Maule Family Chart 5: The Descendants of James Maule of Brechin (c1660-?)

Meaning of Symbols:
      died young, before age 18, no children
      reached adulthood, no children, whether or not married
      had children
      unknown if had children, whether or not married
      The two people marked with this symbol married each other.
      The two people marked with this symbol married each other.
          and so on. Children outlined under father.

   1. This format is a variation of one I saw on the Foulke Family Website.
   2. This is an outline, thus years rather than full dates are provided.
   3. This is an outline, thus marriage information (spouse name, date, etc.) is not provided.
   4. To maintain manageable chart size, descendants not surnamed Maule are not shown.
   5. No attempt is made to identify which spouse is the parent of which children.
   6. Individuals born after 1900 are not shown unless it is known they are deceased.
   7. It is possible that James Maule of Brechin is the same individual as James Maule, son of
         James Maule of Melgum (born 1655) as shown on Maule Family Group Chart 1.
   8. This arrangement is based on information gathered by Brian Maule
         and compiled by him into Maule Family Tree 5.

         DETERMINED THAT James Maule (1784-1846), who was the son of James Maule (c1736-1820),
         was the father of William Loudon Maule, progenitor of Maule Family Group 47.
If you trace back to an individual in this chart, please share with me (see email address at bottom of page) the
genealogical information on that individual's descendants. Just as we benefit from the generosity of those who
provided the information in this chart, so, too, will others benefit from our generosity if we update the chart
when we have the information permitting us to do so. It's the least any of us can do. Thank you. --Jim

James Maule of Brechin (c1660-?)
William Maule (c1680-?) gardener at Brechin Castle
James Maule (1706-?)
Margaret Maule (1707-?)
John Maule (1710-?)
Margaret Maule (1737-?)
John Maule (1739-?)
Mary Maule (1741-?)
Isabel Maule (1743-?)
John Maule (1745-?)
James Maule (1746-?)
Andrew Maule (1748-?)
Elizabeth Maule (1749-?) md George Hill
William Maule (1751-?)
Aequity Maule (1753-?) md Robert Scott
Alexander Maule (1754-?)
Agnes Maule (1756-?)
Katherine Maule (1757-?)
George Maule (1758-?)
James Maule (1712-1769) factor to the Earl of Panmure
James Maule (c1736-1820) gardener
Sarah Maule (1775-?)
William Maule (c1779-?) nurseryman
Sarah Ann Maule (1809-1826)
William Alexander Maule (1809-1874)
Elizabeth Ann Maule (1811-?) md William Webb
Hannah Parker Maule (c1812-?) md James Hall
Amelia Hathaway Maule (c1814-?) md Samuel Romilly Hall
Louisa Maule (1818-1892)
Alexander James Maule (1820-1884)
Mary Maule (1825-?)
James Maule (1784-1846) surveyor in Cheltenham
Ann Maule (1811-?) md Peter Lewis
Eliza Maule (1811-?)
Robert Maule (1813-1855) saddler in Cheltenham
George Maule (1834-1862) saddler
Thomas William Wasley Maule (1836-1921) broker, mbr London CC
Sidney James Maule (1838-?)
William H. Maule (c1857-?)
Ralph E. Maule (1881-?)
Albert Henry Maule (1840-1923) surveyor
Alice Maud M. Maule (1866-?)
Mary Ann A. G. Maule (1868-?)
Millicent Charlotte Maule (1869-?)
George Alexander F. Maule (1874-?)
William James Maule (1876-?)
Henry John Maule (c1841-1905)
Henry George Maule (1869-?)
Arthur Ernest Maule (c1870-?)
Ada Finch Maule (1871-?)
Constance Louisa Maule (1873-1966) md ----- Pears
Agnes Emily Maule (1875-?)
Beatrice May Maule (1876-1877?)
Ethel May Maule (1878-1880)
Eva Mary F. Maule (1879-?)
Harry Dalhousie Maule (1882-1883)
Hilda Dalhousie Maule (1888-1984)
Albert Ernest Maule (1889-1890)
Richmond Oliver Maule (1842-?)
Robert Loudon Maule (1843-1883) prob veterinary surgeon
Septimus Maule (1845-1855)
Alexander Maule (1847-1880) clock & watch maker
James Fox Maule (1849-1934)
Cyrus Maule (1850-1927)
James Maule (1816-1863) road surveyor
Ada Marie Maule (1852-1891) went to New Zealand
Henry Maule (1820-1841)
William Loudon Maule (c1822-1870) MFG 47
Alexander Fox Maule (c1825-1883) surveyor of the Bath Turnpike
Wilhelmina Maria Maule (1862-?)
John Maule (c1827-?)
Mary Maule (c1786-?)
William Maule (1753-1827) minister
Helen Maule (1796-?)
John Maule (1755-1810) writer
George Maule (1757-?)
Agnes Maule (1759-?) md Rev David Sim(e)
John Maule (1761-?)
Alexander Maule (1763-1835) minister
Robert Maule (1765-1804) writer, clerk to Lord Advocate
Elizabeth Maule (1714-?)
Mary Maule (1716-?)
William Maule (1719-?)
Robert Maule (1721-?)
Robert Maule (1722-?)
Isobell Maule (1724-?) md David Shires
Ann Maule (1727-?)
William Maule (1731-?)
Robert Maule (?1682-1747) wright at Brechin Castle
Janet Maule (?1688-?)
James Maule (1689-?)
Margaret Maule (1718-1802) md John Watt
Charles Maule (1722-1799)
John Pybus Maule (c1771-?)
Martha Maule (1773-?) md Thomas Stivenson
Helen Maule (1774-?)
Christiana Maule (1775-?)
Jessie Maule (1778-?)
Quintiana Maule (1779-?)
Margaret Maule (1781-?)
Charlotte Maule (1782-?) md Alexander Robert Kerr
James Maule (1726-1773)
Thomas Maule (1751-?)
John Maule (1752-?)
Katherine Maule (1753-?)
James Maule (1755-?)
Richard Maule (1757-?)
Lydia Elizabeth Maule (1762-?) md Abraham Smith
Hendrie Maule (1691-?)
John Maule (1692-1750)
Hedrie Maule (1694-?)
Margaret Maule (1698-?)
Anna Maule (1699-?) md George Wade

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