-?)
Ethel S. Maull (1894-1988)
Eugene Hall Maull (1896-1968)
Sara Maull (1898-1985)
William West Maull (1846-1916) blacksmith, shipsmith
Frank Casden Maull (1872-1874)
Mary Wiltbank Maull (1874-1909) md Harry Ingram
William West Maull (1878-1880)
William Thomas Maull (1880-?)
Jacob Rowland Maull (1886-?)
----- Maull (1886-?)
Almira Maull (1849-1900) md Henry F. Conwell
John Maull (1852-1896) pilot
John E. Maull (1877-1920) pilot
Emily West Maull (1879-?)
Mary Messick Maull (1883-?) md John T. Johnston
Edith Bertrand Maull (1886-?) md Cornelius C. Marshall, a cousin
Fred Conwell Maull (1888-?)
Eliza Ann Maull (1813-?) md David Johnson Marshall, a cousin
Catherine Rowland Maull (1816-1844) md John W. Saunders
Nehemiah Maull (1777-?)
Lemuel P. Maull (c1805-1881)
Eliza Ann Maull (1833-?) md John Pusey
Susan Maull (1835-1836)
Henry Maull (1806-1808)
Jonathan Cullen Maull (1809-1809)
Robert West Maull (1811-1811)
Elisha Pernal Maull (c1814-1852) cabinet maker, md Mary Maull
----- Maull (1845-1845) (stillborn)
William Nehemiah Maull (1847-1917)
William Nehemiah Maull (c1882-?)
Mary Louise Maull (c1883-?)
Amanda Murdock Maull (1885-?) md William Stanley Paxson
Etha Linda Francis Maull (c1887-?)
Emma Swoope Maull (c1890-?)
Margaret Azelia Maull (c1893-1938) md R. Wells Giles
Thomas Maull (c1849-1878)
Charles Maull (c1850-1853)
Alice Maull (1852-1853)
Robert West Maull (1817-1837)
Lewis Maull (1820-1821)
Samuel Edward Maull (1779-?) pilot
Joseph Maull (1781-1846) doctor
Susan Maull (1809-1835) md Shepard Prettyman Houston
Henry Fisher Maull (1783-1852) pilot of Lewes
Henrietta (Hetty) Maull (1806-1846) md Capt James Miller Tunnell
Charles Cullen Maull (1808-1890)
Henry Fisher Maull (1811-1898) shipcarpenter
Edward Maull (1813-1888) md Mary Catherine Marshall, 2d cousin
Catherine Manklin Maull (1840-1842)
Edward A. Maull (1842-?)
Mary B. Maull (?1870-?)
Franklin Charles Maull (1844-1912) shipbuilder, chandler
William Arthur West Maull (1875-1934) shipchandler
Mary West Maull (1881-?) md Fuller Levi Davenport
Mary Catherine Maull (1845-1868)
Henry Fisher Maull (1849-1851)
Helen Mar Marshall Maull (1851-1921) md Purnell B. Norman
George Hickman Maull (1815-1889) pilot
Charles Henry Maull (1842-1925) businessman
Charles Allen Maull (1870-1919) advertising manager
Baldwin Springer Maull (1900-1995) attorney
George Clifton Maull (1888-?)
Mary Elizabeth Maull (1844-1930)
Hetty T. Maull (1847-1925)
Fannie W. Maull (1850-1919) md Alfred Charles Dorn
James Clifton Maull (1852-1959)
Louisa Maull (1854-1924) md John P. Virden
William W. Maull (1856-1915) pilot
George Thomas Maull (1882-?)
Louis Carpenter Maull (1884-?) engineer
Catherine Carpenter Maull (1886-1985)
Francis Prettyman Maull (1889-1893)
John Maull (1817-1867)
Catharine Maull (1850-1853)
William Champion Maull (1853-1884) bookkeeper
Henry Maull (1853-1890) carpenter
Mary Bedford Maull (1856-?) md William E. Numbers
Joseph Champion Maull (1858-1939)
Edna Mae Maull (1887-?) md William A. Mulligan
Annie Champion Maull (1861-?) md Henry Parker, a cousin
Hannah Maull (1819-1894) md Charles Wilson
Mary Ann Way Maull (1821-1889)
Sarah Rowland Maull (1823-1897) md Joseph Copes Atkins
Deborah Marriner Maull (1825-1903) md Theodore W. Parker
Louisa R. (Maria Louisa) Maull (1827-1914)
William Way Maull (1829-1895)
Bertha Ellis Maull (1832-1834)
William Maull (1786-1845) shipwright in Philadelphia
William Henry Maull (1814-1895) minister
Clarissa Ann Maull (1840-1867) md Charles Speaker
Eliza Jane Maull (1842-1922) md Thomas Phillips
William Charles Maull (1846-?) doctor
William K. Maull (1875-?)
Paul Maull (?1878-?)
John Heywood Maull (1858-1894) doctor
Clara Maull (c1884-?) md Thomas Hamm
Ophelia Maull (c1886-?) md Michael O'Connor
John William Maull (1888-?) real estate broker
Theresa Maull (c1890-?) md Carson Heffner
Eleanor Maull (c1892-?) md Fred Parrott
Eliza Maull (c1816-?)
Angeline Maull (c1817-?)
Mary Maull (1819-1871) md Elisha P. Maull & Dr. Joseph Bloomfield Strafford
Isabella S. Maull (c1822-1904) md Roelif Van Brunt
John Bailey Maull (c1823-1888) tailor
Amanda Maull (1827-1893) md Dr. John Newton Murdock
Hester (Hetty) Maull (1788-1866) md Richard Paynter
James Maull (1744-c1783) Delaware River pilot
Mary Maull (1768-?)
John Maull (1773-1837) sailmaker
James Maull (1794-1857) sailmaker
John Troubat Maull (1817-1892) attorney
Salome Troubat Maull (1819-1880) md Charles Rogers Kay
James Maull (1821-1873) sailmaker
Mary Luisa Maull (1847-?) md William C. Pritchett
Sallie Virginia Maull (1853-?) md Ambrose E. Lehman
James Lehman Maull (1863-1873)
William Raymond Maull (1892-1974) paper mfr executive
Margaret Howell Maull (1897-?)
Millicent Luisa Maull (1903-1917)
Anna Jane Maull (1823-1907) md John Bioren
Julia Bastien Maull (1824-1865) md John Loughery Heylin
Raymond Troubat Maull (1826-?) sailmaker
Mary Cecelia Bourke Maull (1829-1875) md George Graves Louden
Margaretta Augusta Maull (1831-1901) md Benjamin Lehman Langstroth
Emma Matilda Maull (1833-1920)
Francis Troubat Maull (1836-?)
Sarah Frances Maull (1837-?)
Sarah Cordelia Maull (1840-1886) md David M. Castle
Anna Jane Maull (1795-1857) md Caleb Shinn
John Maull (1797-?)
Elizabeth Maull (1799-c1875) md Alexander de Silveira & ----- Brown
William Maull (1802-?)
Charles Lawrence Maull (1806-1826)
Margaret Maull (1808-?) md ----- Stewart & Joseph Killingworth
Isabella Maull (1810-?) md ----- Walker
Sophia Maull (1812-1887) md Jules Ferdinand Cure
William Newcomb Maull (1814-?)
Emma Maull (1838-?)md ----- Crawl
        [might be child of William b 1802]
Robert Wharton Maull (1817-?) sailmaker
Sarah Maull (1819-?) md John Davis
Ann Maull (1775-?)
Henry Maull (1747-1748)
Mary Maull (1749-?) md Samuel Edwards
William Maull (1752-?) shipwright
Hetty Maull (1778-1778)
Catherine Maull (1779-1874) md William Marshall

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